Feldenkrais and the creative voice

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					              THE HEALTHY MUSICIAN
                     A FREE Introduction
                    Canberra Workshop: August 2 - 3, 2008
                                with Maike Brill
                            Canberra, October 2009

 This presentation is an introduction in the methods of Spiraldynamik®
and Integrative Body & Vocal Training® and their combined application
               in the treatment and training of musicians

Spiraldynamik® is a three dimensional movement concept, which aims to achieve
anatomically healthy movement. Discover the fascinating and ingenious construction
of your body and understand that the main reasons for our problems are chronic
overuse or misuse. These result from wrong coordination and wrong weight baring.
Understanding the body’s three dimensional function will help you to use it as a
healthy foundation for yourself, your instrument and your voice, with resilient
elasticity and dynamic stability.
Integrative Body & Vocal Training® (IST) is a holistic system of physical exercise,
massage and technique training to develop the natural "voice" of singers,
instrumentalist and speakers to use and play their instrument with ease and grace.
Incorporated in this work is Terlusollogy, a science of experience, which works with
the polarizing influences of sun and moon on living matter.

                                    Maike Brill is a German trained
                                    physio/ massage therapist, a
                                    movement trainer, singer and
                                    Integrative Body &Vocal Trainer

Maike is the first therapist to bring Spiraldynamik® and Integrative Body & Vocal
Training® to Australia.
The combination of both methods give musicians better prevention and therapeutic
options. It helps you to access your inner strength and to stay in flow, leading to
better health and increased musical expression and musicality.

when:    October 31, Saturday 11am
where:   Mahamudra House 104 Wattle Street, opposite Tilley’s Divine Cafe

Bookings essential; for information and booking contact:

         Maike Brill
         Centre for Body and Vocal Health, 74 Longstaff St, Lyneham
         Website: www.maikebrill.com.au
         Email: contact@maikebrill.com.au
         Phone: 6161 7362

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