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									                                                             group guided
     gold coast hinterland walk                          inn-to-inn self-guided
     rainforest traverse from lamington to springbrook


One of Australia’s newest long distance walking tracks, the Gold Coast Hinterland Walk joins the Lamington and
Springbrook Plateaus together. The track starts in the magnificent rainforest of Lamington National Park. This is a
World Heritage Area where new plants are being found, classified and named even today. Massive strangler figs,
ancient Antarctic beech, red cedar, rosewood and booyongs tower overhead whilst hundreds of different species of
palms, vines, ferns and orchids flourish beneath. Have you ever hugged a 3000 year old tree? These ancient
Antarctic Beech trees (Nothofagus moorei) are evidence of Australia’s beginnings as part of the Gondwanaland
super-continent. More than 160 species of sub-tropical birds will keep any bird-lover engrossed. The stiking black
and yellow regent bower bird is always a favourite. Red-necked pademelons, possums and sugar gliders are
commonly seen around the lodges in the evenings. Peaks here reach over 1100m and the steep untracked southern
escarpment forms a natural border with the state of NSW. Highlights include climbing the huge strangler fig tower.
Marvel at the upper levels of the forest on the Treetops Walk. Hike the Lamington Traverse on the Border Track as it
passes through the McPherson Range. On the Springbrook side the rainforest is punctuated by numerous cascading
streams and towering waterfalls. Cross-cross pristine creeks and take your pick from the many waterfalls for a
delightful lunch spot. This new walk is a real gem and is great for lovers of rainforests, waterfalls and bird life.    Numinbah Valley
                                                                                                                  Coomera       Binna
                                                                                                                  Circuit       Burra

                group guided                                                                                   Brush Box
                                                                                                                                                                             inn-to-inn self-guided
                                                                                                                             Border     BRISBANE
gold coast hinterland walk...6 day holiday...                                                                                                         gold coast hinterland walk...
Day 1: Starts at Gold Coast airport at 10am. Travel to O’Reilly’s                                                                                     8 or 6 day holiday (6 or 4 days walking)...
and enjoy the Brush Box Circuit Walk and climb the giant fig                                                                                          8 day itinerary - Day 1: Starts in Nerang on the Gold Coast any time after 2pm - no
tree on the Treetops Walk.                                                                                                                            walking scheduled today.
Days 2: Walk the Border Track (Lamington Traverse) crossing                                                                                           Day 2: Transfer to the national park at O’Reilly’s. Hike the Brush Box Circuit, and
the plateau all the way from O’Reilly’s to Binna Burra.                                                                                               climb the huge fig tree on the Treetops Walk.
Day 3: The classic Coomera Circuit walk from Binna Burra.                                                                                             Day 3: Walk the Border Track traversing the plateau to Binna Burra.
Day 4: Walk via Ballanjui Falls into the Numinbah Valley.                                                                                             Day 4: Coomera Circuit walk from Binna Burra.
Day 5: Hike up onto Springbrook plateau via Warringa Pool and                                                                                         Day 5: Walk via Ballanjui Falls down into the Numinbah Valley.
Purling Brook Falls.                                                                                                                                  Day 6: Up to Springbrook plateau via Warringa Pool & Purling Brook Falls.
Day 6: Twin Falls Circuit Walk and Best of All Lookout.                                                                                               Day 7: Warrie Circuit Walk from Springbrook.
Transfer back to the Gold Coast, arriving 2pm.                                                                                                        Day 8: After breakfast, transfer back to Nerang.
                                                                                                                                                      See website for detailed 6 day itinerary.
fast facts...
Group size: Usually 12-16.                                                                                                                            fast facts...
Grading: Tracks at the Lamington end are generally easy to                                                                                            Group size: You form your own group of two or more people.
moderate and well graded. At Springbrook the steepness                                                                                                Location: Close to Coolangatta / Tweed Heads, one hour south of Brisbane.
increases notably. Full day walks average 18-24km. There will                                                                                         Grading: 30% easy, 40% moderate, 30% more challenging. 13-24km (5-7 hours)
be plenty of opportunities for fit walkers to challenge                                                                                               walking each day. The walking near O’Reilly’s and Binna Burra is mostly easy on
themselves on longer, harder walks and as always, easier                                                                                              well graded tracks. From there on the track become steeper and rougher underfoot.
options will be available too.                                                                                                                        When to go: The cooler months of May-Aug
Guiding: Two guides, allowing you a choice of walks.                                                                                                  are best as there is low humidity. It can be very  J FMAMJ J A S ON D
Accommodation: Stay one night at O’Reilly’s eco lodge, 2                                                                                              warm and humid from Sep-Nov and again from
nights at Binna Burra mountain lodge and 2 nights in mountain                                                                                         Mar-Apr. Not available over the summer months Dec-Feb.
chalets at Springbrook. The trip price reflects the standard and                                                                                      Typical accommodation: Ecolodges, B&Bs & mountain chalet. Overnight stays at
cost of these accommodations.                                                                                                                         Nerang, O’Reillys, Binna Burra, Numinbah Valley & Springbrook Plateau.
Typical weather: The cooler months are our choice as there is                                                                                         What’s included: 7 nights accommodation, 7 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 7 dinners, all
low humidity and little rain.                                                                                                                         transfers ex-Nerang, luggage transfers, National Park fees, insulated lunch bag,
What’s included: Guiding, all transport starting at Gold Coast                                                                                        maps, map case, walking notes & a pack of information about the area.
airport, 5 nights accommodation, 5 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 5                                                                                           Not included: Alcohol, meals not specified.
dinners, National Park fees, insulated lunch bag, maps, map                                                                                           Departure dates: Self-guided - any day of the year except Dec, Jan & Feb, for a
case & a pack of information about the area.                                                                                                          minimum of two people booking together.
Not included: Alcohol, meals not specified.

                                                                                                                                                      Till 25 Nov 2010: 8 days $2095 (S/S $350); 6 days $1795 (S/S $275) - special
16 May 2010: $1995 (S/S $395) - special introductory price                                                                                            introductory price
8 May 2011: $2295 (S/S $425) - early bird $2195                                                                                                       01 Mar 2011 to 23 Nov 2011: 8 days $2495 (S/S $375); 6 days $2095 (S/S $295)

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