ROYAL SATIN by csgirla


									                                          GENERAL-APPLICATION                    PACKAGING
                                                                                 Portola's Royal Satin is available in
                                          PREPARATION                            1 quart and 1 gallon quantities.
                                          All loose or defective concrete or
                                          masonry and any surface                PRECAUTIONS
                                          contaminants such as dirt, grease,     Keep out of reach of children.
                                          oil, acid, mildew, chalk, excessive    Avoid swallowing. Avoid contact
                                          salt, and efflorescence that           with eyes. Provide adequate
                                          adversely affect product adhesion      ventilation. If accidental contact
    P a i n t s & G l az es               and performance must be                occurs, rinse immediately with
                                          removed. Fresh cementitious            water. Check color before use.
                                          substrates should be cured a           Store at room temperature.
                                          minimum of 21 days prior to
                                          application. Painted semi-gloss        TECHNICAL DATA
PRODUCT NAME                              surfaces should be de-glossed and      Acrylic water based paint.
ROYAL SATIN                               clean prior to priming with
                                          Portola's All Purpose Base Coat.       WARRANTY
                                          Spot prime all repaired areas using    Portola Paints & Glazes warrants
Portola Paints & Glazes
                                          Portola's All Purpose Base Coat.       its products to be of the highest
Studio City, California
                                          Allow to dry for six hours             quality. The information supplied
Phone: 818.623.9053
                                          minimum. Apply 1 coat of               here is given in good faith. There
                                          Portola's All Purpose Base Coat by     are no implied conditions or
                                          brush, roller or spray. Allow to dry   warranty in the supply of this
                                          for six hours between coats.           product. The manufacturer's
Portola's Royal Satin brings the rich
                                                                                 guarantee is limited to product
luster of satin fabric to a paint
                                          APPLICATION                            replacement only and does not
finish for interior use. Royal Satin is
                                          Apply 2 coats of Royal Satin by        include surface preparation or
available in ten luxuriant,
                                          brush and allow a minimum of 6         application.
pearlescent colors. Custom colors
are available on request however          hours dry time between coats.
darker tones tend to hide its             Royal Satin can be applied by
pearlescents.                             sponge, stipple brush, or fine
                                          texture roller to achieve special
SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS                    effects. Note: Royal Satin is a
Royal Satin is optimum for interior       highly reflective product best
wood trim and furniture. For a            suited for trim and woodwork.
great wall treatment combine Royal
Satin with Portola Ultra Flat Acrylic     FINISH/DURABILITY
in alternating vertical stripes.          High sheen/ reflective, washable,
Sponging Royal Satin will give a          and incredibly durable.
tortoise shell finish.
                                          COVERAGE RATES
LIMITATIONS                               Portola's Royal Satin covers
Portola's Royal Satin should not be       approximately 90 square feet per
applied below 50 degrees                  quart.
Fahrenheit. Due to the pearlescent
quality of Royal Satin, application
techniques may be evident on
completed surface.

                                                                                                  spec-sheet 7/11/03

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