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					                 Who we are
                 We’re a collaborative and close-knit group of designers, artists and ath-
                 letes who have been transforming dynamic human movement and eco
                 designs into inspiring works of art for over 15 years. We’re creative and
                 active individuals who are committed to the pursuit of excellence and
                 dedicated to our clients and our craft.

                     What we do
                      Working closely with our distributors, LMP designs, hand crafts and pro-
                      duces unique works of art that honor and celebrate human achievement
                      - whether it’s in the conference room, standing on the race podium or at
                      home. We work with our clients to create “one-of-a-kind” pieces that
                      inspire and honor the potential in all of us.

                      We have an unparalleled selection of original designs to choose from,
                      and the ability to make custom pieces to reach the most creative and
                      unique goals. Our aim is to produce works of art that help unlock the
                      potential in all of us.

RedBull Cold Rush Trophy
Project/Event: RedBull Cold Rush 2008
Client:        RedBull Canada

                                      Oddo Extra Mile Award
                                       Project/Event: Extra Mile Award
                                       Client:        Oddo Development Company
                                           Procter and Gamble “Center of Our World” Award
                                             Project/Event: International Divisions Sales Awards
                                             Client:        Procter and Gamble

                          Tony Hawk Award
                          Project/Event: Tony Hawk Award
                          Client:        Tony Hawk Foundation

                                                    Arc’Teryx Coldshot Foto Face Off
                                                    Project/Event: ColdSmoke Powder Festival 2008
                                                    Client:        Arc’Teryx

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