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day Party – Boo by lindahy


day Party – Boo

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									Birthday Party – Booking Form
Parent Contact Details:
Surname                                                           First Name


Suburb                                                            Post Code

Telephone                                                         Mobile


How did you hear of the program? Friend         Website          Advertising       Newsletter

Other        (please specify)

Birthday Child
Name                                                             Date of birth                     Age          M       F

Party Details

Date                                  Time                          Number of children attending

Guest Details
      Name                        Age Medical Conditions                         Name               Age Medical Conditions

1.                                                                         13.

2.                                                                         14.

3.                                                                         15.

4.                                                                         16.

5.                                                                         17.

6.                                                                         18.

7.                                                                         19.

8.                                                                         20.

9.                                                                         21.

10.                                                                        22.

11.                                                                        23.

12.                                                                        24.

Can all the children swim? Yes        No

How many parents will be available for additional supervision?
              y–B                              ooking Form
       ay Part
Party Food Options (Please choose one selection)                                           How Many?

Party pie, party sausage roll, crisps, Fruit Box drink and lolly bag.

Chicken nuggets (4 piece) & hot chips, Fruit Box drink and lolly bag.

Chicken & salad sandwich, crisps, Fruit Box drink, and lolly bag.

Cheese & salad sandwich, crisps, Fruit Box drink, and lolly bag.

Mini pizza & hot chips, Fruit Box drink and lolly bag.

Additional Food Options
Ice Cream cake 1.7L

Ice Cream cake 1.25L

Fruit platter (for the parents)

Tea or Coffee (for the parents)

I acknowledge that participation in Leisurepark Birthday Parties by myself, family members and/or my visitors is at our own risk.
I understand that party leaders are there for the entertainment and operation of the party and are not intended to replace the constant
parent supervision required of children whilst in an aquatic environment. I also understand that no liability of personal injury, loss or
damage to personal effects is accepted by Leisurepark Balga, City of Stirling or its employees whilst attending this program.
I have read and understood the Term and Conditions, and accept the policies of Leisurepark Balga.

Signature                                                                                                                         Date

Terms and Conditions
A non-refundable deposit of $50 is payable on the day of booking the party. Full payment is required 7 days before your party. Minimum 10 children to maximum 24 children
per party. Aquatic parties are for children over 6 years old only. Please ensure that all children attending a water party have a reasonable swimming ability. A full copy of the
centre rules policies can be obtained from Reception. Credit Card: Phone payments can be made by Visa or Mastercard.

Staff Use Only

Date Deposit Paid:                                                    Receipt Number:                                  Staff:

Balance Owed: $

Party Program:                                                                                   Party leaders:

Other Notes:

Date Balanced Paid:                                                    Receipt Number:


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