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									 Fondue Fun:
At	your	party	you	could	do	any	of	the	following	ideas	…

 A BIT MoRe ABouT WHY?                                                 •	Send your written wrappers,	along	with	any	other	fairtrade	
                                                                         chocolate	wrappers,	to	STOP	THE	TRAFFIK	and	we	will	
                                                                         count	the	total	number	of	fairtrade	chocolate	bars	that	were	
•	SToP THe TRAFFIK Film – for a quick introduction to why                consumed during the WorLd’s LarGest CHoCoLate
  you are taking part in the WorLd’s LarGest CHoCoLate                   FONDUE	and	send	your	letters	to	the	
  FONDUE	PARTY	spend	4	minutes	watching	a	short	film,	                   Chocolate	Industry.
  made by stop tHe traffiK about the campaign and how
  you	are	part	of	the	fight	against	people	trafficking.
                                                                       IF You ARe In THe uK go one
 You	can	download	the	film	from	                                       STeP FuRTHeR                           •		When	STOP	THE	TRAFFIK	in	Holland	protested	to	the	
                                                                         chocolate	biscuit	maker	Verkade	about	the	trafficking	of	
•	Give each of your guests the Fact-Sheet on child
                                                                         children	to	work	on	cocoa	farms,	Verkade	responded	by	
  trafficking within the chocolate industry or the
                                                                         switching	completely	to	fair	trade	–	it	was	an	amazing	step	
  Chocolate Flier that they can take away with them and read
                                                                         forward.	How	does	that	help	in	the	UK?		Verkade	is	owned	
  more	about	chocolate	and	people	trafficking.
                                                                         by	United	Biscuits,	which	also	makes	chocolate	Hobnobs,	
                                                                         Digestives,	Penguin	and	Jaffa	Cakes	in	the	UK.	Why	can	they	
 You	can	download	and	print	these	fliers	from	
                                                                         go	fair	trade	in	Holland,	but	won’t	do	it	here?	We	would	like
                                                                         you	to	write	to	them	and	ask	them.

                                                                       •	Download	from
 TAKe ACTIon!                                                            the	template	letter	we’ve	drafted	to	United	Biscuits,	
                                                                         personalise	it,	print	it	and	post	it	to	them.

WRITe THe WRAPPeRS …                                                   •	Two	weeks	later,	if	you	haven’t	yet	had	a	reply,	call	and/or	
                                                                         e-mail	United	Biscuits	to	make	sure	they	got	the	letter	and	to	
•	Show the Chocolate Industry you mean business … on
                                                                         ask	for	a	reply.
  the	backs	of	the	fairtrade	chocolate	wrappers,	write	a	letter	to	
  the	chocolate	industry	telling	them	why	you	have	taken	part	in	      •		Let	STOP	THE	TRAFFIK	know	what	you’re	doing,	and	what	
  the WorLd’s LarGest CHoCoLate foNdue with stop                         response	you	get.
  THE	TRAFFIK,	and	why	you	have	used	fairtrade	Chocolate.
                                                                       •	A	fair	trade	Jaffa	Cake	–	now	that’s	something	worth	
•	If you’ve got children at your fondue, ask them to draw                fighting	for.
  a picture	on	the	back	of	the	fairtrade	chocolate	wrappers,	
  showing	why	they	eat	fairtrade	chocolate	or	asking	the	
  Chocolate	Industry	to	stop	using	trafficked	children	in	the	        Take on aCT/S – Get more involved with STOP
  manufacture	of	our	chocolate.                                       THE TRAFFIK and start an ACT/s (Active Communities
                                                                      fighting Trafficking) group with some of your friends, family
                                                                      or neighbours to tackle trafficking that could be going on in
                                                                      your own community.
Fondue Fun: ideas for your party                                      Find out what you can do and how to get involved at           1                                      
 Fun & gAMeS
A	few	tried	and	tested	well	loved	party	games	…
THe CHoColATe gAMe                                                        CHuBBY BunnIeS
You will need: a large bar of fairtrade chocolate, hat, gloves,           You will need: marshmallows, 2-5 players
scarf, coat, plate, knife and fork, dice
                                                                          The aim: to say ‘chubby bunnies’ with more marshmallows
The aim: to eat as much chocolate as possible!                            in your mouth than any other player

How to play: Players sit in a circle with the chocolate,                  How to play: One person at a time takes a marshmallow,
unwrapped, on a plate with the knife, fork and items of                   places in their mouth and says ‘chubby bunnies’. They aren’t
clothing in the centre of the circle. Each player takes it in             allowed to chew or swallow the marshmallow. One after
turn to role the dice. Whenever a player roles a ‘6’ they run             each other, players keep taking a marshmallow, placing it in
into the middle of the circle, put on the hat, gloves, scarf              their mouth and saying ‘chubby bunnies’. The person with
and coat, pick up the knife and fork and start cutting the                the most marshmallows in their mouth and still able to say
chocolate and munching away. While that player is tackling                ‘chubby bunnies’ wins!
the chocolate the dice continues to be passed around the
circle until the next ‘6’ is thrown. When this has happened               The rules: Players aren’t allowed to chew or swallow during
the chocolate muncher stops eating, takes off the clothing                the game. Players have to be able to say ‘chubby bunnies’
and rejoins the circle while the new player runs to the middle            (relatively) clearly after putting each marshmallow in
of the circle, puts on the clothing and tucks into                        their mouth.
the chocolate.

Rules of the game: The chocolate muncher can only eat
one square of chocolate at a time and has to finish eating
one square before cutting the next. They can stay in the
middle of the circle munching chocolate until another player
throws a ‘6’. Players have to eat the chocolate with the knife
and fork – no ‘fingers were invented first’ excuses!

  CHoColATe WoRdSeARCH                                            P   O      T    S    S    E   U    F    S    X     E   D   F    O

  Can you find the following words in the                   S     L   N      O    L    A    T   E    M    G    A     D   O   L    C
  wordsearch below? They could be horizontal,               H     E   D      C    V    B   A    O    J    U    L     N   C   O    T
  vertical, diagonal, back to front or upside-down …
  good luck!                                                G     T   W      J    I    N    L   R    K    Q    D     A   N   U    W
  •	Fondue                                                  T     R   K      A    N    J   O    T    W    U    E     S   P   Y    E
  •	Party                                                   Z     A   B      I    D    Z   C    P    E    H    U     U   A   D    L
  •	Chocolate
                                                            G     F   N      D    U    Q   O    F    L    M   W      O   B   N    S
  •	Fairtrade
                                                            B     F   A      T    S    E   H     I   E    C    R     H   I   J    D
  •	Stop
                                                            L     I   Q      I    T    K   C    R    H    M    I     T   C   X    A
  •	Traffik
  •	Industry                                                N     K   H      A    R    L   H    T    D    Y    F     E   H   F    H

  •	Twelve thousand                                         P     A   R      T    Y    T   A    Q     I   S    U     V   O   S    Z
  •	Harkin                                                  H     I   J      D    M    E   R    W    R    J    K     L   C   X    D
  •	Consumer
                                                            R     T   O      N    I    K   R    A    H    S    P     E   B   V    J
  •	Change It
                                                            A     N   G      H    V    N    I   S    D    K    O     W   K   D    S

                                                            P     F   J      R    C    H   A    N    G    E    I     T   L    I   N

Fondue Fun: ideas for your party                                                                                                   2

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