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Ground Source Heating and Cooling


Ground Source Heating and Cooling

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									 Ground Source Heating and Cooling

Who we are                                Our capabilities                          Regulatory
Aquaterra are specialist water and        It is our aim to provide practical        We maintain up to date knowledge
environmental consultant providing        support to drilling contractors,          of UK and international legislation,
practical services for ground source      developers, surveyors, architects,        which is essential for fast moving
heating and cooling (GSHC) systems.       regulators and planners.                  sectors such as the GSHC industry.
We have a wealth of geological and        Our services include geological           Some            schemes       require
hydrogeological expertise spanning        assessments,       system      design,    environmental impact assessments
many countries and industries.            interference modelling, test pumping      and/or geotechnical investigations.
Our in-depth understanding of the         and Long-term Sustainable Output          We maintain partnering relationships
subsurface environment and hydrau-        (LSO) analysis. These are essential       with    a    number   of    specialist
lic and thermal transport mecha-          tools which allow system installers to    consultancies and can bring these
nisms enables us to provide practical     ensure maximum system efficiency          services to your projects as required
solutions that meet our clients’ goals,   and to quantify the potential impacts     to efficiently meet these regulatory
schedules and budgets.                    of seasonal or climate change related     requirements.
                                          water table fluctuations.

 Feasibility                                  Design and Costing                           Implementation
 • Borehole Prognosis (water)                 • Borehole and Array Design                  • Drilling Supervision
 • Geo Assessments (GSHC)                     • Modelling and Optimisation                 • Geophysical Logging
 • Investigate:                               • Consent Applications                       • Hydraulic/Thermal Testing
   -Environmental Restrictions                • Complete Costing                           • Liaison with Regulators
   -EIA Requirement                           • EIA if required                            • Reporting

   -Monitoring Requirement                                                                 • Advice on Funding

                                                        Knowledge is good; insight is better.
Our services
Borehole Prognosis                        Thermal Response Testing
We provide detailed geological and        Accurate       measurement of the
water supply feasibility assessments.     collective thermal properties of the
Our reports include:                      ground and borehole is very important
• Thermo-geology/Hydrogeology             during closed-loop installation. We
                                          manage thermal testing and use the
• Likely water quality, yield and
                                          results to calibrate the system design
  depth to water table
                                          models to provide higher levels of
• Local borehole search                   certainty for system longevity and
• Recommended supply options              efficiency.
Borehole and Borefield Design             Consent Applications, Licensing and
Borehole      construction     requires   Drilling Supervision
careful design and optimisation           We        provide management of
to account for key factors such           abstraction licences and consent to
                                                                                    Open loop GSHC system showing abstraction
as heating & cooling requirement,         drill approvals and provide drilling      and injection wells
available space and budget. We            supervision, test pumping and data
partner with our clients to ensure that   analysis for our clients as required.
the specifications of a system provide    We work closely with drillers and
maximum efficiency and longevity,         to provide practical solutions to
and are appropriate for our clients’      unforeseen      system    installation
installation and operational budgets.     problems.
Heat Flux and Interference Modelling      EIA and Risk Assessment
Thermal     interference     between      Environmental Impact Assessments
boreholes can adversely affect GSHC       and environmental risk assessments
system efficiency. We use industry        are often required as part of the
leading software to optimise the          planning stage for GSHC schemes. We
borehole and array design of closed       liaise with regulators and organise all
loop systems. We have also developed      planning and regulatory requirements
numerical groundwater flow, solute        at the earliest possible stage to avoid
transport and heat flux models, which     unnecessary delays.
can be used for open loop systems.
                                                                       Ground Source Heating and Cooling

                                        Our services (continued)                      Recent experience
                                        Hydraulic Testing and Analysis                Feasibility
                                        Data analysis includes yield analysis and     We have undertaken over 50 thermo
                                        vulnerability to seasonal and longer-         geological assessments across the UK.
                                        term fluctuations in the water table. We      Recent projects include a borehole in
                                        also provide recommendations on pump          complex geological    structures on the
                                        suitability, refurbishment and replacement,   Isle of Wight; and strategic advice on
                                        and operating strategies.                     contaminated land issues across an area to
                                                                                      be used for GSHC.
                                        We are able to continuously monitor surface   Design
                                        and groundwater levels and temperatures       We have undertaken concept and detailed
Closed loop system utilising an array   through the use of hydrometric and            design on a range of projects, from
of four boreholes                       barometric data loggers. Water quality        individual boreholes to multiple bore
                                        may also be analysed onsite or samples        closed loop systems and have used a range
                                        taken to UKAS accredited laboratories to      of practical tools to optimise borehole
                                        measure a range of determinants.              depth and array. Recent examples include
                                        Geophysical Logging                           design of groundworks for a heat pump in
                                        We provide down-hole geophysical logging      East Sussex; and working with a drilling
                                        and interpretation services including         contractor to undertake 30 year simulations
                                        CCTV, Gamma, Calliper, Flow, Resistivity      for a multiple-bore project in Kent.
                                        Conductivity and Temperature.                 Funding
                                        Reporting                                     An important aspect of our project
                                        We provide clear, factual reports that        management is supporting clients in
                                        allow our clients and project stakeholders    obtaining funding for installations. For one
Temperature variation with depth        to easily understand project approach,        project in East Sussex, we have helped our
below ground throughout the year.       methodology and predicted impacts and         client to claim 75% of the capital costs with
GSHC utilises the stable temperature                                                  a further 25% pending.
of the subsurface                       outcomes .

             Providing practical solutions to meet your project requirements.

Our people
Andrew Ball                                         Hugh Middlemis
Principal Hydrogeologist                            Senior Principal Modeller
Andrew has 20 years experience                      Hugh is one of the industry’s leading
providing hydrogeological advice to                 groundwater     modelling    specialists.
clients, including drilling contractors,            His experience includes modelling                                 UK / Ireland
regulators,   architects   and   project            groundwater and surface water systems.           Nick Honeyball / Sean Daykin
managers.     His first ground source               He also has engineering design,                          +44 (0) 1273 858223
hearting project was in the early 1990s             construction and operational experience
and he has also been a consultant on                on bore, pipeline and pumping systems
geothermal projects in the UK.                      for water resource development, salt
                                                                                                                      Paul Heaney
                                                    interception and mining projects.
Sean Daykin                                                                                                +353 (0) 186 796 8280
Project Hydrogeologist                              Faisal Butt                                     
Sean has 5 years experience on a full               Senior Water Resources Planner
range of water supply and GSHC projects             Faisal is a groundwater modeller,
in the UK and Australia. He has been                with experience of both analytical                                    Australia
involved in feasibility, design and                 and numerical modelling approaches.                            Danny Simpson
implementation stages of water supply               Faisal has worked on a number of UK                         +61 (8) 8410 4000
and GSHC systems. Sean has developed                projects including yield assessments,     
strong relationships with clients and               test pumping, drought planning and
regulatory bodies.                                  environmental impact assessments.
Nick Honeyball                                      Jane Burstow                                                        Mongolia
Project Hydrogeologist                              Project Hydrogeologist                                           Mike Lelliott
Nick has undertaken numerous borehole               Jane has 7 years experience and has                          +976 9585 4921
prognoses     and      thermo-geological            completed many desk-top assessments                
assessments in the UK. He is currently              and borehole design projects for GSHC
providing consultancy services on                   schemes in the UK. She has supervised
various aspects of feasibility, design and          the installation of numerous GSHC, water
implementation for GSHC systems and                 supply and mine dewatering schemes in
public water supply boreholes.                      the UK, Australia and Mongolia.

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