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									      A smarter way
      to count cash
     Tellermate TD is the simple, fast and accurate way to automate counting bills and
     coins. With voice support, TD talks you through your first count and ensures
     counting success thereafter. TD is simply smart cash control at the touch of a button.

     • Close out cash drawers
     • Prepare your bank deposits
     • Verify incoming bank change orders
     • Remove excess cash during busy customer hours
     • Conduct spot audits
     • Minimize time spent reconciling cash discrepancies

Simple                                           Fast                                          Accurate
TD is easier to use than the average             In just under a minute, TD counts cash that   TD is more accurate and reliable than counting
calculator. Simply switch it on and listen,      would take you at least 15 minutes to count   by hand; therefore there is no need to double
while TD demonstrates how to count. With         by hand. That's 15 minutes you could spend    check. Used by banks and retail organizations
TD, you can count and total bills, loose coins   doing something else – What else could you    around the world, no other counting device is
and rolled coins with ease.                      do today?                                     more trusted.
                         What does TD do for you?
                         •   Counts bills, loose coins and rolled coins
                         •   Provides voice and visual commands for ease of use
                         •   Accommodates English and Spanish users
                         •   Creates accountability with itemized printer receipts
                         •   Trains your new staff members through the embedded “tutorial”
                         •   Travels easily - it’s portable and lightweight

                         TD Accessories
                         TD comes with a coin scoop, standard power adaptor
                         and two 'C' batteries.

                                              Have cashiers sign printouts itemizing the money they
                                              start and close out with. The TD printer provides a receipt
                                              showing total count by denomination.

                                              If you have a cash drawer, take advantage of TellerCups.
                                              Simply place each of the cups into the cash drawer.
                                              To count the coins, remove the cup and place it straight
                                              onto TD. The coins are counted instantly!

Tellermate, Inc.
4038 Flowers Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30360
Tel: 1-866-281-6802
Fax: 1-770-220-0970                                                         Turning Cash Into Profit

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