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   Volume 1                                                                                      April 2004
                                       allows      for     instantaneous         (consult the calendar for all
                                       determination of boat availability                  events)
 New and Improved                      and booking.      The telephone
    ONEC 2004                          system will continue to be            Spring work parties: April 24
                                       available for those who find that     and May 8 at 10 AM – come help
It’s spring finally and our thoughts   more convenient.                      us bring boats down, put docks in
are turning to rowing: the                                                   and ramps up, and clean up
excitement of the season to come
and the joys of seasons past.          Boats. The club has been able         First John Boyd technical
Over the winter the Consultative       over the winter to add some high-     clinic: Monday, May 10 at 7:00
Committee has been hard at             quality used boats to our existing    PM
work, planning new programs,           fleet:
buying equipment, and working to       . a Vespoli mid-weight double         Rowing on the Canal: May 15,
ensure that we can hit the water       (only 5 years old) for those rowers   8:30 AM to lunch. Add to your
as soon as safety allows. We           with a crew average of up to 170      calendar, you don’t want to miss
listened to everyone’s concerns        lbs.    The boat is in beautiful      this one. How many times have
and like and dislikes (from last       condition and it will provide us      you driven, cycled, or walked by
year’s survey) and as much as we       with many years of excellent          the canal and dreamed of
can have addressed them. We’re         service if taken care of properly.    enjoying it in a rowing shell. This
excited about the new season; it       . Two used training single for use    fun event is designed with that in
promises to be a great one. All of     in the Learn to Scull program and     mind. Row the canal before it’s
the programs below as well as          for those who enjoy the forgiving     given over to power boats and
improvements are included in           nature of the Alden type boats        choked with weeds.
your basic 2004 membership             and as an option for rowing when
(except for Learn to Scull). So        conditions are a little rougher.      Orientation for all members --
sign up today and take advantage                                             Wednesday, May 19 at 7:00 PM
of the spring special rates, $25 off   Programs. More Learn to Scull         in the ballroom. This is your
our regular rate, good until April     Programs so that more people          chance to see the safety video,
24th.                                  can try out sculling and partake of   hear about programs, and renew
                                       the ONEC Rowing experience.           friendships.

      New for 2004                     Wednesday nights we will have         Tour      events,   such   as
                                       the Practice to Perfection            Interprovincial Wine & Cheese
Booking System. Xist, who              session. This offering should be      event with the Lachine Club
generously provides the ONEC           of interest for those who have        (June 6).
website and a new logo (see            recently completed a Learn to
above), has been even more             Scull course and are wishing to       Tours for those at all levels:
generous this year providing us        consolidate their skills.             shorter and local tours for those
with a web-based boat booking                                                just getting started or have limited
system. This program should                                                  time; and, longer-tours for the
meet most club members needs                                                 more         experienced        and
and is simple to use. The system
                                        SPECIAL EVENTS                       adventurous.
 2 ONEC April 2004

Boat Repair training in May
                                               ONEC ROWING                           ROWONTARIO 2004
(date to be set).                                 TOURS                                     TOUR SERIES

                                           NOVICE ROWERS                             May 2, Scugog IceBreaker (Port
 Popular Returning
                                                                                     June 5, OrilliaTour (Orillia)
 Programs/Events                           These are Saturday Tours from
                                                                                     June 12-13, Black         Fly   Tour
John     Boyd’s          technical                                                   (French River)
evenings (starting       May 10,           June 12 - Around Kettle Island
announced above)
                                                                                     June 20-24, Rideau Tour (Ottawa
                                           July 24 - Parliament Round About          to Kingston)
Recreational Racing Schedule
As we have done in previous
years, the club will be promoting          Aug. 14 - Upper Duck Brunch               July 10-11, Algonquin           Tour
participation in races that we think       $10 cost to non-ONEC members              (Algonquin Park)
will    interest    our   members          Tour Leader: Aileen Dimasuay
including, Ottawa                                                                    July 31-Aug.2, Upper Ottawa
                                           EXPERIENCED TOURERS                       Tour (Deep River)
Recreational Regatta, Head of
Rideau, and Head of Trent.
Several other races are likely, we         July 31 - Aug. 2, Upper Ottawa            Sept. 18, Wakefield Tour (Ottawa
are awaiting final details from the        Tour                                      Region)
sponsoring clubs.                          Deluxe, $225 if paid before May
                                           31; $250 if paid between June 1-          Oct. 23, Wilson Island Marathon
We      will   be     offering   an        30; Basic, $95 if paid before May         (north       of        Belleville)
intermediate training clinic for           31; $110, if paid between June 1-
those who wish to take their               30; Registration closes June 30           Other Touring Related Events
sculling to the next level, improve        Tour Leader: Richard Vincent              June 20, ONEC to host Rideau
their fitness and challenge                (see                         Tour welcome dinner
themselves, perhaps through
                                                                                     July 5-12 Yukon Adventure Tour
                                           Aug. 21, Montebello Tour & Buffet
                                           $50       (seat    &      buffet)
Wednesday night pub evenings                                                         July 31-Aug. 2 Upper Ottawa
                                           Registration closes July 30
– come on out and enjoy rowing,                                                      Tour
                                           Tour    Leader:   Betty    Ward.
food, the best deck in Ottawa,
and good friends. 8-10 PM on
                                           For more touring details, contact         Aug 1-2, New Brunswick Tour
                                           Aileen Dimasuay 613.232-2033              (Fredericton)

                                                                                     Sept. 4-12, FISA Tour (Czech

                                                      There are a limited
Rowing Logs                                                    number, hopefully some will still be available at the
                                                               May 19 welcome night.
So you have a great new rowing season ahead of you.
Want to track your progress over the summer?                   Win A Trip to the Athens Games
The Argonauts Rowing Club in Toronto has created a
"rowing Log". These logs provide space to record all           and Support Rowing in Canada
training activities as well as suggested rowing drills,
racing strategy and much more. They also give an
interesting history of rowing in Canada.                       Reserve      your   ticket    ...Only     500     printed!!
The training log has already been awarded THREE
design awards and is up for a number of international          Tickets: $100 each.
design awards as well.
                                                               Proceeds support Rowing Canada and the National
The cost is only $12, all inclusive. If you would like to      Rowing Team.
see/purchase                 one,                contact
 3 ONEC April 2004

                                                                Chile peppers. Capsaicin, the substance that gives
Grand Prize is a trip for two to the Athens Olympic             chiles their heat, acts as a disease-preventing
Games including return airfare from Toronto to Athens,          phytochemicals, says Gollman.
six nights accommodation (double occupancy)                     Tomatoes and tomato products. The antioxidant
at the Club Med Athenia, tickets for the Opening                lycopene in tomato-rich foods may help prevent
Ceremonies and for one day's racing at the Schinias             prostate cancer, and might also help prevent breast
Olympic Regatta, VIP treatment and airport transfers in         cancer. "Cooked tomatoes are more effective than raw
Athens.                                                         ones," says Gollman. So load up on tomato paste and
                                                                tomato sauces.
Value: $13,574.00.
                                                                Berries. All berries are good for you, but blueberries
                                                                and raspberries seem to hold top spots on the berry
Draw to be held by Rowing Canada Aviron on Tuesday
                                                                nutrition chart. Their anthocyanins and ellagic acid (the
June 15, 2004 at 12 noon.
                                                                substances that give them their rich colours) possess
                                                                potential cancer- and heart disease-preventing
E-mail, or phone 519-661-
                                                                antioxidant properties. Plus, they're high in fibre and
4234       to      reserve        a      ticket.
                                                                vitamin C.
Tickets are sold through RCA's London, Ontario office           Leafy greens. Folate, a much-talked-about B vitamin,
(Lottery licence M-343915)                                      does triple duty. In addition to helping fend off heart
                                                                disease and possibly even cancer, it's believed to
                                                                prevent neural tube defects in unborn babies. So go for
                                                                anything that's leafy and green. Some of Gollman's
                                                                tasty suggestions: Mix steamed chard with minced
           FOR YOUR HEALTH                                      garlic and fresh lemon juice, and make pesto sauce
                                                                with basil and kale.
                                                                Quinoa. Pronounced KEEN-wah, this nutty-tasting
                                                                food is unlike any other grain (although not a true grain,
Eight super foods your body                                     it is often called one). "It's the only grain considered to
will thank you for eating                                       be a complete protein," comments Gollman. If that's not
By Leslie Fink, MS, RD | 22/01/2002                             enough to give it clout, consider that the sterols it
                                                                contains may lower cholesterol, decreasing your risk
                                                                for heart disease.
Like it or not, Mom was justified when she forced you to
eat your vegetables. Broccoli and Brussels sprouts give         Yogurt. Sure, it's good for your bones, but that's not
you nutrients and substances that might truly have an           all. Most yogurts contain good bacteria that help
impact on your health. Same with crunchy peanuts,               maintain proper digestive health and may help boost
sugar-sweet berries and thirst-quenching iced tea.              your immune system. Look for the words "live and
                                                                active cultures" — such as L. acidophilus and Bifidus
"If you're concentrating on eating foods that have a lot        — on ingredient labels.
of nutrients and phytochemicals (naturally occurring
plant substances that fight disease), you're hedging            Tea. Whether served iced, hot or decaffeinated, black
your bet for at least a healthier life, if not a longer one,"   or green tea — as well as some other non-herbal teas
says Barbara Gollman, MS, RD. Here's her input on               — might help prevent cancer and heart disease due to
eight "super foods" to stock up on:                             the antioxidant effects of the flavonoids and
                                                                polyphenols they contain. Up your tea intake with some
Nuts. Peanuts, almonds, pecans … delicious! Eat a               of Gollman's ideas: Make a tea slush with iced tea and
small amount of nuts on a regular basis, and you might          puréed fruit, or try jazzing up regular iced tea with
reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer. Plus,             frozen mango cubes or slices.
they're chock full of the antioxidant vitamin E, artery-
unclogging monounsaturated fats and lots of other
Sunday         Monday         Tuesday   Wednesday      Thursday   Friday     Saturday

MAY            2004                                                          1

2              3              4         5              6          7          8
                                                                             10 AM:
Ontario Tour                                                                     Boathouse
   Scugog                                                                        work party
9              10             11        12             13         14         15
               6 PM:
               Technical                                                      ONEC Canal
               Clinic                                                           Opener

16             17             18        19             20         21         22
               6 PM:                    7 PM:                                10 AM:
               Technical                ONEC                                     Boathouse
               Clinic                   Rowing                                   work party
23             24             25        26             27         28         29
               Victoria Day
               6 PM:                        First
               Technical                 Practice to
               Clinic                    Perfection
30             31
               6 PM:

Cold Water Rules

The water can be cold, high, and swift in May. Please be careful. The cold water rules are
posted on our website Very roughly there is virtually no rowing when the
water temperature is less than 10 degrees centigrade; rowing is limited to stable boats (e.g.,
quads and some doubles) when the water temperature is between 10 and 20 degrees

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