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Ctee Half Yearly Report 2009 by lindahy


Ctee Half Yearly Report 2009

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									Yachting Victoria – Board Committees - Half Yearly Report to Members

Training Committee
Our committee members have worked diligently on the organisation and delivery of
training programs across most of the Yachting Australia schemes throughout the past six
months. We have concentrated on the establishment of the Assistant Instructor program
and have been delighted with the uptake of this course. The number of participants in the
instructor program has decreased significantly on 2007 due largely to the courses being
offered for free during most of 2007, and only some of 2008 as the funding ended.
Correspondingly the numbers for Assistant Instructor have increased dramatically.

The Assistant Instructor course has gained momentum since its introduction in 2007 with
an increase from 27 to 47 participants in 2008. This has greatly contributed to the number
of qualified instructors available to our YATC’s and has proved a great success. We have
had attendees from young teenagers to seniors and have received excellent feedback on
the course.

                         Instructor Training Summary
                           Total Inst. Courses
                     2008 74           27      47
                     2007 72           45      27
                     2006 27           27       0

The establishment of the Boatshed has finally given us a dedicated permanent facility to
work from. After ironing out a few initial bugs the Boatshed is now an excellent facility for
all aspects of training from short introduction to sailing courses to the instructor programs
and more. Rod Austin has worked consistently to ensure the Boatshed delivers even more
than originally envisaged. This will no doubt introduce many new sailors to the sport who
may not have had the opportunity previously.

Attendance at Small Boat Sailing courses has been stronger in the second half of 2008
than for the corresponding period in 2007. The SSSC has been well supported with many
skippers ensuring greater numbers of their crews participate in the course than is required
for ocean racing. Yacht Cruising and Racing Courses are down slightly, and we are still
lacking much interest in the Motor Cruising and Windsurfing schemes.

Board/ Committees - Half Yearly Report to Members   20/03/2009                      Page 1 of 14
  Participant and Training Summary
courses run for reporting period
sailors for reporting period
courses run YTD (07-08)
Sailors YTD
courses run YTD (08-09)
sailors YTD (08-09)

Small Boat Sailing


Yacht Cruising and Yacht Racing

Motor Cruising


Board/ Committees - Half Yearly Report to Members   20/03/2009   Page 2 of 14


Instructor Courses

Other courses on My Centre


The introduction of the combined RYA/YA Yachtmaster scheme has provided some
challenges for the committee. Robin Hewitt has fielded some inquiry and attempted to
streamline the transition for our Victorian members. Vic Goy has added the Motor Cruising
scheme to his responsibilities. We were also delighted to welcome Lyn Wallace as the
Board member to our committee.

We look forward to a productive 2009 with many positive outcomes from the initiatives our
committee members have worked on through 2008.

Sean Hogan

Board/ Committees - Half Yearly Report to Members   20/03/2009                   Page 3 of 14
Risk Management and Safety Committee
The Risk Management & Safety Committee was established following the YV Annual
General Meeting in September 2008. The committee’s membership comprises the chair,
representatives with a particular interest in risk management and Member Club
development from each YV Division (OTB boats, Sailability, keelboats, trailable yachts,
power boating) and from ocean racing, a person with qualifications in medical
emergencies and first aid and a person with interest in Member Club development. The
Committee will call upon persons with specialist qualifications or experience as required
from time to time.
The Committee’s role is to provide advice and support towards the achievement of
Yachting Victoria’s strategic objectives by developing and making recommendations on
matters relating to Member development (in particular risk management issues) and safety
for power boating, recreational boating and sailing.
In fulfilling its role and achieving its objectives the Committee has considered the following
matters since its inception:
§   proposed new marine safety legislation and the Committee’s involvement in a
    forthcoming consultation process;
§   implementation of and process for applications for variations (formerly dispensations)
    to the YA Special Regulations 2009 which come into effect on 1 July 2009;
§   the requirement for people performing “child-related work” within Members that conduct
    activities for children or whose membership is mainly comprised of children, to apply for
    a Working with Children Check between 1 July 2009 and 30 June 2010;
§   research into risk management and safety trends and practices among Members to
    determine the current level of adoption of the YA Membership Protection and the YV
    risk management, inclusion and health policies and to identify other trends in respect of
    risk management and safety;
§   the reformation of the YA National Safety Committee;
§   safety compliance declarations and whether it is a requirement for category stickers to
    be affixed to boats as evidence of having lodged a safety compliance declaration;
§   whether Members are obliged to monitor and provide a rescue service to casual sailors
    (i.e. sailors not participating in an organised event); and
§   the potential implications of the change to the definition of OTB boats in the YA Special
    Regulations 2009 in the context of MSV using the definition of OTB boats in the YA
    Special Regulations 2005.

Jenni Maclean

Board/ Committees - Half Yearly Report to Members   20/03/2009                       Page 4 of 14
The Keel Boat Committee
KBC represents the yacht clubs around Port Phillip Bay who actively engage in Keel Boat

The committee has attending representation from Yachting Victoria executive, Royal Yacht
Club of Victoria, Hobsons Bay Yacht Club, Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron, Royal
Brighton Yacht Club, Sandringham Yacht Club and Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron. Geelong,
Mornington and are also members, but geography prevents more than a very occasional

During the half year we have been particularly concerned about
   • Exploring the construction of training programs to encourage broader participation
      in Keel Boat racing, including guidance to skippers on inducting new crew and race
      skills development.

    •    Our standard “running items”

         •    The Club Marine Range series

         •    Long Distance Series

         •    Two Handed Series

Safety and skill concerns still dominate, with more and larger and faster boats demanding
a much higher competence than is sometimes demonstrated. There are more collisions,
particularly at the start line. This problem is also evident in club social racing, usually the
twilights conducted by most clubs on the same weeknight during summer.

Initiatives in this area are the encouragement of protests and re enforcement to
participants that sailing is not a contact sport and contact will not be tolerated. This is
supported by training programs for protest committee participants. More effective
administration and enforcement at club level is seen as being an appropriate solution.

The new blue book has been released and work is already underway to improve the book
and to improve the effective input from Yachting Victoria to the continuing development of
this. KBC has not been particularly effective in the past but the dismantling of the previous
Safe Boating Policy committee and it’s replacement by a more clearly mandated Risk
Management and Safety committee together with the same restructure being done at the
YA level provides hope for a less bureaucratic and more efficient process.

    •    Measurement
    •    Progress has been made in training and qualifying measurers using inclinometers
         to produce accurate stability measurements with an inclinometer being bought for

    •    “Cruising” participation

Board/ Committees - Half Yearly Report to Members   20/03/2009                         Page 5 of 14
    •    KBC is finalising an Easter event in conjunction with Geelong. Blairgowrie
         expressed interest in participating but prior event commitments prevented it from
         being able to participate as a host this year. This event allows a more relaxed,
         cruising style of event. We hope this will be attractive to many of our constituents
         who do not normally race in the more aggressive events.

   • Sharing resources
The pressure of “full” calendars is straining all clubs’ race management resources. This is
probably the most critical problem facing clubs at the moment. Race crews are getting
older, and numbers are diminishing. Fewer people are prepared to spend a sometimes
unpleasant half day getting thrown about in the start boats. There is active investigation of
pooling and sharing of human and equipment resources to more effectively utilise these

The mechanism by which KBC operates is:
• To provide a forum for development of discussion and ideas within our sphere of
• Formulation of topics to be pursued
• Presentation of those topics to member clubs for discussion and formulation of
   individual positions
• Resolution of consensus positions
• Presentation of policy recommendations to YV
• Presentation of policy recommendations to represented clubs.

Chris Waters,

Board/ Committees - Half Yearly Report to Members   20/03/2009                        Page 6 of 14
Trailable Yachting

    1. Attendance at meetings remains strong; approximately 10 Class Associations and
       Yacht Club representatives are present at our meetings. The TYD has met almost
       monthly in the last six months.

    2. The 2009 Australian Trailable Yacht Championships were conducted by the
       Mornington Yacht Club on behalf of the Trailable Yacht Division of Yachting Victoria
       over the weekend of 28th February and 1st March 2009. The racing was part of
       Mornington’s Schnapper Point Regatta. 20 boats entered in 3 divisions. Although
       the number of boats competing was similar to other years it illustrates the trend
       away from competitive racing as an activity of Victorian trailable yachts.

    3. The fifth annual Trailable Yacht Festival is planned for the last weekend in March.
       The host club is again the Geelong Trailable Yacht Club. GTYC expects 40 or 50
       boats to attend the event.

    4. The Trailable Yacht Division exhibited three boats at the LeisureFest exhibition at
       Sandown Racecourse in early October 2008. Members of various TY Clubs and
       Association manned the stand. The TYD exhibit was aimed at promoting trailable
       yachts as a leisure/recreational activity for families.

         The display attracted a lot of attention from the general public and it is hoped that a
         similar effort be mounted in 2009. The display was funded by Yachting Victoria.

    5. The TYD also dealt with queries from Class Associations, Member Clubs, Marine
       organisations and individuals re Class Basic Handicaps, trailer regulations,
       launching ramps, navigation issues etc. One of these concerns dealt with the costs
       of transporting trailable yachts on the Spirit of Tasmania cf. the cost of transporting
       similar sized caravans. We await a response to our letter from the Tasmanian

    6. The Sonata Yacht Owners Association of Victoria has produced an excellent
       information guide on the launching ramps around Port Phillip.

  Rob Ballard

Board/ Committees - Half Yearly Report to Members   20/03/2009                          Page 7 of 14
Off the Beach

The Off the Beach committee have addressed several items of importance during the past
several months, some of which bring us to be working in line with the Risk Management
committee, e.g. “out of hours sailing” with a recommendation of “always advise someone
before you go” or “always sail with a friend”.

Hull identification inspection is an aspect of regatta management which requires attention.
At the recent Sail Melbourne regatta this shortcoming was evident in classes sailed by
teenagers to mid twenty year olds. The lack of marking was clearly contrary to the
requirements of the “blue book” for a properly marked hull for registration and safety.

The committee recently received a very useful presentation from Mark Jackson, chair,
Coaching Committee who outlined the strategy and objectives of that group and we look
forward to working in close co-operation with them.

Race Officials Committee

The activities of the Race Officials Committee of Yachting Victoria are reported against the
stated objectives of Yachting Victoria as follows:

The committee consists of 19 members from affiliated clubs. We welcome the following
new members to the committee. Peter Little, David Ellis, Paddy Oliver.

Racing Rules of Sailing 2009 – 2012
The new Racing Rules of Sailing became effective in Australia on the 1st January 2009.
Most of the major races that have been conducted since that date have applied the new
rules. When sitting on jury panels it is also evident that many of the competitors have not
made them selves aware of the new rules, especially the 3 boat zone around the mark and
the switching on of rule 18.
Members of the Race Officials Committee are now equipped to provide expert advice on
the rules. Power point presentation and whiteboard discussion.
If your club would like a presentation to members, please arrange through YV (Heather
Cameron) or Race Officials Committee secretary. (Darren Eger)
The cost is $200.00 per presentation to cover the out of pocket expenses borne by our

YA Special Regulations:
The Yachting Australia Special Regulations are effective from the 1st July 2009.
The changes are summarised on the YA web site. There are changes to both Part 1 and
Part 2. Below is summary of the changes to Part 2, to many to list for Part 1

Board/ Committees - Half Yearly Report to Members   20/03/2009                     Page 8 of 14
  Change of Regulations        1.01.3      Class or
  prohibited                               Association rules
                                           are not permitted
                                           to change or
                                           reduce the
  Small Open Ballasted Boats 1.03          New definitions of
  & Small Trailable Boats                  the types.
  PFDs type 3                  5.01.2      Type 3-AS 2260
                                           not permitted after
  PFD standards                5.01.2      Equivalent
  Inflatable PFDs              5.01.3      Not permitted

Further information on the new regulations can be obtained from the YA web-site.

Training and Accreditation
The National Officiating Program review has been completed and the new documentation
for Judges, Umpires, Measurers and Race Officers has been placed on the YA web-site.
The new process includes an education and assessment of the person and a feedback
reporting process. The accreditation criteria and application forms have been updated and
are available on the web. race management>race organisation>officials
Any person seeking accreditation must use the new forms and provide all the necessary
information. Please do not assume that we know your skills.

Administration of the Rules
The Race Officials Committee has dealt with two Appeals this year. We have also
commented on various rule matters that have been referred to us by members of clubs.

Kevin Wilson

Board/ Committees - Half Yearly Report to Members   20/03/2009                     Page 9 of 14
Sailability Victoria
The Sailability Committee are pleased to have the YV Board Chairman, Graham
Cunningham, come onboard as its’ representative to the Board. Graham has become
closely involved with some major fund raising projects that, if successful, will see Sailability
Programs for people with disabilities benefit greatly in the coming years. One of these
projects is an application, with the assistance of YV, to VicHealth for a ‘Boatshed’ based
coordinator position which has been under resourced for several years now.

Sailability programs throughout Victoria so far this year are experiencing more lows than
highs this year.

The lows being:-
       • Lack of depth of water to sail on due to the drought
       • Site (lake/dam) closure due to blue green algae
       • Volunteer numbers falling

The high being:-
       • The increased patronage, especially at ‘The Boat Shed’, Mornington YC and

With ‘The Boat Shed’ rejuvenating Sailability on Albert Park Lake there has been
considerable increase in interest to the point where bookings have to be put on hold
pending staff being available to run the program and the availability of the Access mobile

Mornington’s increase has been thought the hard work of their volunteers spreading the
word to the care agencies in the area. They are having to borrow boats from programs
because of the numbers attending.

Yarrawonga is still 90% full and is able to service programs from Lake Mokoan, Hume
Weir etc. There is considerable interest being shown by the Lake Nagambie Aquatic
Centre to have a Program established there and this should hopefully come to fruition at
the start of the 09/10 season with the help of the local AAA provider (CARN).

Several Programs (Jack roper at Broadmeadows, Albury/Wodonga/Lake Hume, and
Wellington etc.) that have rarely closed have, this year, been forced to cease their
operations due to lack of water and algae. At this stage we know of no programs being
affected by the fires.

The outlook for Sailability in the coming six months will be stable with programs going into
recess for the winter months and hoping that rains come to rejuvenate the sailing waters.

Murray Mitchelhill

Board/ Committees - Half Yearly Report to Members   20/03/2009                        Page 10 of 14
Sail Melbourne

This report summaries of the activities of the SMMC over the past six months. Further
details can be found in the detailed Event Report presented to Sport and Recreation
Victoria (SRV)
From 16th to 21st December 2008, Sail Melbourne hosted in inaugural event of the ISAF
Sailing World Cup (SWC) and associated support classes at SYC. Entries were close to
300 from 20 countries, above the 200 projected, however entries in the Olympic Classes
were as expected due to the Beijing Olympics being only three months prior.
The SWC-SM2008 event marked the start of the new format of SM after 14 years of being
a collection of approximately 20 off-the-beach regattas over the month of January each
year, to an annual world significant event being the SWC, plus selected supporting (youth)
classes at a single venue. Despite the previous format of SM being hugely successful for
the sport of sailing in Victoria, we were clearly advised that this model would no longer be
supported by Victorian Major Events Company (VMEC) and Sport & Recreation Victoria
(SRV); however a SWC format may be attractive for support as it is a better fit with the
VMEC Major Events model.
State Support
For over 18 months much work has been done on securing a new multi-year funding
agreement from SRV through VMEC. This has also shaped the future direction of SM to
being an event which better meets the requirements of VMEC / SRV (ie international /
interstate promotion of Victoria, international / interstate media, economic income at 6 – 10
times State investment, and alignment with the pinnacle world series in our sport).
It is fair to say that initial expectations agreed to with ISAF on the SWC series globally
were not met, and thus the 2008 SM SWC, was in effect a “soft launch” with no State
funding agreement in place. However, Minister Merlino provided $50k of discretionary
funding to ensure that the Australian leg of the SWC was not lost interstate.
Based on the success of this inaugural SWC event and a new (reduced, $600k over the
next three years) funding submission negotiations with VMEC have re-opened. The
submission is now being considered by the State Government ..
ISAF discussions
The SWC is a critical to sailings relevance to the Olympics. In many ways ISAF has been
pushed to create a SWC series not only by sailors and event organisers but by the
International Olympic Committee.
Despite the lack of significant budget commitment for promotion and media/video
production and distribution, other support from ISAF has been good, with the SWC having
its own web page and being extremely prominent (if not dominating) the ISAF home page.
Monthly phone conferences chaired by ISAF with the other event organisers to resolve
issues, have become more active now that the series in Europe. However direct action is
difficult without a global series budget for media and promotion either from ISAF and/or

Board/ Committees - Half Yearly Report to Members   20/03/2009                       Page 11 of 14
The three ongoing issues that critical are:
    •    Women’s match Racing Event – unclear on availability of Elliot 6M’s, demand (no.
         of entries) from sailors, significant additional costs for chartering of boats as well as
         race officials / jury, significant additional demand on limit resources (volunteers).
         Note that Palma, Hyeres and now Kiel cancelled their WMR events this year.
    •    Promotion, video production & distribution – this is critical to the ongoing
         success of the SWC, attracting sponsors, increasing professionalism and profile of
         our sport and importantly for SM to securing State Government funding. We are
         currently preparing a proposal with Narlu Productions to present to ISAF for a
         couple of options for video production and distribution for the series, as without this
         series level commitment the local event level production is practically worthless.
    •    Sponsorship – ISAF are in continuing discussions with potential series sponsors,
         however this has been unsuccessful to date. There are potential future issues
         around possible event and series sponsor conflicts that will need to be addressed.
2008 initiatives
As detailed in the Event Report, the 2008 SM-SWC event was a significant departure from
previous SM events. Many (if not all) of the changes are designed to make the event more
attractive to media, sponsors and the non-sailing public without adversely effecting the
event for competitors. I would strongly argue that all the changes also are for the benefit
of the competitors.
    •    The regatta was rebranded as the ISAF Sailing World Cup – Sail Melbourne with
         significantly more onsite signage including flags and banners as well as on
         publications and website.
    •    The regatta was consolidated to five days (for Olympic and Paralympic classes) and
         three days for the support classes (Fri – Sun) at one venue.
    •    ISAF SWC medals were presented to the winners and a Nations points score
         developed with all points (individual and Nations) contributing to the SWC series
         winners to be presented at the ISAF conference in November.
    •    1st, 2nd, 3rd (Yellow, Blue Red) ISAF SWC bibs worn by the leaders in each class.
    •    $40k spent on HD video production and distribution. This was an initiative being
         part funded by YA which resulted in broadcast quality video and feeds being
         provided to broadcasters during the event and three summary shows produced
         during the event (and future use of the footage to promotion and sponsorship
         opportunities). Longer term goal is that this level of footage would then be put into
         the SWC series production for a package that can be broadcast overseas.
    •    Olympic Dream dinner – overwhelming success, sold out prior to the event
2008 recommendations
Lessons learnt from the 2008 event have been captured in post event debriefs. Most of
these are incremental changes to do things better, many of them venue related that will be
resolved by the 2009 event being held in new facilities at SYC (not a building site).

Board/ Committees - Half Yearly Report to Members   20/03/2009                          Page 12 of 14
Additionally the event has been moved to start and finish one day earlier (ie Saturday
finish) 14-19 Dec at the request of volunteers (Kevin Wilson).
Please refer to the Event Report for further details.
2009 planning
With the changes in the event (consolidated to a single event) greater focus can be given
to improvements and elevating the event experience, rather than budgets and resources
being too thinly spread over numbers disconnected events. However until the
Government support is known planning for 2009 is being held back as there are possibly
two (budget) levels for the event being delivered, as follows:
    •    No SRV funding – event would be downgraded to be managed within low level
         sponsorships, YV support and entry fees alone (probably budget of $150k). Many
         of the items that we have introduced would be removed, reduced or need to be self
         funding. Without the State funding the event would be a volunteer managed event,
         and not be at Major Event status, and be at significant risk to loosing SWC status
    •    With $200k p.a. approx SRV funding – with the event at the new facilities at SYC
         and with a total budget of $400k (dependant on sponsorships), the event can be
         managed professionally to grow the SWC and target Victorian Major Event levels.
         In short it has a future, that could grow the SWC-SM into a public event that could
         survive for 100 years (ie Kiel Woche)
There is great urgency on resolving the SRV funding to then resolve planning for 2009,
and then be able to deliver on expectations.
SMMC Committee
The SMMC has been refreshed, and reconfirmed that the role of the SMMC is to provide
strategic direction to the Sail Melbourne SWC event, and to make formal approval of
recommendations of event staff, SM sub-committees and working groups. The committee
is to oversee the delivery of the event. SMMC consists of:
    •    Mark Turnbull - (Chairman)
    •    Bill Bell – Jury (Vice chairman)
    •    Andrew Plympton - Yachting Australia
    •    Phil Burn Commodore - SYC
    •    Phil Coombs - YV Board Delegate
    •    Ross Kilborn - YV CEO
    •    Kevin Wilson - Race Officer
    •    Mark Willett (TBC) - JWA Marketing (MT has met with Mark and invited onto
         SMMC, will meet again in the next few weeks to confirm availability).
    •    Vikki Moloney - YV Event Manager (meeting secretary)
In addition assuming that the event has SRV funding a number of sub-committees /
working groups will be formed to support the SMMC. It was felt that the following would be
    •    Organising Committee - Chaired by Kevin Wilson

Board/ Committees - Half Yearly Report to Members   20/03/2009                     Page 13 of 14
    •    Match-Racing Committee - Chaired by Rob Ware (with BB as the rep of SMMC on
         this committee)
    •    Sponsorship Committee - Graham Cunningham / Mark Willett (TBC)
    •    Technical Committee - Chaired by Paul Pascoe
All recommendations from the above groups will need to be presented to the SMMC for
approval. For more urgent approvals outside of the bi-monthly SMC meeting this can be
sought through group email to SMMC members, co-ordinated through the event manager.
Finally I would like to thank all of the members of the SMMC, YV staff (particularly Ross
Kilborn and Vikki Moloney), Bill Bell, the “Wilsons”, all of the volunteers, event Patron John
Bertrand AM and event Ambassador Victor Kovalenko.

Mark Turnbull OAM

There were no reports received by Friday March 20th for the
  • Finance & Funding Committee
  • Youth Participation Committee
  • Boating Victoria
  • Coaching

Board/ Committees - Half Yearly Report to Members   20/03/2009                      Page 14 of 14

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