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					                                                                                                                 non-residential charges
Sewer volume charges are based on the assessed
volume of wastewater discharged from the property
                                                                                                                 country customers
into the wastewater system. The amount of
discharge is calculated by multiplying water use (as
registered on the water meter) by a ‘discharge factor’.
The discharge factor is the assessed percentage of
water delivered to the property that is discharged
directly into the wastewater system.
Discharge = water use (kL) x discharge factor
This amount is then used to calculate sewer charges.
Customers may request a review of the discharge           How to contact us
factor if required by calling our 13 13 85 account
enquiries number.                                         account enquiries
                                                          (8am to 5pm weekdays) 13 13 85
A standard ‘discharge allowance’ of 200 kilolitres        TTY 1800 063 508
applies to each property annually (not per meter
reading). Where the assessed volume of wastewater         or email
discharged exceeds the 200 kilolitre allowance, a
volumetric sewer charge is included on the Water
                                                          This information is available in alternative formats
Use Account. The price per kilolitre of discharge for
                                                          on request.
2009-10 is 232.8 cents.
Volumetric sewer charge =
(discharge - allowance) x price/kL

                                                          customer correspondence
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non-residential country
annual service charges                                 For non-residential strata titled units that share major
                                                       fixtures, the minimum charge is $393.70 for 2009-10.                                                          ConSumpTion and priCe
Annual service charges are issued in July each year.                                                                                          band                   (cents per kL)
                                                       Non-residential vacant land sewer charges are
water                                                  calculated by multiplying a rate* (cents in the dollar)                                                       price                      price
A charge applies to all properties with access to      by the property’s Gross Rental Value (GRV), which is                                                          up to 300kL                over 300kL
the Water Corporation’s water main. The charge for     supplied by the Valuer General. The minimum charge
                                                       is $189.20 for 2009-10.                                                                1                      119.7                      176.8
vacant land is fixed at $200.40 for 2009-10.
                                                       * In the country, the cost of operating each scheme is different so rates in the       2                      133.9                      192.6
Other non-residential property charges are based on    dollar do vary. A minimum charge applies.
the size of the meter.                                                                                                                        3                      149.6                      209.5
                                                                                                                                              4                      167.2                      228.2
meter size                                   price     charges for use
                                                                                                                                              5                      187.0                      248.5
15, 20mm                                $   463.80
                                                       water                                                                                  6                      203.1                      270.6
25mm                                    $   724.80
                                                       Meters are generally read three times in a twelve                                      7                      220.6                      294.7
30mm                                    $ 1,044.00     month period. The first reading is taken between
                                                                                                                                              8                      237.4                      320.9
35, 38, 40mm                            $ 1,855.00     November and February, the second between March
                                                       and June, and the third between July and October.                                      9                      255.5                      349.4
50mm                                    $ 2,899.00
                                                       Each town or area in WA is allocated to one of fifteen                                 10                     265.9                      380.5
70, 75, 80mm                            $ 7,422.00
                                                       bands depending on the operating costs of the local                                    11                     291.9                      414.3
100mm                                   $ 11,596.00
                                                       scheme. To encourage careful use of water, charges                                     12                     320.4                      451.2
140, 150mm                              $ 26,091.00
                                                       in each band are structured so that the price per                                      13                     351.7                      491.3
For non-residential strata titled units that share a   kilolitre increases the more water you use.
meter, the charge is fixed at $200.40 for 2009-10.                                                                                            14                     386.2                      535.0
                                                       Non-residential prices will continue to be adjusted
                                                                                                                                              15                     423.9                      582.6
sewer                                                  to reflect the real cost of providing water in country
Charges apply to all properties with access to the     areas. This is in line with Government approved
Water Corporation’s wastewater system. These           reforms that commenced in 2008 to encourage                                        Currently, a reduced price applies for the first 300kL
charges are based on the number of fixtures (eg.       customers to save water by ensuring they are aware                                 of water. As part of the reforms, the reduced price for
toilets and urinals) at each property.                 of these costs.                                                                    the first 300 kilolitres will be eliminated and a flat price
In 2009-10 the charges are:                            These adjustments are being phased in using                                        will apply for all non-residential water use. The tiered
                                                       the 15 band pricing structure opposite. Where a                                    prices apply over 12 months (they are not reset at
number of fixtures                            price
                                                       town or area’s existing band does not best reflect                                 each reading).
First fixture                           $   633.40     the real cost, it will move up or down progressively                               Note: Properties that include a residence are charged for the first 150kL at
Second fixture                          $   271.10     until it reaches the correct band. Our website at                                  72.6 cents per kL, then at the non-residential prices for water use over that level.

Third fixture                           $   362.10 shows the current
Four fixtures and over (each)           $   393.70     band applicable to each town.
Note: Fixture charges are cumulative.

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