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       2nd December, 2008
From the Stands
Great to see so many of the past Reds and future Reds turn out for a bit of
Touch footy, a beer and to meet Luke Kermode and Mitch Brown on Tues-
day night. With the warm afternoon there seemed to be a lot energy ex-
pended before retiring to the shade and a cold Baron’s.

Training will start in earnest on January 29th, Luke has registered the Reds
for the Crescent Head 7s and all leading up to the launch of the PRC sea-
son at Blaxland’s Inn on the 21st March 2009. It will be a top day with first
the Reds playing a couple of trial games and then that evening the
Waratahs taking on the Crusaders on the big screens. Put the date in your
diary and come and meet Luke and the lads that will represent the Pokolbin
Rugby Club for 2009. As yet the 09 draw has not been released but likely to
be an early April start. Home ground for 09 is Hunter Valley Gardens thanks
to the continued support of the Roche Group.

There is a lot happening on the rugby front both locally and of course over-
seas. The NHRU AGM came and went, throwing up some interesting num-
bers. In 2008 there were 63 teams, 2 more than 07, from 22 clubs across 3
divisions. As you know those 3 divisions have 6 levels. Registered players
and officials 2,370 all up and an increase of 399 from 2005. Certainly no
waning of interest in the game in these parts.

The local game is set to follow Super 14 and Tri-Nations with the
 introduction of the Experimental Law Variations – ELV’s. Coaches, players
and ref’s will have to adjust to these new laws but the ultimate aim is to
speed up the game. Now whether we have referees young enough to keep
up is another matter.

Reds 07 Minor Premiership coach and referee Andrew Margan made the
comment that it can make the ref’s job easier by being able to call the short
arm penalty. It has been interesting watching the games in Europe where
some of the ELV’s are being used. It is appears that as the Southern Hemi-
sphere teams, who by the way ended 19 for and 1 against on the Spring
tour, want the game sped up, the northerners can slow it down just as effec-
tively. Penalize the attacking team at the breakdown for ‘sealing the ball’?
No worries.

What a joke the reffing in the last two games. Still the loss against Wales,
who did play some very good footy, could have easily been a win or a draw.
Lack of leadership and white line fever saw a few chances of a field goal go
begging. Bit like Reds against Coalfields really. Wales needed to win by
15pts to knock Argentina off 4th place in the ranking for the World Cup draw,
they didn’t, so the Southern Hemisphere teams make up the 4, then Wales,
England, France and Ireland. This hands the Wallabies a dream draw being
pooled with Ireland, Italy, and qualifiers from Europe and America. And Pool
A? New Zealand and France are drawn together so it ain’t just the sheep in
NZ that are nervous. Keep up to date on

Iain Riggs
Michell Drinkwater, the development officer for NHRU will be visiting local
   primary schools over the next few weeks to encourage juniors to get
            involved in Rugby Union and the PRC Junior teams
 Contact Tim Murray if you would like to register interest in Season 2009.

  Play Junior Rugby Union in 2009!

            Grades under 6 to under 8 , Walla Rugby (Touch)
      Grades under 9 onwards play modified tackle rules (no kicking)

  Home matches played at Hunter Valley Gardens Oval, Broke Road Pokolbin

                            Registration only $10!
      Includes, shorts, socks, training shirt, bank account and much more.

          Come and join the very successful teams that played in 2008.

    Registration Feb 2009, to register your interest now
              phone Tim Murray 0415 459033

                                               HO HO HO !!
                           Put the Cheer into this Festive Season
                                                   with the
                                    PRC Christmas Party Pack

                        $220.00      inc GST

    includes Mixed case of Premium Hunter Wines (12 bottles),
     a slab of Barons Beer (24 stubbies) and 24 bottles of water
          Limited number Order now or they’ll be gone!!
                                                                                                                 Page 3

          A wine loving rugby nut looking for work in the Valley….
Dear Mr. Glover,
> My name is Matthew Perkins, and I am contacting you in regard to both the Pokolbin Rugby
Club and the Hunter Valley. I am looking to move to the area after I graduate from University
in December, and am looking for a job in a vineyard and a club to play with. I was hoping
that you could help me with both. I hope to hear back from you soon.
> Regards,
> Matthew Perkins

                                                                                                          Matthew C. Perkins
                                                                                                           207 N. Frances St.
                                                                                                          Madison, WI 53703

    To Whom It May Concern:

             My name is Matthew Perkins, and I am writing to you to inquire about employment on your vineyard. I will be
    graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison this December with degrees in both French and Communication
    Arts, and I plan on moving to Australia to follow my two passions, wine and rugby. After having done research and hav-
    ing talked with various people in both the States and in Australia, I have decided that the Hunter Valley is the perfect
    location for me. I have attached a copy of my C.V, which will provide you with an overview of my academic and extra-
    curricular work, but I would like to go further into certain aspects of what I have done.
             I have had a strong interest in wine from a young age, but my passion for winemaking really took off in the
    summer of 2006, when I decided to study Viticulture and Enology at the University of Burgundy in Dijon, France for the
    summer through a program run by the University of California-Davis. This six week long program was taught by
    Hildegarde Heymann, Professor of Viticulture and Enology at UC-Davis, whose contact information I have attached as a
    reference. In this program, we studied the basics of both viticulture and enology, and toured roughly 25 different
    vineyards throughout France. We were able to taste hundreds of different wines and speak at length with the vintners
    about all steps of the process.
             For the past 18 months, I have been working for General Beverage, a wine and spirits distributor in Madison
    while continuing my studies. While my duties have been relatively banal, including stocking shelves and building
    displays, I have learned a great deal about the distribution and marketing end of the wine industry through working side
    by side with the sales representatives. In addition, through General Beverage, I have been able to take online courses
    from the Gallo Online Wine Academy, which has helped further my knowledge about all facets of the wine industry,
    especially production. Aside from working for General Beverage, I have also lead wine tastings at the Maison Française,
    the French-speaking house on campus.
             Along with wine, my other true love is rugby. I joined the University of Wisconsin Men’s Rugby Football Club
    during my first year on campus, having never played or seen a match before. In my five years on campus, rugby has
    been one of, if not the most important part of my collegiate experience. I have been very active in our club, serving as
    Treasurer, Fundraising Chair, and Tour Manager over the past three years. I am very passionate about the sport, and it is
    one of the primary reasons that I want to move to Australia. One of our coaches, Ross Hopkins, also coaches the Gordon
    Rugby in Sydney, and is my contact in Australia. I have attached his contact information as a reference.
             I hope that the information I have supplied has given you a good idea about who I am. I am a very hard worker,
    and I am willing to do just about anything on a vineyard for employment. I have always wanted to work on a vineyard,
    and I hope that you can help me accomplish that. Thank you very much for your time, and I hope to hear back from you

    Matthew Perkins
Thank you to our generous Sponsors for Season 2008

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