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					                         FIELD TRAINING OFFICER

Overview of the Role

As a Field Training Officer (FTO) you are responsible for the conduct of field training for
expeditioners during the pre-departure period in Australia, on board ship and in Antarctica.
You are also required to lead or provide support for scientific or operational groups working
in the field.

What will you actually do on the job?

      conduct field training during the pre-departure period in Australia, on board ship and
       in Antarctic and the subantarctic;
      provide leadership or field assistance to field groups in support of scientific or
       operational programs as required. This includes provision of advice and support in
       planning for field programs including risk management, selection and preparation of
       field equipment;
      present lectures and practical sessions on field trip planning, leadership, risk
       management, environment, snow camping, clothing in cold climates, survival,
       navigation including GPS, radar, glacier travel, sea-ice travel, rope work including
       vertical rescue and crevasse rescue, search and rescue (SAR) training and other related
      conduct assessments on expeditioner field skill competency and for reporting on these
       to the Station Leader and Field Support Coordinator.
      coordinate the station field training program which normally involves taking small
       groups off station for 2 or 3 days of practical training sessions. FTOs are also required
       to train a SAR team of 8 to 10 people chosen from the more skilled of the
       expeditioners on station;
      maintain field equipment, including issue and stocktake, maintain cane lines and travel
       route documentation.
      You are required to maintain a personal and practical commitment to the AAD’s OHS
       and Environmental Policies. The safety and environmental roles and responsibilities
       relevant to your position will be communicated to you by your supervisor.

As well as these specific job roles you will also be required to, in common with all other
expeditioners, perform duties rostered by the Station Leader to support the community life of
the expedition, such as general kitchen duties, garbage clearance, water duties, and assisting
other expedition members with official programs.

                                        November 2009
Required Skills, Knowledge and Attributes

       organisational ability and leadership experience in supporting a wide range of

       as an instructor in activities relevant to the FTOs role, and the ability to prepare and
        provide clear and concise lecture and practical presentations in a cheerful and
        enthusiastic manner on the following subjects :

           Field trip planning including risk management
           Group management including leadership theory and practice
           Environmental awareness & minimal impact practices
           Snow survival skills, glacier travel and mountaineering
           Teaching field navigation including GPS
           Coordination and conduct of search and rescue operations
           Crevasse rescue & technical rope-work including vertical and stretcher rescue

       experience and/or qualifications in training development and assessment in the
        Outdoor Recreation Industry

       first aid qualifications (minimum of remote area first aid, Wilderness Leaders first aid
        (65 hour course preferred)

       qualifications as an Instructor in rock climbing and/or single rope technique

Other desirable attributes include

       Experience and skills to support field operations in the following areas:-

           Supporting field research programs
           Helicopter: Sling loading, packing loads, safety, selecting landing sites etc.
           Operating over-snow transport including 4WD quad bikes and snowmobiles
           Use of field radios (HF & VHF), satellite communications systems
           Small boat experience, limited coxswain certificate
           Cross country skiing
           Development of training resource materials and competence in computer use

Personal Qualities Requirements

As the member of a small community there are also personal attribute requirements which the
Australian Antarctic Division assesses very closely. You will need to meet the personal
qualities criteria listed below.

To be successful you will:

   Demonstrate a strong work ethic.
   Demonstrate that you can make a positive contribution to community and team.
   Demonstrate that you respond to authority and are compliant with the law, legislative
    requirements and AAD policies and procedures.
   Demonstrate a commitment to Australian Antarctic program specific requirements.

                                          November 2009
Medical, Psychological and Security Screening

If you are assessed as meeting the above job related and personal quality requirements, you
will be required to undergo medical, psychological and security screening. Meeting the
requirements of these is mandatory.

   Our Polar Medicine Unit will decide on your medical fitness for duty in Antarctica
    following tests conducted on our behalf by a nominated medical practitioner (currently
    Health for Industry).

   Psychological assessments are conducted on our behalf by the Directorate of Psychology,
       Department of Defence.

   Security checks vary depending on the role required. This may be limited to a police
    records check.

                                       November 2009

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