Four steps to sensational customer service Interpersonal skills

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					Four steps to sensational                                       Interpersonal skills

                                                                                                                              TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS
customer service
                                                                This program provides foundation skills in
This program helps service providers at all levels              communication, including the use of body language
develop and apply the skills necessary to ensure                and voice to reinforce the message and the
superior customer service and satisfaction.                     importance of feedback to avoid misunderstanding.

WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE                                          WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE
Managers, team leaders and frontline staff                      All staff who wish to improve their communication skills
                                                                and/or who are in roles where effective communication is
WHAT THE PROGRAM OFFERS                                         essential to their success
●   A process for organising customer interaction into a
    logical sequence of events                                  WHAT THE PROGRAM OFFERS
●   A behaviourally based technique for interacting with        This program equips participants with a range of strategies
    customers, giving service providers the flexibility to      for effective communication. It explores:
    discover and meet individual customers’ needs               ● the communication model and communication media
                                                                ● two-way communication: the importance of feedback
This program focuses on how to:                                 ● barriers to communication and avoiding
● apply effective self-management techniques and build             communication breakdown
  self-confidence                                               ● verbal and non-verbal communication and the
● effectively use listening, questioning and empathy skills        importance of congruence and body language
● protect the customer relationship whilst adhering to the      ● vocal characteristics and the importance of voice
  company’s policy and procedures                               ● ‘matching’ to create rapport
● work with customers in positive to neutral conditions,        ● questioning and assertive listening skills
  or with potentially negative and emotionally charged          ● reading, analysing and responding

                                                                                                                              CAPACITY TO DELIVER
  customer situations.                                          ● communicating with colleagues
                                                                ● communicating with people who are angry or upset.
This program will enable participants to:
● communicate their role, and access the risks and              This program will enable participants to:
  potential opportunities in creating and sustaining            ● use congruent verbal and non-verbal communication
  customer satisfaction                                         ● identify and vary their vocal characteristics
● work effectively with customers.                              ● build rapport through matching
                                                                ● effectively question and listen to others
‘Four steps to sensational customer service’ is only            ● engage in positive two-way communication that avoids
available as a customised agency program.                         communication breakdown
                                                                ● read, analyse and respond to situations
                                                                ● match communication to personality preference
                                                                ● communicate in an effective and calming way with
                                                                  people who are angry or upset.
    Customised agency programs are training programs
    uniquely designed in content and format to address
                                                                ‘Interpersonal skills’ is only available as a
    the particular needs of your organisation. Customised
    agency programs are delivered at your workplace,            customised agency program.

                                                                                                                              COMMUNICATION SKILLS
    thus saving your organisation money and enhancing
    team building.
    All IPAA NSW courses in this guide are available as
    customised agency programs. Case studies and
    organisational policies and procedures from your
    organisation can be incorporated into these programs.
    IPAA NSW matches the most appropriate consultant
    to the needs of your organisation, and offers flexibility
    in content, length and timetable, all at a convenient
    This flexible and cost-effective option benefits all
    agencies, particularly those with offices in regional

    For further information or to receive a written
    proposal, contact IPAA NSW:
    Tel: 02 9228 5225
    Fax: 02 9241 1920

IPAA NSW • CELEBRATING 75 YEARS                                                                                         65

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