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									          Application of Textile structures in Hose Manufacturing
            R.Senthil Kumar, Senior Lecturer, Deptt. Of Textile Technology,
                    Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore.

Textile fabrics are used as reinforcement in many applications. Hose is one of such
product where the fabric reinforced in its structure to attain desirable properties. A Hose
is a flexible link on pipe capable of use with gases, liquids, solids or admixtures of such
under positive or negative pressures. The reinforcement of any hose structure may
comprise many materials or combinations of materials, dependent on the end use of the
item. The reinforcement may be braided, woven or in wound form and it may be in single
or multiple plies. The reinforcing members include both natural and man made textiles.
Obviously the choice of the most advantageous material to be used will be dictated first
by the end use of the products and second by economics. This paper briefly encompasses
the structural properties and applications of the various t
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