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									Customer Success Story: Leigh Mardon

Juniper / Peribit - Application Acceleration and
Bandwidth Reduction

Business Profile:
Leigh Mardon is a high technology, security printing leader, and payments instrument
innovator with an unequalled range of services and expertise. They provide products
and services to blue chip clients comprising the bulk of the financial services industry as
well as the Government and private sector.

Millions of Australians come into contact with Leigh Mardon everyday without realising it.
Using a Visa or MasterCard, or a Phonecard, people come into contact with Leigh
Mardon borrowing books, donating blood, receiving utilities bills, cheques to pay those
bills, chances are the products were made with Leigh-Mardon’s superior technology.


Leigh Mardon’s success in the Australian market meant it faced increases in IT spending
on its network in Australia.

Not only are users at Leigh Mardon in Australia are connected to the key corporate
application suite, Manage, but these same links are used to transfer large volumes of
data from collection points to the various processing plants across Australia. However,
this presented performance issues for the company as there were significant delays in
the network for key tasks such as sales order processing, account queries and transfer
of data to meet production deadlines. Leigh Mardon required a solution that guaranteed
consistent application performance, enhanced manageability and minimal expenditure.
Leigh Mardon was also seeking a cost-effective solution to accelerate this application
without having to invest in additional application licensing and hardware for Australia.
Additionally they were also looking to use existing WAN links without requiring expensive
upgrades, as well as adding visibility and prioritisation for their business critical

Leigh Mardon Australia has more than 120 employees in its Melbourne office, connected
via a frame relay services to other production sites. Their business critical application
(Manage) is centralised on a Unix platform. Leigh Mardon needed to improve network
and application performance, without any negative impact of the transfer of production
data between plants, whilst also analysing and controlling traffic.

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Customer Success Story: Leigh Mardon

Globalnet Solution:
Leigh Mardon Australia deployed Juniper WX Series WAN Optimisers into the
production plant offices to accelerate application performance, reduce the volume of
redundant traffic across the WAN and provide a higher degree of management and
control of application traffic.

Leigh Mardon deployed Juniper WX Series WAN Optimiser units to run its Manage and
production data transfer applications between its head office in Melbourne, and
production plants located in Sydney and Adelaide. The use of reduced frame relay link
capacities permitted Leigh Mardon to significantly slash their WAN IT expenditure.

Customer Quote
“We were looking for a solution that could make the sales team more productive by
having a faster network and the ability to process crucial orders across distributed sites
in order for us to meet the demands of our customers. The Juniper solution deployed by
Globalnet Solutions Australia has provided us with crucial benefits in terms of faster
delivery of our customer orders and other transaction documents,’’ said the Leigh
Mardon IT manager.

”The Juniper WX technology provided an amazing benefit to our company as we
believed the best option was to upgrade our bandwidth links. However, the ability of the
Juniper WX solution to provide application acceleration and significant volume reduction
across the WAN was the key for us and has boosted our productivity enormously.’’ IT
Manager, Leigh Mardon.

Juniper WX Series Benefits:
The Juniper WX deployment had an immediate affect on Leigh Mardon’s applications,
accelerating and reducing the amount of traffic traversing the WAN. The Juniper solution
also allowed Leigh Mardon to view, monitor and control application flows across the
network. The company was able to speed up its Manage based application and fix
latency and contention problems it was experiencing with its application. The company
was also able to now prioritise the application over other traffic traversing the WAN,
ensuring orders could be entered efficiently, and timely delivery of factory floor
production data to the appropriate production site for processing.

The Juniper WX Series solution improved overall throughput, increasing application
performance by up to 89 percent, and boosting average WAN capacity by a factor
greater than three times. Juniper also provided QoS capabilities to tune the network for
optimum performance. Juniper was able to help deliver the business critical application
with excellent response times and improve staff productivity. Delays in application
response times were removed. Transfer of production data between sites was also
significantly improved, being reduced by over 90 percent. A time critical FAX application
traffic was reduced by up to 27 times, coming well inside of SLA requirements.

Solution Process :
There were a limited number of options available to Leigh Mardon to address difference
in performance the WAN was delivering, and that required to permit the business to
meet its obligations to clients.

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Customer Success Story: Leigh Mardon

The WAN performance issue had to be resolved with a solution that not only ensured
critical applications performed to business requirements, but those less critical
applications where not bandwidth starved and eventually fail due lack of bandwidth.
Typical QoS solutions alone will not meet this requirement when the WAN in constant
congestion. An alternative approach was required.

Tripling or quadrupling the WAN bandwidth suffered from a proportional increase in re-
occurring expenditure that did not meet board approval.

The impacts of latency can not be resolved by bandwidth increases – you can’t adjust
the speed of electrons that easy! A smart technology was required to circumnavigate
the impacts of latency on the ERP application and production data transfers.

Juniper Active Flow Pipelining™ and Fast Connect™ technologies included in each
Juniper WX Series device provided significant improvements over latency bound
transactions. Latency now had minimal effect on application data flows.

A testing process identified that the deployment of Juniper WX Series WAN Optimisers
to production sites was able to meet these challenges.

Results :
Application Traffic Reduction - Peak reduction: 97%, Average Reduction: 72%

Application Performance -
Leigh Mardon have been able to
further improve application
performance across the WAN by
use of Active Flow Pipelining and
application specific acceleration,
benefiting those applications with
large flows of data within a single
session, bring the performance of
the WAN closer to LAN

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Customer Success Story: Leigh Mardon

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