Funk Dance Classes For Kids by lindahy


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        Funk Dance Classes            

             For Kids

      Beginning Thursday 23rd April 4:30 – 5:30pm

                     Pandora’s Star
                         Shine your light!
                  Level 1, 114 Main Street, Croydon 3136

                           03 9722 9132
 Find your funky feet grooving to the latest R ‘n’ B and Hip Hop music
     tracks. Indulge in freedom of movement, a dance with no
boundaries and no yourself freely through various
   dance moves and techniques. Increase strength, flexibility and
Be inspired by Choreographer Sameer Kazi as you practise dancing
solo and master the art of synchronized movements in a group. Not
     only does this class enhance your dancing abilities but also
                        strengthens your mind.

                        $140 for 10 weeks
                              Trial Class $16

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