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									Nursing Profession
Author: Ibrahim
In Pakistan, nursing profession is not considered favorable by Muslim families. In rural areas there are almost five nurses for 1 million
people. Community health and public health care have been lacking in the nursing curriculum. Therefore, preparing recruits for the
community many nursing institutes and communities has involved a sequence of continuing education in service and on the job training
in the new BScN program courses. Those nurses who has a diploma in nursing and a year of midwifery, and who followed this
sequence, could be selected for being sponsored for support in the two year BScN program with its community health orientation. After
two more years of advanced experience, these nurses are given the opportunity to apply for master's studies abroad. And after
completing their masters, when they return they are employed by the communities and hospitals to take immediate actions in these rural

Nursing Profession looks for graduate nurses who could become future leaders, researchers and innovators of nursing practice. Nursing
programme provides students with a level of practice and theory in nursing that will enable them to boldly take on the role of a Registered
Nurse within a quickly changing health care services. The Government or the Board are regularly re-validating courses to strengthen
nurses the nursing, midwifery and health visiting future needs.

Courses for qualifying as Registered Nurses are:

Diploma in Nursing
BSc. Nursing
BSc. (Honors) Nursing
MSc. Nursing

These courses help to progress from a novice student of nursing to a competent practitioner; they will be able to practice in any situation
in which ever branch of nursing. From day one the students will be able to see the relevance of what they are learning as they gradually
explore case scenarios based around real users of health care services, which gives the confidence to develop a range of important
foundation skills, like working in teams.

Entry Requirements For International Courses:
A minimum of two passes at GCE A Level, equivalent to 12 A Level points, and three further GCSE passes at grade C or above,
normally including English and Mathematics; or equivalent profile. Other entry requirements are based on the course chosen

Academic Programmes Offered In Pakistan:

Diploma in Nursing:

Entry Criteria:
Must have completed twelve years of education (HSC Science or General Group) or Matric (Science or General Group) by obtaining not
less than 45%. Aptitude Test and interview are required for applicants.

Diploma in Pupil Midwifery:
Must have completed ten years of education Matric (Science or General Group) by obtaining not less than 45%. Admissions are granted
on passing Tests and Interview.

Graduation Requirement:
For graduation, the candidate must complete 3 years by remaining full-time student and pass all required examinations as per rules of
the Nursing School and Pakistan Nursing Council.
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