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                                 WINTER GREETINGS - from the Branch Program Coordinator
                              The most memorable moment          There have been some staffing         considered by the Branch Manage-
                              since the last newsletter has to   changes at the GROW Centre.           ment Team, the Branch Management
      • Open letter to        be the afternoon tea at Govern-    Bernadette resigned as Program        Team and the Branch Staff Team.
        Con Keogh from        ment House. Almost every group     Secretary and following advertising   VISION - What we aspire to:
        our CEO.              was represented. Unfortunately     and interviewing,, Katrina was ap-
                              it was not an open invitation;     pointed to the position. Under the    “Strong and supportive communities
      • Grower contribu-
                              numbers had to be limited. The     same procedure James has been         in which people with mental health
        tions.                                                                                         and addiction problems can achieve
                              Governor, Professor David de       appointed Centre Assistant,
                              Kretser and his wife Mrs Jan de    Katrina’s previous position.          their full potential”
      • Some important
        phone numbers.        Krester were most warm and         Jennifer has resigned, and after      MISSION - Why we exist:
                              welcoming hosts.It was a great     GROW went through the advertis-       “ To maximize the mental health and
      • Teams in GROW         occasion for those of us privi-    ing and application procedure I       wellbeing of individuals and communi-
                              leged to have been there. Fol-     have now been appointed a Branch      ties by promotion, establishment and
                              lowing the Governor’s speech,      Program Coordinator.                  coordination of GROW groups. To
                              Neville Bradbury, Chairperson of
                              GROW National, and Shane our       GROW’s Draft Interim Stra- foster better community understand-
                                                                 tegic Plan                            ing of mental illness and recovery, and
                              Branch Program Team Chairper-                                            to support prevention and recovery,
                              son both gave speeches. Then we    The Board together with the CEO and to support prevention and recov-
      INSIDE THIS             enjoyed a deliciously presented    are responsible for the overall stra- ery focused research.”
         ISSUE:               and tasting afternoon tea and a    tegic direction of GROW (Planning
                              general look around Government     dimension). The Branches are re- With every good wish
      Personal           3    House. The Governor’s speech is    sponsible for implementing these John
      Testimony               on his website which you can       directions through Branch Strategic
                              find at    Plans (Operational dimension). The
      Leadership         4
                              and follow the link to speeches.   current Victorian Strategic Plan is
                                                                 nearing completion and is being
      Branch Lit-        5                                                                        Professor David de
      erature                 An Open letter to Con Keogh and members of GROW                     KretserProfessor David de Kretser
                                                                                                          & Mrs Jan de
                                                                                                  Kretser. Mrs Jan de Kretser
                         6    International - April 26, 2007
                               Today is the 50th anniver-          was appointed as CEO of             time travel back and meet
      Geelong Day        7                                         GROW in November last               many of you in person. I
                               sary of GROW and I under-
      Group                    stand that you are having a         year.     In the last few           have discovered that much
                               get together to celebrate           months I have been meet-            of your spirit and passion so
      Friendship         8     this important milestone in         ing people and reading as           obvious in those videos
      Days                     GROW’s history.                     much as I can to under-             lives on in the words and
                                                                   stand where GROW came               works of the people cur-
      Donations          10    I would like to take this op-       from and what the original          rently involved in GROW.
                               portunity to send you my            intentions were of the first        I think it was Primo Levi
                               very good wishes, and in            GROW pioneers.                      who said that everyone we
                               my own small way to com-                                                meet leaves an impression
                               mend you on the marvel-             In the last few days I have         on our souls and we are a
                               lous organization that you          been watching some videos           summation of the people
                               founded.                            of training sessions from           who have touched us.
                                                                   the 1990s and earlier, and
                               You may have heard that I           feel like I have been able to        Continued on page 2
       PAGE      2

                                 You have clearly touched     while, and then I replied     huge job I have taken on.
                                many many people and          that I think that its core    I hope to assist the Board
                                your work lives on not just   will be unchanged but         to guide GROW into the
                                in GROW the organiza-         that there will be four       future in a way that val-
                                tion but in so many peo-      main differences:             ues and cherishes our
                                ple.                                                        origins and at the same
                                                              Firstly, I think GROW will    time positions the organi-
                                A fiftieth anniversary is a   have a more public face –     zation to take advantage
                                good time to look back        we live in an age domi-       of new opportunities that
                                and evaluate what has         nated by media, and           arise.
                                been achieved, but also a     many people get their
                                time to look forward and      information from televi-      One thing that sets
                                to see where we are go-       sion radio and the internet   GROW apart is the struc-
                                ing. I hope and trust that    and we need to use these      ture you set up which has
                                you will be confident that    media more effectively.       built into it a participative
                                the spirit and core values                                  mechanism for growers to
                                of GROW will never           Secondly, I think GROW         incrementally change
                                change. The fundamental      groups will become more        GROW from the inside.
                                need to build free and       diverse, and specialist        This has proved a great
Photo of Con Keogh              whole persons in a free      groups will spring up for      strength whilst at the
taken at Surrey Hills           and whole community          example for youth, men’s       same time has allowed
                                exists as much now as it     groups and more cultur-        the organization to learn,
                                did fifty years ago.         ally and linguistically di-    adapt and evolve. This
                                                             verse groups. We also          evolution will continue to
                                What has changed how- need to go back to our                be a great strength.
                                ever is the cultural and roots and re-build the
                                political context we exist work in prisons.              I firmly believe that
                        “”      in, and as stewards of                                   GROW will be around in
                                GROW our job as a Thirdly, to achieve these another 50 years, and
A friend is near                Board and a team of aims we need to look at growers will again be
                                Branches is to work with our funding mix and de- gathering to celebrate
         as                     the establishment to velop new and different your vision and foresight-
                                change the establish- partnerships so that we edness when you set up
   The nearest                  ment. Governments may are not as dependent on “Recovery” in 1957.
                                come and go, and we State government funding
                                need to ride the wave of as we are now.                  I wish you well in your
     phone”                     any administrative fad                                   retirement, and hope that
                                that may on the surface Finally, I believe we will you can trust that
(Blue book p 6)                 seem antithetical to our develop some new and GROW’s future is in safe
                                core values, to ensure we different programs which hands.
                                carry the true and authen- complement and add
                                tic GROW values forward. value to the core GROW Yours sincerely,
                                                             Pogram. Perhaps this will Sally Edwards
                                I was asked recently what be in the area of accom- Chief Executive Officer
                                I thought GROW will look modation or personal GROW
                                like in five years. I had to support and mentoring.
                                think about this for a I am well aware of the

  G           How can we create
              growthful change
                                        How friendship improves mental health.
                                        GROW is a place to practise real friendship, to consider others’ needs, to be
              through Friendship?       helpful to others and to learn to accept help. The more we give, the more we

  E           To choose or experi-
              ence friendship we
                                        get, because by giving we are in fact receiving.
                                        Friends are people who can provide us with emotional support and wise
                                        counsel, and challenge us when we need to be challenged. We do not all
              must see openings         have friends outside GROW that can challenge us in this manner, but by
              for growth within peo-    sticking with GROW we will find that Change of thinking and talk, change of

  M           ple.

              Rob (Mordialloc
                                        ways, change of relationships (Blue Book p1.3) will impact on all our relation-
                                        ships. A special part of GROW is that we find people who really understand
                                        and help us to manage and outgrow our mental illness.
              Group)                    Ali (Footscray Group)

              GROW           NEWS
  VOLUME           19   NUMBER           2                                                                                          PAGE       3

My Testimony of Personal Growth
I had spent 3 months in and out     was not capable of using my          during my period of maladjust-         The main understanding of
of hospital, and had a brief        own resources and I need sup-        ment. This was not easy but            what GROW means to me, is
unsuccessful return to work.        port. Luckily I found GROW,          they persuade me that gradual          that it is important to commit to
This was one of the reasons for     and together with my treating        progress was better than no            learning the Program, to solve
my breakdown. I had experi-         psychiatrist, they were able to      progress at all. In time, I man-       problems on a progressive
enced stress and conflict with      help me cope with a partial re-      aged to make significant pro-          basis if need be, to report back
management, who decided that        turn work and the daily stresses     gress because I did most of the        to the group as to what pro-
I lacked supervisory skills even    of day to day living.                practical tasks given to me.           gress you are making and to do
though they never questioned                                             Unfortunately my negative feel-        the practical tasks you are
                                    The most important aspect
my work ethic. This judgment                                             ings returned from time to time,       given.
                                    about GROW for me was that
devastated me and led me to         the group made me welcome.           but with the group’s help, I am        There are going to be times
believe that I was a complete       Introductions were made, but I       able to manage these feelings          when our commitment wavers
failure. I completely lost all      was not pressured into giving a      whenever they occur. The prac-         but as we grow in confidence, it
confidence and self-esteem          personal story and I was given       tical tasks given to me were           becomes easier to help others
and developed an inferiority        time to settle in. After a few       designed to: (a) Motivate me to        and show good leadership.
complex as I could see others       meetings I began to think that       resume old interests (i.e. tennis,
                                                                                                                However I understand that we
being promoted above me.            there was no reason to feel          gardening, current affairs) and
                                                                                                                all have different expectations
My personality had been             sorry for myself, because there      to start new ones (i.e. join a
                                                                                                                and as long as we are taking
shaped by my childhood ex-          were others who had not en-          social club, voluntary work)
                                                                                                                steps, no matter how small, to
perience, so the setback at         joyed the advantages that I had      (b) Separate what is important         improve our wellbeing, then
work only brought to the fore-      enjoyed (i.e. regular work &         and cast aside those matters           GROW is helping us.
front my existing lack of confi-    superannuation). They were           less important even if this re-
                                                                                                                A well functioning group sup-
dence. The many arguments           suffering and I felt guilty, but I   sults in some disorder.
                                                                                                                ports and encourages each
between my parents caused           was assured that people came         (c) Prepare me to take risks, so       other. This means that we are
their split up. My mother was       to GROW from all types of            even if I started badly I could        all leaders and we share re-
very forceful, as opposed to my     backgrounds whether affluent or      gradually improve.                     sponsibility. No pressure should
father who was rather passive       not. Helping to solve problems
                                                                         The group helped me to under-          be placed on persons, but at
and preferred the company of        and get well was the main aim
                                                                         stand that a successful career         some stage we need to respond
others to escape from the           of GROW.                                                                    to a challenge. The 12th step
home front. Alcohol provided                                             was not the sole purpose in life,
                                    It was good to hear the story of     as there were other interests to       work is an important example of
him with temporary relief but,      others and recognise their prob-                                            been responsible and I have
as I also found out, alcohol                                             pursue to keep my mind occu-
                                    lems and /or experiences, and                                               tried to do it on a weekly basis.
causes you to run away rather                                            pied and help make me a better
                                    when asked for a comment I                                                  If I miss a week I will certainly
than confront your problems.                                             person. I did not want others to
                                    was hesitant at first, but as my                                            phone some one the next week.
The farm was sold mainly due                                             judge me on one aspect of my
                                    confidence grew so did my con-                                              I have learnt that a phone call
to debt problems, and my                                                 life without taking into account
                                    tribution. In return I gave my                                              should in most cases be limited
mother moved to Melbourne                                                other achievements.
                                    personal story. Confidence was                                              to a brief enquiry as to a per-
where she found employment.         the keyword for me. Without it, I    To avoid unnecessary stress, I         son’s wellbeing and progress.
My father was left alone and        struggled to move out of my          had to learn to concentrate on         Adopting this principle has
became so depressed that he         comfort zone. I feared making        what is important, as too often I      made phone calls easier for me.
attempted suicide. He never         mistakes without realizing that      had magnified matters so as to
                                                                                                                As Organiser, I am trying to
recovered and moved to Perth        the removal of this fear was the     turn them into a major crisis
                                                                                                                improve my interpersonal rela-
where my eldest sister cared        best thing that could happen to      when they were in some cases
                                                                                                                tionships within the group. I am
for him.                            me.                                  trivial. Nothing in life is achieved
                                                                                                                endeavouring to delegate tasks
Aspects of my personality were                                           if you stay in your comfort zone.
                                    Perhaps the best example of                                                 more as this will provide an
similar in many ways to that of                                          You need to be positive and
                                    developing confidence was                                                   opportunity for others to as-
my father. Like me, the pres-                                            seek help from others ( if neces-
                                    when I led a meeting for the first                                          sume responsibility which will
sure of the situation finally got                                        sary) in order to move on. To
                                    time. Also, starting to give an                                             help them to grow. I no longer
to him and he was unable to                                              help me with the above tasks, I
                                    opinion was a good sign that I                                              strive for perfection as things
cope with people who had very                                            needed to apply parts of the
                                    was growing in confidence,                                                  often go wrong. If this occurs, I
strong views even though they                                            Program. Accordingly I used
                                    rather that staying in the back-                                            evaluate soundly.
were not always right.                                                   Keep Contact (Blue Book p.12),
                                    ground. With the help of the         The Overall Key to Mental              When I finish my role as an
When I returned to work I           group I became more self -           Health (Blue Book p.9), The Four       Organiser, I need to consider
needed a support mechanism          assured. It was no surprise that     Stabilizing Questions(Blue Book        my future. I will continue to help
as I could no longer solely rely    I began to attend GROW func-         p.11) and Evaluate Soundly             others and let them help me,
on my sister and a close friend     tions as I was more confident in     (Blue Book p.12) and the GROW          and will encourage others to
who had been so good to me          a group situation. The group         Wisdom “if at thing is worth           take up leadership.
whilst in hospital and on week-     also encouraged me to take up        doing ….”(Blue Book p.32)              Reg (Sth Yarra)
end leave. At this juncture I       interests which I had cast aside
       PAGE     4

                       GEMS - Universal Benefit - how does it work?
                       Where individuals have reached ‘bedrock’ or
                       ‘rock-bottom’, the GROW Program can acti-                                As each one of us take
                       vate the individual to such a point that they                            on this Program of learn-
                       can, over time, successfully integrate them-                             ing and doing we be-
                       selves back into the wider community, as fully                           come more confident not
                       functioning, self managed human beings.                                  only in our own life but
                       The wisdom and maturity that fully recovered                             also in our relationships
                       individual attains through living out the                                with others.
                       GROW Program gives benefit to the wider
                       community into which that individual interde-
                       pendently interacts.
                       Michael (Ballarat Night Group)

                       LEADERSHIP PAPER
“These examples
                                  What is the difference between enabling and disabling help?
    are but a few

 which produce a

positive outcome
                       Enabling help is help which          be constantly improved by right       do things for him when he
   and change in       produces a positive and              habits of thinking and acting and     would be far better off doing
                       growthful outcome. It may be         cooperation with help.                them for himself (Brown Book
  thinking which       something very simple in                                                   p.7)
                                                            These examples are but a few
                       answer to a Grower’s prob-           which produce a positive
produces growth”       lem, e.g. a one - liner from
                                                                                                  In the extreme, false friends
                                                            outcome and change in think-          can encourage irresponsible
                       the Blue Book like: You ’ve got      ing which produces growth.            living, such as - ’Here, take
                       a problem? That’s good! (Blue        My last example of enabling           some of this and you’ll feel a
                       Book p.76). Another example          help is that which allows             lot better’ or ’come and have
                       may be in referring to what          building of the great habits or       a few beer’s - the sort of
                       appears to be a crisis. The          strengths called The Five Foun-       behaviour which hinders
                       Four Stabilising Questions           dations of Maturity: Understand-      growth or causes further
                       either defuses the situation or      ing, Acceptance, Confidence,          decline.
                       produces an answer as to             Control and Love (Blue Book
                       what can be done about the                                                 In short, enabling help pro-
                       problem. A further example                                                 motes growth while disabling
                       may be for a Grower suffering        Disabling help on the other           help discourages growth and
                       from depression: Feelings are        hand is help which does not           may even cause decline.
                       like the weather. They are in        encourage growth and in fact
                       fact a sort of internal weather. I   can do the opposite. It can
                                                            range from well - meaning             Ron ( Cranbourne Group)
                       just have to go on living through
                       the changes as I do with the         friends or a supportive thera-
                       weather outside - and the bad        pist who listens to all the
                       weather can’t last (Blue Book        trouble which may bring tem-
                       p.14). A final example could         porary relief but no real
                       be from the (Blue Book p.24)         change. Another example is
                       Constant Improvement: What-          where the mentally ill person
                       ever my handicaps and limita-        gets special consideration
                       tions my existing situation can      from family and friends who

            GROW    NEWS
 VOLUME       19       NUMBER      2                                                                                         PAGE         5

               Branch Literature: WHAT MAKES A GROW GROUP WARM & WELCOMING
So what

makes a
                         A warm and welcoming GROW group
                                                                 means the following:
group warm         •     group members showing they recognise each person as precious

and                •     greeting people by name and with a friendly smile
                   •     reinforcing that whatever is said in a GROW meeting is strictly confidential. A person can therefore feel safe
welcoming?                            and secure knowing that whatever is said stays in the room
                   •     having a maturing Grower give their Personal Testimony. (A good Personal Testimony will include showing
It is the
                                     how the Grower has been helped by using parts of the Program)
exercise of        •     group members giving progress reports and sharing their problems

                   •     group members not being too intrusive, or asking too many questions, especially of the newcomer
loving and
                   •     not overwhelming a new person, or anyone else for that matter, with too much information about GROW,
caring                             too many alternative possible solutions or too much discussion, even if this all seems
                   •                   relevant to their problem
                   •     caring about people but not crowding them verbally or physically
by all
                   •     at close of meeting encouraging hugs or handshakes
                                      accepting a person for who they are
members of
                   •     ensuring that newcomers are made to feel welcome, and that someone cares about them. (This applies to all
the group to                         regular members of the group)
                   •     all members being non-judgmental, including new members as well as seasoned Growers
                   •     actively arranging and carrying out 12th Step work
each other         •     encouraging newcomers to come back next week

along the          •     offering a contact phone number for the following week
                   •     So what makes a GROW group warm and welcoming? It is the exercise of loving and caring leadership by all
way.                       members of the group to encourage each other along the way. In particular, a warm and welcoming group is
                           exercising the three aspects of love, which are Effective, Affective and Reflective Love.

                                                                                    Program Training Manual, p.64

Any Grower                who knows the GROW Way,
                         is going the GROW Way,
                         helps others to go the same way, and
                         helps at our regular Leadership Meetings
                         to improve the Way,
                         is a healthy, living example of our GROW Commitment.
        PAGE       6

                                      “OCEAN       GROVE’” MID WEEK TRAINING
                                                  Mirrabooka Brownie Cottages

                       We were met by the Fieldworkers Robert and Julie. Inside the cottages others welcomed us, we
                       were allotted our rooms and settled in.

                       We arrived near dinner time so we purchased fish and chips and a pickled onion. I was reminded
                       of a good part of my childhood. Every fortnight, on Thursday Dad would lash out and buy us all
                       dinner as a treat. “Nice”.

                       We brought our dinner back to “Mirrabooka”, sat outside to share, dinner was so warm and wel-
                       coming, we were surrounded by lots of trees with different sorts of birds and their dialogues.
                       There was a big expanse of land at the back of the cottages where people walked their dogs and
                       let them of the leash: seeing nature at its best was very calming until the mosquitoes got too much
                       to handle, as the sun went, so we did. Had a cuppa, and then settled in for the night.

                       Wednesday morning we awoke, prepared breakfast and the days ahead. As it was “Mid-week
                       Training” about how GROW works, we waited for others to arrive then started our program. The
                       agenda was closely observed, but we did have flexibility as in our GROW groups.
  The Social on
                       Andrew from Benalla opened the meeting with the opening orientation and welcome to all, he
 Saturday night        was the M.C. for the two days. He started with Focus questions then Carolyn from Ashwood
                       shared her knowledge on the Four Essential Features of GROW. Then Julie (Field Worker) spoke
  was excellent,       on the GROW program followed with morning tea. There was a bell hung up in the kitchen that
  with everyone        was rung to call everyone up from their breaks.

participating at       Julie-anne ( Field Worker) spoke on the Group Method followed by a shared lunch.
                       Frank from Echuca spoke on Leadership in GROW till afternoon tea.
    one time or        These talks were very enlightening, encouraging, stimulating and interesting.
       another.        The Social on Saturday night was excellent, with everyone participating at one time or another.
    Belly-laughs       Belly-laughs were par for the course. Ali from Footscray took on the challenge of being M.C. for
                       the first time, she accomplished the task very well. It was followed by supper then bed.
were par for the
                       On Thursday morning we woke to the sounds of birds and water pipes, breakfast then when 9.00
         course.       am the bell rung. Training was underway again once we were all seated.

                       Robert (Field Worker) talked about The Caring and Sharing Community. Morning tea was had,
                       then sessions on Roles in GROW - The Group Organiser Sann (Hoppers Crossing) and the Group
                       Recorder Brian (St.Albans). I found it was a very growthful and rewarding experience person-
                       ally, being asked to share some of my knowledge without being judged. A big thanks to “Ali” for
                       being my legs.

                       Fieldworkers followed up the completion of any unanswered questions, lunch, packing and clean-
                       ing up.

                       Many thanks to the Fieldworkers for their organisation. Applause goes out to some first timers on
                       training for GROW.

                       Fare-thee-wells were shared. A wonderful few days had by all.

                       SANN (Hoppers Crossing)

            GROW       NEWS
 VOLUME     19   NUMBER    2                                                                           PAGE          7

 Social Activities of the Geelong Day Group
                           The wide variety of activities    special, not forgetting the regu-
                           we have involved ourselves in     lar Friday afternoon swim and
                           over the last few months have     keeping in touch both formally
                           brought us closer together and    and informally through very
                           even sparked off friendships      pro-active Twelfth Step work in
                           and deepened our ties in such a   which no one was left out.
                           say that I am moved to write                                             “Perhaps the
                           very warmly about the particu-    On a more serious note, good                key
                           lar mix of persons who cur-       participation at Leadership            ingredient is
                           rently constitute our group.      meetings. Leadership Camps             that we have
                                                             and the Opening of the new               a group of
                           Our Ten Pin Bowling Day, our      GROW Centre.                               people
                           “Fun Day” at the par 3 golf                                              willing to put
                           course, our meal together on      In short I believe our group is         themselves
                           Good Friday which also in-        blossoming. Perhaps the key             out for one
                           volved family and friends of      ingredient is that we have a            another and
                           our fellow Growers. Regular       group of people willing to put         willingto be
                           morning walks where one lady      themselves out for one another            open and
                           never fails to remember a ther-   and willing to be open and hon-           honest.”
                           mos of tea and biscuits.          est.
                           Our Trek for the last GROW
                           Bush Dance in Melbourne
                           where we just “kicked up our
                           heels and chased the blues        Noel (Geelong Day Group)
                           away”. The recent celebration
                           of birthdays where certain peo-
                           ple realised that they were
                                                                                        I try to take just
CHOCLATE CAKE                                                                           One Day At A


1 pkt chocolate cake mix          2 pkts chocolate pudding mix
100g chocolate bites              4 eggs
1 cup hot water                   ½ cup cooking oil

Into a bowl mix all ingredients except chocolate bites. Beat for
60 seconds until mixed. Fold through chocolate bites.                               But lately several
Grease and paper a ring tin.                                                        days have attacked
Bake at 170c for approx 50 minutes.                                                 me at once !
Cake will split on top.
Can ice with chocolate icing or put raspberry jam in middle and
sprinkle with icing sugar.
     PAGE   8

                          CONTRIBUTIONS TO “GROW NEWS”
                 Thanks to all for your contributions to GROW’s Newsletter. Unfortunately
                 not everything we receive is suitable for publication. Here are some sugges-
                 tions of what we are looking for:
                          ∗    Testimonies - Personal, Leadership, Organisers’, Recorders’
                          ∗    Poetry or inspirational verse (that reflects GROW’s attitudes
                               & uses the positive language of GROW)
                          ∗    Report on social activities/weekends in your Region
                          ∗    Jokes or funny stories
                          ∗    Favourite recipes
                          ∗    Your feedback on anything to do with GROW
                          ∗    Suggestions/pictures for cover

                   Come and meet Growers from other groups and
“Friendship either           get to know each other
   finds or makes

   people equal”

 (Blue book p.19)        WHEN:            The Last Tuesday of Every
                                          Month,12 noon – 3 pm
                         WHERE:           GROW Community Centre, 707
                                          Caulfield South Vic 3162
                                BYO Lunch. Tea & Coffee Provided.

                                                SEE YOU THERE!
                                      (No RSVP required – just turn up)
                                            For further information:-
                                         The GROW Community Centre,
                                     707 Glenhuntly Road Caulfield South
                                                       9528 2977

        GROW    NEWS
 VOLUME        19   NUMBER        2                                                                     PAGE     9

                    Think of GROW in your Will!

 We have received many blessings by being a member of GROW.
 We can think of no better way of ensuring the work of GROW
 continues than by leaving something to GROW in your Will.

 Carry the GROW message to others in need through your bequest.

 People who choose to give in this way can be assured that their
 important and highly personal gift will be handled with great
 professionalism and sensitivity.

                                                     CHEAP TICKETS
              GROW has a membership to EASE (Arts Access), which provides cheap tickets
              for many shows. This includes discounts for Opera Australia, Melbourne
              Theatre Company, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, plays and shows. You can
              check their website at for up-to-date information on
              events. To book, call the GROW Community Centre (9528-2977) at least a
              week in advance (you cannot book directly through EASE). Happy viewing!
              Our usual discount movie tickets are also available for $8.50 – see your
              Fieldworker for these.



Please send me one year's subscription of GROW News. I enclose my cheque/postal order for $6 full payment - ($3.50
concession) - including postage for 4 issues. $ ________
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PAGE   10

              GROUP DONATIONS
            GROUP DONATIONS          $          GROUP DONATIONS                $
            Airport West            0.40        Maryborough                114.85
            Ashwood                129.15       Mill Park                  120.80
            Bairnsdale             107.25       Moe                        42.00
            Ballarat Day           42.35        Mooroolbark                81.00
            Ballarat Night         332.60       Mordialloc                 328.20
            Belgrave               64.30        Mornington                 316.20
            Benalla                148.70       Morwell                    70.00
            Bendigo                146.25       Nobel Park Community       14.45
            Bentleigh              364.20       Nth Eastern Region         193.70
            Berwick                214.60       Pakenham                   42.75
            Blackburn              339.00       Reg (Bayside Region)       20.00
            Box Hill               65.00        Ringwood                   252.50
            Branch                 70.50        Sale                       58.80
            Carlton                127.00       Shepparton                 101.65
            Chelsea                263.15       Springvale                 118.40
            Coburg                 197.50       St Albans                  288.55
            Cranbourne             255.15       St Kilda                   266.25
            CWA Ballarat           11.45        Staff Group                15.00
            Diamond Creek          110.20       Sth Yarra                  337.10
            Echuca                 46.40        Sunshine                   152.10
            Euroa                  113.55       Surrey Hills               164.05
            Footscray              280.05       Swan Hill                  73.70
            Frankston              463.60       Tooleybuc Night            33.70
            Geelong                27.55        Tralagon                   25.10
            Glen Waverley          236.55       Wangaratta                 27.00
            M2M Region             201.30       Warragul                   168.65
            Hallam                 25.00        Warrnambool                22.60
            Hastings               114.65       Wodonga                    49.00
            Highett                206.60       Wonthaggi                  93.15
            Hoppers Crossing       47.00        SUBTOTAL                  8,503.50
            Horsham                20.30        BAYSIDE REGION             141.50
            Iramoo Community        3.00        TOTAL                     8,603.00


       GROW         NEWS
VOLUME     19   NUMBER     2                                                           PAGE     11

                           make a valuable con-       est expressed.
                           tribution by partici-
                           pating on the Branch       Are you interested in
                           Management Team            being involved in the
                           and the Branch Pro-        work of the new team
                           gram Team and its          or any of the existing
                           sub-teams i.e. the         teams? If so, talk to
                           Newsletter Team and        your Fieldworker.
                           the Branch Literature      She/he can answer, or
                           Team.                      find out the answer, to
                                                      any questions or con-
                           In an exciting devel-      cerns you may have.
                           opment, the Program        And please don’t be
                           Team has recently de-      put off if you don’t
                           cided to create a new      live in Melbourne. We
                           sub-team called the        promise to be as in-      “Participation in a
                           Project Team, which        clusive as we possibly    community of per-
GROW’s Chief Op-           is due to commence         can be. I encourage       sons is the very
erational Principle        operation very soon.       everyone to give it       process of recovery
and unique organisa-       The purpose of this        some thought.             or personal
tional structure are de-   team will be to pro-       “Participation in a       growth.” (Blue
signed to maximize         vide a range of activi-    community of persons      Book p.27)
active participation in    ties for Growers that      is the very process of
the everyday running       are consistent with the    recovery or personal
of GROW by its own         GROW Program, that         growth.” (Blue Book
members - you!             promote the work of        p.27)
                           GROW in the general
All leadership roles in    community and that         Yours in GROW
GROW are opportuni-        provide opportunities      Friendship,
ties for personal          for all to participate.    Shane
growth, but in order to    The initial task of the    Chairperson, Branch
keep growing, and to       Project Team will be       Program Team
remain       strong,       to collect and priori-
GROW needs its col-        tise ideas for these ac-
lective leadership to      tivities. Many have
be continually grow-       been suggested al-
ing as well.               ready and the range
                           will only be limited
In our Branch, Grow-       by our imaginations
ers like yourselves        and the level of inter-
                          USEFUL PHONE NUMBERS FOR CONSUMERS

Mental Health Legal Centre               Health Services                          Equal Opportunity
Phone 9629 4422                          Commissioner                             Commission
They can assist with any legal           Phone 8601 5200                          Phone 9281 7111
problems you may have, or if they        They can make enquiries on your          They can help you if you are being
can’t assist you directly will try to    behalf and investigate your com-         discriminated against, for example
find someone who can.                    plaint or concern about a hospital or    with housing, a job or schooling etc.
                                         doctor etc. They can hold concilia-
                                         tion meetings which may end in           Disability Discrimination
Victorian Legal Aid                      compensation (money) to the person       Commissioner
Phone 9269 0234                          who has been wronged.                    Phone 9284 9600
The Commission provides legal                                                     They can help you if you are being
assistance to people unable to pay       Community Visitors                       discriminated against because of your
the full cost of a lawyer and if it is   Phone 9819 6087                          disability, especially in relation to the
reasonable to provide assistance         They can assist you in hospital if you   Disability Discrimination Act.
for the legal problem. You may           are unhappy about anything or if you
have to pay part or all of the cost      have problems that need some sort-       Guardianship
for legal assistance.                    ing through.                             Administration Board
                                                                                  Phone 9628 9700
Disability Discrimination                Chief Psychiatrist                       An administrator can be appointed to
Law Advocacy Service                     Phone 9616 7777                          talk over your financial affairs or a
Phone 9602 4877                          The Chief Psychiatrist deals with        guardian appointed to take over your
They are a free community organi-        issues to do with the treatment and      day to day decisions. You may want
zation who can provide legal as-         care of voluntary, involuntary and       to talk to the Office of the Public Ad-
sistance if you have been treated        security patients, and consumers of      vocate on 1300 309 337 to seek sup-
unfairly due to a disability. They       public psychiatric services.             port in this area.
also provide training on the Dis-
ability Discrimination Act.              State Trustees                           Victorian Interpreting &
                                         Phone 9667 6444                          Translating Services
Law Institute of Victoria                They take care of your personal fi-      Phone 9280 1955
Phone 9607 9311                          nancial administration. They special-    If you need an interpreter, this service
This is a telephone service only         ize in Will making and Administra-       is available for people who do not
which has pre-recorded messages          tion.                                    speak English as a first language.
to provide general information on
specific topics of law. It only pro-                                              Hanover Emergency Housing
vides information, not legal ad-         Suicide Helpline –                       Ph 9556 5777
vice.                                    Ph 1300 651 251

                            GROW CALENDAR
AUGUST 07:                                                  SEPTEMBER 07:

Saturday 11th    Leadership Meetings                        Wednesday 5th    O & R Meeting - Western
                 Western & M2M (Murray) Regions                              Western & M2M (Murray) Regions

Saturday 18th    Leadership Meetings                        Saturday 8th     O & R Meetings - All other Regions
                 M2M (Mountain), All other Regions
                                                            Saturday 15th    BRANCH CONFERENCE & ABM
Fri 24th –Sun 26th MURRIGUM TRAINING WEKEND                                  The Uniting Church Hall, Elsternwick

                                                            Sunday 16th      O & R Meeting Gippsland

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