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									                                                                                             Dr. Chris Field

                                                                                             Principal Acoustic

                                              Resonators: A Prelude to their Use for
                                              Attenuating Noise Entering Buildings           He was seconded to Arup Acoustics London
                                              through Ventilation Openings, Applied          from 2000-2001. His projects there included all
                                              Acoustics, vol 53, 117-132.                    aspects of building acoustics on the new Merrill
                                              Field, C.D. and Fricke, F.R. (1999). A         Lynch Headquarters in London, the
                                              Noise Attenuation Device for Fixed Air         redevelopment of St Paul’s Church to include a
                                              Vents in Naturally Ventilated Buildings,       fitness centre and cinema, and building
                                              Proceedings of the International Congress      acoustics for the Arup Fitzrovia
                                              on Sound and Vibration, Copenhagen,            Redevelopment.
                                                                                             Chris is the inventor of a passive noise control
                                              Field, C.D. and Fricke, F.R. (2001). An        ventilator for naturally ventilated buildings. He
                                              attenuator for buildings using natural         was a finalist in the 2004 Fresh Innovators
Tel: 415 823 9618
                                              ventilation, Noise Control Engineering         Competition, won the Australian Acoustical
Email: chris.field@arup.com
                                              Journal, 49 (6), 258-264, Nov-Dec.             Society 2004 Excellence in Acoustics Award
Current Position                              Field, C.D. (2002). The effect of absorptive   and won the 2004 Invention of the Year on the
Associate, San Francisco Office               treatment in the road corridor using CATT      ABC’s New Inventors TV programme. Chris
                                              modelling techniques ISMA 2002 V 2093-         has also just contributed two chapters in the
Joined Arup 1996                              2097, KU Leuven.                               upcoming publication of the Encyclopedia of
                                              Field, C.D. (2003). The effect of wind noise   Noise Control edited by Malcolm J. Crocker.
Qualifications                                in the ear on the enjoyment of musical
BE(Hons) Sydney University 1994               performances, ICSV 10, 3807-3814,              Recent Projects
PhD (Acoustics) Department of                 Stockholm, Sweden.
                                                                                             August Wilson Center for the Performing
Architectural and Design Science,             Field, C. (2004). The Latest Developments      Arts (Pittsburgh)
University of Sydney 1997                     Of An Attenuator For Naturally Ventilated      Acoustic design of a 499 seat theatre, gallery
Member of the Australian Acoustical           Buildings, Internoise 2004, Prague.            spaces, rehearsal and multi-purpose spaces.
Society                                       Field, C. and Shimada, S. (2005). Acoustic
                                                                                             500 Fifth Avenue North,
Member of the Acoustical Society of           Computer Modelling: A Case Study to
                                                                                             Seattle (Washington)
America                                       Compare Predictions by CATT and Odeon
                                                                                             Acoustic consultant on the multidisciplinary
                                              with Measured Results, Internoise 2005,
Member of the Professional Advisory                                                          team for the new offices on a 12-acre campus
                                              Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Committee in the School of Architecture,                                                     for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Sydney University, Australia.                                                                headquarters.
                                              Key Data
Awards                                        Chris graduated in Mechanical Engineering
                                                                                             LA Fitness Vibration Assessment (Chicago)
Winner of the Excellence in Acoustics         at the University of Sydney. He then
                                                                                             Carried out a structural vibration review of the
Award 2004 presented by the Australian        completed his PhD in Acoustics in the
                                                                                             fitout installation of an LA Fitness franchise in
Acoustical Society                            Faculty of Architecture. During this time
                                                                                             an office building in Chicago with regards to
                                              Chris was involved in lecturing and tutoring
Winner of the ABC TV New Inventor of the                                                     structural vibration from gym activities.
                                              of both undergraduate and postgraduate
Year 2004
                                              students. He is now a part-time lecturer in
Finalist in the Australian Government’s                                                      Parkhouse 50 (Phoenix)
                                              Acoustics, and regularly publishes
Fresh Innovators Competition 2004                                                            Scheme acoustic design for a condominium
                                              international conference papers.
                                                                                             development in Phoenix.
                                              In the urban environment context he has
Select Publications                           been involved in the noise and vibration
A full list of publications is available on                                                  Baha Mar Traffic Noise Study (Bahamas)
                                              assessment of road, heavy and light rail
request.                                                                                     Traffic noise assessment for a resort
                                              projects. In the building acoustics context
                                                                                             development in the Bahamas.
Field, C.D. and Fricke, F.R. (1997).          he has been involved in fit-out of many
Theory and Applications of Quarter-wave       office buildings, and presentation and
                                              performance spaces.
                                                                                             Dr. Chris Field

                                                                                             Principal Acoustic

Beijing Olympic Aquatic Centre (China)         Performing Arts Projects                      Building Acoustic Projects
Currently leading the acoustic design and
electroacoustic design for the main            Hastings Theatre, Port Macquarie              National Portrait Gallery (Canberra)
competition pool hall, leisure pool building   Project manager for the full acoustic         Project manager for acoustic design of a
and all ancillary spaces for the Beijing       design of this 600 seat theatre at Port       portrait gallery including auditorium, function
Olympic Aquatic Centre.                        Macquarie. Other facilities in the            spaces, meeting rooms, foyer and gallery
                                               development include an art gallery and        spaces.
Central Station – PA and EWIS Systems          conference facilities.
Project manager for the PA and VA              Sydney Theatre                                Sydney University Faculty of Law Building
systems overview to determine options for      Responsible for managing and carrying out     Currently carrying out the acoustic design of the
total systems solution at Central Railway      construction stage acoustic work for this     new Faculty of Law Building at Sydney
Station including integration with             850 seat drama theatre until completion in    University, including the design of acoustic
passenger information display systems          January 2004.                                 elements to facilitate a naturally ventilated
(PIDS).                                                                                      façade.
                                               City Recital Hall, Angel Place
Parramatta Rail Link Stations (Arch-1)         Assisted in design aspects of the recital     Southbank Education and Training Precinct
Currently carrying out the acoustic design     hall and was heavily involved in site work    (Brisbane)
of the four-link station caverns and           during the construction stage of the          Recently completed the acoustic tender design
concourses including surface finishes,         project.                                      for the Precinct which includes performance
sound system design and services noise                                                       spaces, drama theatres, dance studios and
control. Acoustic design includes the use      Casula Powerhouse Theatre                     lecture theatres.
of state-of-the-art computer modelling         Lead acoustic consultant for the acoustic
technology to optimise the amount of           design of the 400 seat theatre (ongoing)      Parramatta Station and Transport
acoustic treatment with the design of the      located adjacent to a freight rail line.      Interchange (Arch-3)
station PA system to meet speech                                                             Carried out the acoustic design and sound
intelligibility standards.                     Rooty Hill Amphitheatre (Sydney)              system design of the award winning Parramatta
                                               Project manager for Arup multi-disciplinary   Station and Bus Interchange. Acoustic design
Channel 7 TV Studio – Martin Place             team for the design of the new                included the use of state-of-the-art computer
Carried out a review of the acoustic design    Amphitheatre at Rooty Hill. Acoustic          modelling technology to optimize the amount of
for the new Channel 7 Studio, to be            design included the Amphitheatre shell        acoustic treatment with the design of the station
located in a heritage building in Martin       with operable acoustic stage reflector and    PA system to meet speech intelligibility
Place Sydney. The review included a            side walls and sound system design.           standards.
study using acoustic simulations to
demonstrate background noise impacts on        Rooty Hill Amphitheatre Feasibility           The Mint Refurbishment for the Historic
live news telecasts.                           Study                                         Houses Trust
                                               Carried out the concept acoustic design of    Carried out the building acoustic design and
Taronga Zoo – Asian and Australian             the proposed Amphitheatre at Rooty Hill in    mechanical services noise control design of the
Coastline Precincts                            Sydney. He was responsible for all work       Mint Building including theatrette, library,
Currently undertaking the detailed design      associated with the sound shell including     bar/foyer and offices.
of soundscapes and site wide sound             the stage enclosure and the tiered
system for the proposed Asian and              audience area. Other design                   Bondi Junction Hotel Refurbishment
Australian Precincts at Taronga Zoo.           considerations included the effect of wind    Carried out the acoustic design of the hotel
Services noise control for precinct            induced noise on audience listening           refurbishment with SJB Architects including the
buildings is also being carried out.           enjoyment, the break out of event sound to    specification of surface finishes to control
                                               nearby residences and the break in of         reverberance, and the control of noise break-
                                               existing and future traffic noise to the      out to nearby residences.
                                               sound shell.
                                                                                                Dr. Chris Field

                                                                                                Principal Acoustic

Merrill Lynch Headquarters, London              Hamble Community School (UK)                    Responsible for all technical aspects, including
(Post Office Building Presentation              Chris was the Project Manager for the           the development of traffic and construction
Space)                                          assessment of noise impact of the new           noise prediction models, and preparation of all
Redevelopment of the heritage listed POB        plant room for Hamble Community School          reports including the final EIS.
into a presentation space for annual            on nearby residents and school spaces.
general meetings, AV presentations, art         He was responsible for all technical            Milton/Ulladulla Bypass Route Selection
gallery exhibitions, formal dinners and         aspects, including background noise             Study
cocktail parties. Chris handled all aspects     survey, assessment of proposed plant and        Acoustic input was provided for the route
of the project, in the project managing role,   its expected noise impacts and submission       selection study of a bypass through Milton and
including building services calculations,       of a report to Hampshire County Council         Ulladulla in southern New South Wales. Four
determination of facade insulation                                                              road alignments were studied and the
requirements, internal finishes, and sound                                                      assessment of each option was used as input
system design including detailed CATT           Adshel Building (UK)                            for the final alignment selection. The preferred
models and auralizations.                       An acoustic report was submitted to             option was an alignment through the nearby
                                                Chelsea and Kensington Council regarding        State Forest affecting the least number of
AMP, 50 Bridge St, Sydney                       the acoustic impacts of the new Adshel          residences and other “noise sensitive” areas.
Acoustic advice for sound insulation and        office building on the surrounding              The route also had the least number of
building services noise control for the fit-    community. Issues raised included               residences directly adjacent to the alignment.
out of thirty floors of the AMP office          mechanical services noise, increased local      Key issues were identification of critical receiver
building.                                       traffic flow and the assessment of the          locations and construction noise impacts.
                                                proposed facade design, which was
MLC Campus, North Sydney                        conducive to wind induced noise.                Vibration Projects
Building acoustic design for the award          Ongoing advice was provided for the             Construction Vibration Management Plans
winning office fit-out at North Sydney.         design of plant rooms, façade insulation        for Walsh Bay Developments
                                                requirements and internal surface finishes      Development of construction vibration
Arup Integrated Campus (UK)                     to the office space.                            management plans for various developments of
Mechanical services design and building         Investigation into absorptive treatments in     the Walsh Bay site in New South Wales. Key
acoustic design of the new integrated Arup      the road corridor (UK)                          issues included identification of construction
office building in conjunction with Arup        An investigation for the Highways Agency        activities on site and the potential impact to
Associates in London.                           was carried out using CATT computer             nearby residences. The final management
                                                modelling techniques to determine the           plans included general procedures to be
                                                effectiveness of various absorptive             followed during general construction, vibration
Environmental Projects                          treatments in the road corridor including       surveys and monitoring to be carried out and
                                                tunnel portals, retaining walls, bridge         vibration criteria to ensure human comfort and
UWS Campbelltown Feasibility Study              parapets, bridge soffits and organic ground     prevention of building damage. Chris was
Carried out an acoustic feasibility study       surfaces. A conference paper was                responsible for all aspects of the
into the development of land own by the         presented at ISMA2002 in Belgium                project.Vibration Projects
University of Western Sydney for various        regarding the research.
land uses including commercial, residential                                                     Effects of train vibration at the London
and recreational. The noise impact of           Transportation Noise Projects                   International Futures Exchange (LIFFE)
South Western Freeway to the west and                                                           Investigation of train vibration on sensitive
trains on the Southern Railway to the east      Upgrade of the Pacific Highway at               computer equipment at LIFFE. An assessment
was evaluated.                                  Karuah                                          of vibration levels likely to effect sensitive
                                                Acoustic design manager for the noise and       equipment was carried out and appropriate
Penrith Lakes Redevelopment                     vibration aspects of the study, investigating   criteria established to avoid damage to the Sun
A desktop acoustic study was carried out        the impact of construction noise and            Electronic Trading System was determined. A
into the expected noise impact on the           vibration and expected road traffic noise       comprehensive vibration survey was carried out
redevelopment of the Penrith Lakes area         from an upgrade of the Pacific Highway to       to determine the likely vibration impact on the
for residential and commercial use.             bypass the township of Karuah in New            computer system.
                                                South Wales.
                                                                                             Dr. Chris Field

                                                                                             Principal Acoustic

Brown Shipley Video Conference Room            Arq Nightclub, Sydney
(VCR) (UK)                                     Provided advice to control noise break-out
Comprehensive noise and vibration survey       from the night club to nearby residences.
in the proposed VCR of Brown Shipley
Financial Advisors with chiller plant room     Enmore Hotel, Enmore
located directly underneath. Methods for       Provided advice to control noise breakout
vibration isolation and sound insulation       through ventilation ducts to nearby
were given.                                    residences.

Queensway Underground Lift Vibration           Sydney Labor Club, Surry Hills
(UK)                                           Provided advice to control sound
Carried out simultaneous noise and             transmission from the nightclub to adjacent
vibration measurements in three guest          residences.
rooms of Stakis Hotel above Queensway
Underground Station with simulated
construction noise being carried out. An
assessment was carried out indicating the
feasibility of carrying out refurbishment of
underground lifts with guests occupying
the hotel.

Hotels and Bars
Bondi Junction Hotel (The Eastern)
Currently carrying out the acoustic design
of the hotel refurbishment with SJB
Architects including the specification of
surface finishes to control reverberance,
and the control of noise break-out to
nearby residences.

Aussie Rules Club, Sydney
Carried out acoustic design for DA for the
refurbishment of all four levels of the
Aussie Rules Club in Kings Cross.

Dolphin Hotel, Surry Hills
Carried out acoustic design for DA for the
refurbishment of the Dolphin Hotel in Surry

Cock and Bull Hotel, Bondi Junction
Carried out the detailed design of the hotel
to control noise breakout to nearby

Ivanhoe Hotel, Manly
Provided advice for the room acoustic fit-
out of the night club in the Ivanhoe Hotel.

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