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									ANU WAteR INItIAtIve CONfeReNCe 2008

Drought - Past & Future
14–15 November, ANU, Canberra

this conference is the first stage of an international project        Conference themes:
funded by the aNu Water Initiative (aNuWI) that will compare
drought management and planning for climate change in the
                                                                      n    Knowledge – what has been the understanding of
world’s southern and northern temperate zones - southern                   drought and climate variability in Australia over the past
australia, southern africa, southwest us, the Mediterranean rim            two centuries?
(Portugal, spain and turkey), northern China and south america.       n    australian drought policy – what are the recurring issues?
the conference will present some of the work relevant to the
                                                                      n    Political, economic and social risks – how have these been
australian region and discuss the themes to be investigated in
                                                                           defined and managed in the context of droughts?
the larger project.
                                                                      n    Contemporary case studies of Australian drought
Friday 14 November 9am to 6pm                                              management- what do they reveal about the interactions
saturday 15 November 9am to 12noon                                         between communities and droughts over the past two
Venue: the hedley Bull Centre,                                             centuries?
the australian National university (Building 130)                     n    australian drought management from an international
registration: rsVP to aNuWI administrator – Noel Chan                      perspective
e: Noel.Chan@anu.edu.au by 12 November and indicate
whether you are attending Friday and/or saturday Conference.

speakers on Friday 14 November,                                       Dr Daniel Connell, Crawford school, aNu College
                                                                      of asia & the Pacific
9am to 6pm
                                                                      If there were no state borders, what would a Basin Plan design to
Dr sara Beavis, Fenner school of environment                          minimize costs and maximize social, economic and environmental
& society, aNu College of Medicine, Biology &                         benefits across the MDB look like?
                                                                      Professor Quentin grafton, Crawford school of
How has understanding of the Australian hydrological cycle
                                                                      economics and government, aNu College of asia &
evolved over the past century and what are the implications for the
                                                                      the Pacific
development of water policy to manage climate change?
                                                                      How does Australia manage the risks to urban water supplies
Bruce Campbell, river Murray Water, Murray-Darling                    caused by droughts? What should we do differently?
Basin Commission
                                                                      Professor Brian head, Institute of social science
the Murray-Darling Basin Agreement is the product of nearly a
                                                                      research, university of Queensland
century of water sharing experience. How robust has it been as a
framework for the management of the recent severe drought?            the urban water crisis in Australia and the governance of
                                                                      uncertainty, a challenge for the policy process.
Dr tony McLeod, Murray-Darling Basin authority                        Professor Douglas Fisher, Deptart,emt of Law,
A new master plan is being prepared for the Murray-Darling            Queensland university of technology
Basin (MDB). How will it take account of climate variability and
                                                                      Australian water law has long taken account of climatic risks such
                                                                      as droughts. How adequate is this foundation for the policies and

CRICOS# 00120C
laws that are needed to manage the predicted impacts of climate            speakers on saturday 15 November,
change on water resources and water based environments?
                                                                           9am to 12noon
Dr Nicole graham, Deptartment of Law,                                      Dr John Williams, Commissioner Natural resources
Macquarie university                                                       Commission New south Wales
What should be the relationship between property law and natural           Since early in the twentieth century the CSIRO has been Australia’s
resource management? Is current Australian property law an                 leading research organisation for natural resource management
appropriate tool for water resource management given its purpose           issues such as adaptation to climate variability. What does its history
and the history of its operation and contribution to environmental         show about the responses of Australian researchers to drought and
law so far? Arguably property law is maladapted to local hydrological      climate variability? Where to from here?
conditions in many industrial nations and there is a need to better
align it with environmental capacities and policy objectives.              Professor Xia Jun, Chinese academy of sciences,
Professor tony McMichael, National Centre for                              Drought and predictions of increased climate variability are serious
epidemiology and Population health, aNu College of                         issues for north China, How have they been managed? How is the
Medicine, Biology & environment                                            Chinese government preparing for the future?
Climate change is predicted to have a number of serious implications
for human health in Australia. Drought-prone rural regions face            Dr rosalind Bark, Dept of hydrology and Water
particular risks to mental health, physical health and to community        resources, university of arizona
morale and well being. What are the policy implications both in            Water supply reliability, management and drought adaption in the
the field of health itself and more generally? to what extent will         Colorado River Basin US. Rosalind Bark will also discuss dry year
experience with extreme climatic events in the past help us adapt for      options, water transfers, intra and interstate water banking and the
the future?                                                                new guidelines for managing the Colorado system.

Dr Linda Botterill, research school of social                              Dr Jeff Loux, university of California
sciences, aNu College of arts & social sciences
                                                                           Southern California has an extraordinary profusion of often
Lessons from Australia’s drought policy, adapting to the challenges of     conflicting systems of water management and water rights so how
climate change.                                                            do decisions get made about competing demands?

John reid, environment studio/Field studies,                               Professor rodrigo Maia, university of Porto, Portugal
aNu College of arts & social sciences
                                                                           Drought management in Portugal and Spain
Climate, community stress and the visual arts
                                                                           Dr Karen hussey, the National europe Centre,
Dr sue Jackson, tropical ecosystem research                                aNu College of arts & social sciences
Centre, CsIro                                                              (based in Brussels)
What happens to Indigenous interests during times of drought?              Drought policy in the european Union.
the National Water Initiative (NWI) emphasises the need to give
comprehensive recognition to Indigenous interests in water. to what        Professor stephen Dovers, Fenner school of
extent is this being realised in practice and – given the extra pressure   environment and society, aNu College of Medicine,
that will be caused by climate change -how can implementation of           Biology and environment
the NWI be promoted?
                                                                           Reflection on the conference - How should we shape the research
Dr Jane Doolan, office of Water, Victorian                                 agenda for the larger project comparing climate risk management in
Deptartment of sustainability and the environment                          the southern and northern hemisphere?
the current drought has been devastating for riverine environments
in victoria. How are choices being made about what to save and
what to let go? What are the implications for climate change?

Dr roger Pulwarty, Director, National Integrated
Drought Information system, Noaa, usa
International responses to the day’s proceedings

rsVP to Noel Chan e: Noel.Chan@anu.edu.au          Further enquiries to Dr Daniel Connell     e: Daniel.Connell@anu.edu.au

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