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Six Sigma in the Textile Industry

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									                  SIX SIGMA IN THE TEXTILE INDUSTRY
            R.Senthil Kumar & S.Sundaresan, Department of Textile Technology,
                    Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore-06


Textile is among the leading sectors in the Indian economy in terms of production,
exports, employment and contribution to the exchequer. India needs to reform its laws,
modernize machinery and scale up capacities to global level to exploit this opportunity.
Apart from the above factors, the application of management techniques in the business
will bring long term stability in the market and better company reputation. The
paramount need for a paradigm shift is essential for today’s business scenario. Six sigma
is such a management tool is viewed as a systematic, scientific, statistical and smarter
approach to create quality innovation and total customer satisfaction. This paper
emphasizes the six sigma concepts and possible area of six sigm
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