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The Overlay System
                                                                           The Cover-tex system brings the rustic
                                                                           appeal and architectural design flexibility
                                                                          of traditional brick or stone to existing
                                                                         concrete surfaces. It is a cement-based
                                                                        product that can be applied directly by
                                                                       spraying or trowelling onto existing
                                                                     concrete surfaces. This decorative system
                                                                    is engineered to combine excellent
                                                                   durability with class-leading abrasion
                                                                  and slip resistance.

                                                                 Driveways, garages, patios, pool and spa
                                                                decks, walkways and other plain or dull
                                                               concrete surfaces may be transformed
                                                              into a decorative feature.


                                                      Sandy Beige                Desert Sand                     Coffee

           Mango     Light Terracotta       Dark Terracotta               Brick Red                   Burgundy

Heritage Green     Olive                Ash White                Mist Gray                    French Gray                 Blue

                                                       Dusty Rose                     Lilac                      Ice Blue

                                                 Cover-tex is available in 30 vibrant colors and you can choose
                                                from 26 field patterns, 6 borders, 5 circles and a diamond.
                                               The Cover-tex system allows you to express your own style whether
                                              traditional or daring. Enhance your home or business with custom
                                             logos or eye catching features complemented or contrasted with
                                            different colors or borders if desired. Neutral also available.

                                                                                                  new le
 low                   Tuscan Yellow

                    Buff                    Sahara                Sandstone             Fawn               Chocolate

                                                                                                    Add aesthetic value without
                                                                                                   the expense or inconvenience
                                                                                                  of replacing your concrete
                                                                                                 with the best choice in
                                                                                                decorative concrete re-surfacing:
       Brazil Nut                  Merino                  Ghost Gum          Slate Green      Cover-tex the overlay system.

estone                     Gun Metal                 Charcoal

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ease new life on life for
                                                                                                              The Cover-tex system is backed by a team of
                                                                                                              industry professionals who are committed to
                                                                                                              service and product excellence.

Stencil Systems is part of the Decorative Technologies
Group, a company with 25 years experience and
supplying over 60 million square feet of decorative
concrete products annually. Stencil Systems provides
you with the comfort that you are dealing with one
of the leaders in the industry worldwide.


Colors shown on this chart are to be used as a guide only. Colors illustrated are reproduced as close
as modern printing techniques allow. Brochures and display pavements are intended as indication only.
As the ingredients within this product are derived from natural sources, colors may vary from batch to
batch. Variations in color and shading may also occur, depending on the job conditions, chosen texture
and finishing practices employed by your concrete installer. We recommend you confirm your color and
texture with your concrete installer.

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