exploring success stories

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					                                                                       Newsletter No. 2 June 2009

Improving the Culture of Hospitals
A research project that will provide concrete resources to assist hospitals improve the quality
and sustainability of services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients
      exploring success stories

                                  What is the background?

                                  How are we conducting the Project?

                                  What are our aims?
                            What are our outputs so far?
exploring success stories

                              Key outputs of the Improving the Culture of Hospitals
                              project include:
Exploring some success stories —
Case studies from hospitals successfully
responding to Aboriginal people
What were we looking at?                 2. Royal Adelaide Hospital
                                         (South Australia)

                                         3. St.Vincent’s Hospital
How did we select sites?                 (Melbourne, Victoria)

                                         4. Goulburn Valley Health
                                         (Shepparton, Victoria)

Which hospitals participated?
1. Maitland Hospital (Yorke & Lower
North Health Service, South Australia)
                                         5. Royal Children’s Hospital
                                         (Melbourne, Victoria)
    What did we find?          B   Enabling state and federal
                                   policy environments

    Strong partnerships with
A   Aboriginal communities
C           exploring success stories
    Leadership by hospital Boards, Chief
    Executive Officer/General Managers
    and key clinical staff

                                                    Structural and resource supports

D   Strategic policies within their hospitals
F   Commitment to supporting the Aboriginal workforce


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