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					                                                                                                                                               DK MADE EASY
English Made Easy                                        Year 1                                                                                                  Year 4
                                                         This	book	focuses	on	letter	                                                                            This	book	provides	practice	in	
Supports curriculum English for all Australian           groupings in words to help with                                                                         reading and understanding
students. This	is	a	complete,	graded	home-study	         reading,	writing	and	spelling.	                                                                         different	types	of	text.	It	shows	
scheme	that	reinforces	the	essential	English	skills	     It	will	also	improve	children’s	                                                                        how	to	write	descriptively	and	
children	learn	at	school.                                everyday	vocabulary.                                                                                    for	specific	audiences.

Early Reading                                            Year 2                                                                                                  Year 5
Helps	children	to	develop	visual	recognition	skills.     This	book	shows	how	to	use	                                                                             This	book	helps	children	understand	
                                                         punctuation,	and	how	to	play	                                                                           clauses in sentences and how to
Writing                                                  with language using tongue                                                                              use	apostrophes.	It	also	looks	at	
Develops	eye-and-hand	co-ordination	necessary	           twisters,	riddles,	and	poems.                                                                           persuasive	writing,	poetry,	and	
for	writing	letters.                                                                                                                                             classic	novels.
                                                         Year 3
Rhyming                                                  This	book	helps	your	child	to	                                                                          Year 6
Works	on	listening	skills,	sounds	and	simple	spelling	   plan and write stories and use a                                                                        This	book	has	practice	on	
while	broadening	the	child’s	vocabulary.                 dictionary.		It	looks	closely	at	the	                                                                   paragraphs and punctuation,
                                                         words	that	make	up	sentences,	                                                                          similes	and	metaphors,	and	looks	
The Alphabet                                             including	compound	words	and	                                                                           at	different	types	of	writing	such	as	
Encourages	recognition	of	the	sounds,	names	and	         pronouns.                                                                                               instructional	and	information	text.
shapes	of	each	letter.
                                                         Ages	5-9                                                                                                Ages	8-12            Year 4 #35140
Ages 3–6                                                 •	297	x	210	mm                                                                                          •	297	x	210	mm       Year 5 #35157
•	297	x	210	mm                                           •	40pp	•	PB                                                                                             •	40pp	•	PB          Year 6 #35195
•	40pp	•	PB                                                                                                                                                                           $8.95 each
                                                         Year 1 #35089
Rhyming: Beginners #35072                                Year 2 #35096
Early Reading: Beginners #35218                          Year 3 #35133
Early Writing: Beginners #35027                          $8.95 each                              Spelling Made Easy Kit
The Alphabet: Beginners #35034                                                                   Learn	to	spell	-	it’s	as	easy	as	ABC!	See	how	fun	games	
$8.95 each                                                                                       and	special	rewards	can	help	your	child	with	their	spelling.	
                                                                                                 Perfect	for	practising	at	home	and	at	school,	this	kit	
                                                                                                   •	Workbook
                                                                                                   •	90	spelling	cards	
                                                                                                   •	Wipe	clean	‘word	calendar’	
                                                                                                   •	‘Spelling	well’	game
                                                                                                   •	Poster	with	reward	stickers

                                                                                                 Ages	5-8
                                                                                                 •	200	x	245	x	50	mm
                                                                                                 •	Box
                                                                                                 #36413    $29.95

                   DK MADE EASY
Maths Made Easy
Supports curriculum maths for all Australian
students. This	is	a	complete,	graded	home-study	
scheme	that	reinforces	the	essential	maths	skills	
children	learn	at	school.

Ages	3–12
•	297	x	240	mm
•	40pp	•	PB

Adding & Taking Away: Beginners #34679
Numbers: Beginners #34617
Shapes, Pattern, Measurement & Location #34662
Year 1 #34716
Year 2 #34723
Year 3 #34730
Times Tables: Year 3 & 4 #34785
Year 4 #34778
Year 5 #34792
Tims Tables: Year 5 & 6 #34846
Year 6 #34839
Decimals Extension: Year 6 #34853
$8.95 each

     Learn Your Fractions and Decimals Kit               Times Tables Made Easy Kit
     Five	ways	to	learn	=	5	x	the	fun!	Enjoy	learning	   Times Tables Made Easy	makes	learning	and	
     maths	in	a	fraction	of	the	time,	with	games,	       practising	times	table	easy	and	fun.	The	box	contains	
     repetition,	writing	and	rewards.	Perfect	for	       a	say-along	CD,	times	table	fridge	magnets,	a	hidden	
     practising	at	home	to	stay	one	step	ahead	of	the	   answer	tables	game,	quick-wit	workbook	and	a	star	
     class.	Includes:	                                   reward	chart.	5	ways	to	learn	=	5	x	the	fun!
       •	Workbook	
       •	180	quiz	cards                                  Ages	5–8
       •	Snap	card	game	                                 •	260	x	210	x	60	mm
       •	Test-your-knowledge	                            •	Box
         board	game	                                     #35546    $29.95
       •	Fridge	magnets

     Ages	5–8
     •	200	x	245	x	50	mm
     •	Box
     #35850    $29.95


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