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					                                   Research in Early Childhood Care,
                                         Education and Health
REACH is an interdisciplinary group of investigators, including faculty, research associates, and graduate students, based at
   the University of Victoria and in the community. Established in 2003, REACH is contributing to new knowledge and
 applications of knowledge about early childhood education, health and development in community and cultural contexts.

                           REACH is pleased to announce an open Institute

 Rethinking Pedagogy in ECEC: International Perspectives
              Thursday, August 10 and Friday, August 11, 2006
                             9:00 am to 5:00 pm
              Engineering and Computer Science Building (ECS)
                            Lecture Hall ECS 123
                                           University of Victoria
This two-day Institute features some of the most creative and innovative thinkers currently
working internationally in early childhood education and care pedagogy. They bring a broad
range of experience from around the world in the areas of practice, training, and professional

The Institute will consist of a series of panel discussions from the presenters, and the choice of
one specialized workshop led by the presenters (see below).

Presenters’ Backgrounds:
Dr. Glenda Mac Naughton has worked in the early childhood field for nearly 30 years. She is
currently an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education, at the University of Melbourne
University where she established and now directs the Centre for Equity and Innovation in Early
Childhood. Her years in early childhood have included work across all sectors as a practitioner and a
manager and she has been a senior policy advisor to government in the UK and Australia. Dr. Mac
Naughton has a passionate interest in social justice and equity issues in early childhood and has
published widely nationally and internationally on these issues. Her two most recently published books
are Doing Foucault in Early Childhood and Shaping Early Childhood: Learners, Curriculum and
Contexts. These publications explore approaches to rethinking pedagogies in early childhood and
shaping early childhood curriculum. She is currently researching how gender, class and race intersect
and construct young children's learning, how teachers explore contemporary issues in the early
childhood curriculum and staff-parent relations in early childhood.

Dr. Beth Blue Swadener is Professor of Early Childhood Education and Policy Studies at Arizona
State University. Her research focuses on social policy, professional development, dual language
programs, and child and family issues in Africa. Currently, she is working on the Arizona System
Ready/Children Ready project, in collaboration with Arizona State Readiness Board and 4 community
colleges. She has published seven books, including Decolonizing Research in Cross-Cultural Context
and Power and Voice in Research with Children and numerous articles and chapters. She is also active
in a number of social justice and child advocacy projects and one of the initiators of the
Reconceptualist movement in the U.S. Dr. Swadener has also been a Fulbright Senior Research
Fellowship (1994-95, Kenya) and has received various awards for her teaching and graduate

Dr. Hillevi Lenz Taguchi is an assistant professor in Education at the Institute of Education in
Stockholm, currently holding a four year research position. She received her PhD in Education in
2001. Her dissertation focussed on observational and documentational practices in early childhood
education, using a genealogical approach as well as a feminist poststructural inspired participative
ethnography. As an assistant professor, she has been involved in teacher education with responsiblity
for both Reggio Emilia inspired teacher education, as well as gender-perspectives in teacher education.
Since 2004, she is chair of a Centre of Gender in Educational Sciences at the Institute of Education in
Stockholm. Her current research involves a project on democracy and gender in higher education;
gender and pedagogy in early childhood education; as well as mathematics and gender identity
formation. Dr. Lenz Taguchi has recently published a chapter in an American volume, Nordic
Childhoods and Early Education (2006), edited by Johanna Einarsdottir & Judith Wagner and
published by Information Age.

Dr. Patrick Hughes is a Senior Lecturer in Communications at Deakin University, Victoria, Australia
and a Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Equity and Innovation in Early
Childhood. He has taught Media Studies and Cultural Studies at London University and at the Open
University and he has been a communications consultant to companies and governments in the UK and
Australia. His current research interests are: Relationships between early childhood staff and
parents/carers (with Dr. Glenda MacNaughton); Identities, subjectivities and popular culture; and
Science, equity and citizenship in early childhood. His recent publications include: “Mickey and
Barbie and Strawberry Shortcake: Children growing up in promotional webs.” International Journal of
Equity and Innovation in Early Childhood. 2 (2) 98-117 (2005); “Baby, it’s you: International capital
discovers the under-threes.” Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood. 6.1. 30-40 (2005); and “Promise
or threat? Models of the child in media policy.” International Journal of Equity and Innovation in Early
Childhood. 1 (2) 43-57 (2004).

Ms. Wendy Lee is currently the Director of the Educational Leadership Project (a professional
education provider for early childhood teachers) and also the Co-Director of the Early Childhood
Learning and Exemplar Project with Professor Margaret Carr. She has over 35 years involvement in
the ECE field (teaching, tutoring, lecturing, professional support roles, management and leadership
roles). Other current projects include working as a researcher with Professor Margaret Carr on three
projects: Marsden Project ‘Dispositions in a Social Context,’ the ‘Roskill South Centre of Innovation
Project,’ and more recently, the ‘Greerton ECC Centre of Innovation Project’. Wendy has a passionate
interest in political issues as they affect and impact on early childhood education. Her special interests
include professional education, leadership, assessment, curriculum, planning, & information
communications technology (especially the use of computers as an integrated tool in ECE settings).

Forum Organizers:
Dr. Alan Pence is Professor of Child Care at the University of Victoria. In the period 1971-1981 he
worked professionally in the field as a front-line caregiver, field-based trainer, college instructor, and
director of early childhood, school-age and residential care programs. In the 1980s he was a principal
investigator with a number of Canadian early childhood research projects including the Victoria and
Vancouver Day Care Research Projects (ecological and longitudinal studies) and the Canadian
National Child Care Study (national survey of 24,000 families). During the 1990s and through to the
present Dr. Pence has focused primarily on cross-cultural and capacity building issues in ECD working
with First Nations communities in Canada and with ECD leaders in Africa, the Middle East and in
other Majority World settings. He has published extensively; co-authored or co-edited books related to
this Institute include: Valuing Quality in Early Childhood Services; Beyond Quality in Early
Childhood Education and Care: Postmodern Perspectives; and, most recently, Supporting Indigenous
Children’s Development: Community-University Partnerships.
Dr. Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw is an Assistant Professor at the School of Child and Youth Care at
the University of Victoria. She has taught at different levels in a variety of educational settings in
Argentina and Canada. Her research interests and activities converge on issues of social justice and
child care. She is currently co-directing the Investigating Quality Workshops with early childhood
educators in British Columbia. She has authored and co-authored many journal articles in the areas of
migration and child care. Her most recent publication is a co-edited volume with Dr. Pence entitled
Canadian Early Childhood Education: Broadening and Deepening Discussions of Quality published
by the Canadian Child Care Federation.

                                     Workshops Options
Workshop 1
Leader:    Dr. Hillevi Lenz-Taguchi
Title:     Dialoguing with Student Early Childhood Educators: Training and Ethical

Workshop 2
Leader:    Ms. Wendy Lee
Title:     Learning Stories, Pedagogy and Professional Education

Workshop 3
Leaders:   Dr. Glenda Mac Naughton and Dr. Patrick Hughes
Title:     Creating Critically Knowing Communities: Rethinking Professional Development in
           Early Childhood

Workshop 4
Leader:    Dr. Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw
Title:     Re-Thinking Early Childhood Education Practice Through the Lens of Theory

Workshop 5
Leaders:   Dr. Beth Swadener
Title:     Creating More Inclusive Programs and Policies in Early Childhood: Language, Culture,
           Ability and Family Diversity

This event is organized as part of the Investigating Quality in ECCD Project, led by Drs. Alan Pence
and Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw. The Project, supported by the B.C. Ministry of Children and Family
Development, explores diverse discourses that relate to better understanding the complexity of
‘quality’ in early childhood care and education.

     There is no charge to attend this Institute, but Registration is required.
 You will need to provide for your own accommodation, lunch and refreshments.
Please complete and send the attached Registration Form to Ana-Elisa Armstrong
     de Almeida by email: or fax: 250-721-8977 by July 1st.
      If you are not already on the REACH mailing list you can sign-up for future REACH
                                           announcements at