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Green living made easy


Green living made easy

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                                                                                                       UAL DIR              ECTORY
                                                                                             ITE + ANN
                                                           OG WEBS
                                                AILY NEWSBL
                                   G   AZINE + D
                        IN  NING MA

                                             MAGAZINE is the first green title for the
                                             mainstream Australian consumer.
                                Positive, pragmatic and focused on solutions
                                Filled with inspirational, easy and practical green ideas
                               CREDIBLE AND RESPECTED:
                                   Australia’s 1st carbon-neutral magazine; uses 100% recycled paper
                                   Winner of 9 awards, including Consumer Magazine of the Year 2007 & the
                                   inaugural Lord Mayor’s Sustainability Award 2008
                                   Endorsed by Tim Flannery and Sir Richard Branson

                                          is Australia’s top-selling green magazine with
                                          the widest national distribution.
                                    The first and only green magazine stocked by Supermarkets and K-Mart
                                    Distributed to over 3,000+ newsagents nationally including Newslink airport
                                    and train travelpoints
                                    Available in organic, green and health stores
                                    Stocked by Borders, Angus & Robertson and Dymocks bookstores
                                    More than 4,000 subscribers
                                    Available at green, home and organic festivals and events nationally
                                    Established corporate distribution; ask for details

                                         ’s audience is loyal and responsive.
                                                      94% of readers use the advertising in G as a source of information
                                                      87% of G readers actively buy green; another 9% intend to
                                                      86% of G readers buy organic food and products
                                                      85% of G readers do not read any other green magazine

                                    DEMOGRAPHICS                      BUYING BEHAVIOUR
CONTACT:                            Female                 73%        Personal investment
Advertising Sales Manager           Male                   27%          26% invest in ethical funds
                                                                        83% are planning to
KRISTINA MANDER                     Under 24              7%
Email:                                                                Car ownership
                                    25-34                 29%           14% own a hybrid or diesel car            35-44                 29%           44% are planning to buy or upgrade to a hybrid or diesel car
Phone:                              45-54                 20%
(02) 9901 6164                      55 or older 11%                   Eco-travel
                                    Median age             35           82% are interested in eco-travel
                                                                        80% use G to plan their trip
                                    Own home              72%         At home
    Freqency - Bi-Monthly           University degree     68%            93% want to know about sustainable options for their home
    Cover Price - $7.95             Children < 18         37%                and garden
                                                                         93% are reviewing sustainable options

                                                    en living made easy
                                                                                                   UAL DIR      ECTORY
                                                                                         ITE + ANN
                                                             OG WEBS
                                                  AILY NEWSBL
                                    G    AZINE + D
                          IN NING MA

                               The              market
                                            Lifestyle of Health & Sustainability
                                BUILDING AND ENERGY       TRANSPORT AND LEISURE                          FOOD
                                                                                                  Seasonal produce
                                     Water tanks          Low impact commuting:                   Local food & drink
                                   Solar hot water      Hybrid, diesel cars, scooters,      Ethically produced/harvested
                                    Green energy         bicycles, public transport,          Not genetically modified
                                      Insulation                   walking                       Fresh, good quality
                                   Water efficiency              Eco-tourism                            Fairtrade

                                               HOME LIFE                                 WORK AND MONEY
                                  Natural/non-toxic cleaning products              Socially responsible investing
                                     Grey-water laundry products                             Green loans
                                          Efficient appliances                Support for companies with green/ethical
                                            Recycled paper                    products and/or corporate commitment
                                              Pest control                       Carbon neutral products/services
                                            Babies/children                            Appropriate labelling

                                               -Online           Australia’s biggest green website
                               Our expanded website – with daily news,       G-Online already generates 25,000 unique
                               personality-driven blogs and video –          visitors and 70,000 page impressions per
                               launched in September 2008                    month. This will quickly grow 10-fold.

                                      What’s in                               Sections in the site include:                           -Online                             Daily news: local and international
                                                                                   Blogs from personalities in the know
                                                                                   G-TV: viral video from around
                                                                                   the world
                                                                                   Photo galleries and user-contributed
 CONTACT:                                                                          content
                                                                                   Instant Expert: easy consumer guides
 Advertising Sales Manager
                                                                                   on going green
 Email:                                                                            G Loves: we’ll profile the best of green                                                          for consumers
 Phone:                                                                            Features: in-depth reports from
 (02) 9901 6164                                                                    our award-winning team
                                                                              And so much more…..

                                                   en living made easy
                                                                                                                          UAL DIR             ECTORY
                                                                                                                ITE + ANN
                                                                               OG WEBS
                                                                    AILY NEWSBL
                                                    G      AZINE + D
                               IN            NING MA

                                                  magazine rates
These rates are valid for bookings made
up to and including 30 June 2009.              DISPLAY RATES                      Casual                3x                 6x                      9x
                                                                                                   (7% discount)      (15% discount)        (25% discount)

                                               Double Page Spread                 $8,300              $7,720             $7,055                $6,255
Please see Terms and Conditions for
payment terms. These rates exclude GST         Full Page                          $4,400              $4,092             $3,740                $3,300
and agency commission.                         Half page                          $2,500              $2,325             $2,125                 $1,875
                                               Third page                         $1,650               $1,535            $1,430                 $1,238
                                               PREMIUM RATES
                                               Inside Front DPS                   $9,960             $9,263              $8,466                $7,470
                                               Inside Front Cover                 $5,160             $4,800              $4,386                $3,870
                                               Outside Back Cover                 $ 5,160            $4,800              $4,386                $3,870
                                               Inside Back Cover                  $ 4,945            $4,600              $4,203                $3,709
                                               Special position in the magazine                       +10%
                                               MARKETPLACE RATES                  Casual               3x                  6x
                                               1/4 page                            $950               $850                $750
                                               1/8 page                            $550               $500                $450

                                                   magazine sizes
Trim size - exact size of the ad and for a
full page is where the paper is cut
Bleed - the area 5mm all around the ad,        DISPLAY SIZES                      TRIM                       BLEED                     LIVE AREA
needed where colour or images bleed
off the ad.                                    Double Page Spread            420mm x 275 mm          430mm x 285mm               404mm x 259mm
                                               Full Page                      210mm x 275mm           220mm x 285mm               189mm x 259mm
Live area - is 5mm inside the trim and all
text and logos MUST be within this area.       Half page vertical             105mm x 275mm            115mm x 285mm               95mm x 259mm
                                               Half page horizontal          210mm x 137.5mm         220mm x 147.5mm             189mm x 121.5mm
When creating your ad please set
document size to the “Trim size”               Third page horizontal           210mm x 92mm           220mm x 102mm               189mm x 80mm
All text MUST be within the live area for
us to guarantee it will be printed.
                                                  magazine deadlines

CONTACT:                                       ISSUE                        BOOKING DEADLINE         MATERIAL DEADLINE                   ON SALE
Advertising Sales Manager
                                               March/April 2009                   12 Feb                     17 Feb                      11 Mar 09
KRISTINA MANDER                                May/June                           9 Apr                      14 Apr                      6 May 09
Email:                                         July/August                         4 Jun                      9 Jun                       1 Jul 09                       Sept/Oct                           6 Aug                      11 Aug                      2 Sep 09
Phone:                                         Nov/Dec                            8 Oct                      13 Oct                      4 Nov 09
(02) 9901 6164                                 Jan/Feb 2010                       9 Dec                      14 Dec                       6 Jan 10

                                                                                            Please see Terms and Conditions at

                                                                    Green living made easy
                                                                                                             UAL DIR                ECTORY
                                                                                                   ITE + ANN
                                                             OG WEBS
                                                  AILY NEWSBL
                                   G     AZINE + D
                        IN  NING MA
                                                                                              material requirements

                                Digital Material                                        Applications Supported
                                All advertising material for Wolseley Media magazines   Indesign CS2 (Vs 4 or earlier)
                                must be supplied as PDF digital files via the Quickcut   Photoshop CS2 (Vs 9 or earlier)
                                or the Websend systems to ensure the quality and        Illustrator (Vs 10 or earlier)
                                integrity of files meets the material specifications of   Word documents
                                Wolseley Media.                                         Text documents
                                                                                        PDF documents
                                Please contact Quickcut on:                             (above Vs 1.3 and below Vs 1.5)
                                Sydney (02) 9467 7500
                                Melbourne (03) 8696 5701                                Delivery Options
                                Brisbane (07) 3013 6279                                 CD/DVD
                                Or visit their website                                  Please courier your advertising
                                                           material to:
                                Please contact Websend on:                              Advertising Traffic Manager
                                Melbourne (03) 8689 9000                                Level 5, 55 Chandos St,
                                Toll Free 1300 798 949                                  St Leonards NSW 2065
                                Or visit their website                                  Or post to:
                                                                                        Advertising Traffic Manager
                                Construct An Ad                                         Locked Bag 5555,
                                Need help creating your advertisement?                  St Leonards NSW 1590
                                Then consider contact Digitalads International.
                                It’s the cheapest way to go for timely makeup and       EMAIL
                                delivery of material. Digitalads will produce the       We accept email files under 30mb. Please note the
                                artwork for your approval before sending directly       booking number and magazine title in the subject
                                to us via the Quickcut system.                          field and email to

                                Digitalads International                                FTP
                                Managing Director: Murray Elliot                        Please FTP files over 30mb to our ftp server.
                                170 Harris Street, PYRMONT NSW 2009           
                                                         Email the traffic manager to obtain
                                Alternatively, you may contact your advertising         login details at
                                representative to discuss ad creation in-house at
                                Wolseley Media. This will incur a production charge.
                                                                                        Contact Us
                                Wolseley Media Ad Creation                              G-Magazine Traffic Manager
                                Where advertising is to be created by Wolseley          Phone: (02) 9901 6346
                                Media, all supplied material must meet the              Fax: (02) 9901 6116
                                guidelines contained in the document.         
                                “Wolseley Media Recommendations for
                                Preparing Digital Material.PDF” on our website          Cancellation
                                                      The cancellation deadline for advertising is one
CONTACT:                        In particular, these guidelines highlight that:         month prior to booking deadline. Cancellation of any
Advertising Sales Manager                                                               booked advertising must be in writing and received
                                 Supplied Material                                      by the Account Manager and/or Sales Director prior
KRISTINA MANDER                 Must include all images, logos and text copy to be
                                used in the advertisement.
                                                                                        to the cancellation deadline. The Publisher reserves the
Email:                                                                                  right to repeat the most recent material or material                                                                of the Publishers choice. If a cancellation occurs
                                Fonts                                                   mid contract, the difference between the contract
Phone:                          Wolseley Media supports Opentype fonts and              appearance rate and the actual appearance rate card
(02) 9901 6164                  PC Postscript fonts only.                               will be surcharged.

                                                                           Please see Terms and Conditions at

                                                      en living made easy

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