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Chicken Talk


Chicken Talk

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									                                        Chicken Talk
                                 Volume 1, Issue 2                                            AUGUST 2004

                                          HOT FROM THE NEST
  Scrapbook                                         New Products In-store Now!!!
    Secrets                        •     “Life’s Journey” papers and embellished stickers from
  NEWSLETTER                             K&Co. Perfect for your heritage pages
                                   •     Autumn Leaves “Foldables” - a one-page wonder
  Store Opening Hours                    perfect for making mini concertina scrapbooks -
                                         many great designs (a fantastic gift idea)
Mon-Fri       10am-6pm
Sat           CLOSED*              •     Hot new Karen Foster paper - from her USA Spring
Sun           12pm-5pm                   Release

*except pre-booked crop nights     •     Cristina Re coordinating vellums, papers, seals &
                                         envelopes perfect for that special invitation or card
                                   •     Gorgeous Buckram albums from Australian company
  DID U KNOW?                            Coral Coast to make you drool!

  Scrapbook Secrets
  stocks close to the
  entire range of Bazzill
  cardstock , in addition
  to other quality card-
  stock ranges lining the                                July Bits & Pieces
  shelves. You will find
  100’s of different                   Those who attended the July 8 workshop with Jenny Sutherland from
  colours, to make get-                NZ were in for a treat. Scrapbook Secrets was the only store to host a
  ting the perfect match               “Jenny workshop”. Jenny is such an accomplished teacher with many
  even easier.                         fantastic ideas begging to be passed on. The class was a sell-out and the
                                       ladies who attended left with an innovative layout and a mini scrap-
                                       book to take home and inspire them. For those who were unable to
  Did you know you can                 attend, there are examples in-store now of the wonderful Autumn
  also receive our newslet-            Leaves “Foldables”, including the full range for purchase.
  ter via email? Just fill out
  your details when you                In July, Cherie and Nerellie attended one of Julie Van Oosten’s won-
  visit our store next, ring           derful all-day workshops, where Jenny Sutherland was also teaching.
  or email us with your de-            They have come back with great ideas to pass on to you through new
  tails and we will have               classes. See in-store for more details and examples to tempt you to get
  your issue to you faster             creative with Julie’s product range Collections!
  than you can say scrap-
  Volume 1, Issue 2                                                                                          Page 2

                                                                       Embossing Powder
                            Embossing powder is fantastic for giving a stamped image a wonderful dimension that
                            is actually very easy to achieve. To start, you need to stamp an image with a pigment
                            ink pad (which dries slowly). Sprinkle powder over the image until it is fully covered
                            (have a scrap piece of paper under your work). Shake off the excess powder (leaving
                            only that sticking to the image) which can be saved and reused by tapping the edge of
                            the page on the table to remove stubborn crystals. Heat the image until the powder
                            melts. The best tool for melting the powder is a dedicated embossing heat gun (not a
                            hair dryer!) although a toaster can be used in a pinch. Embossing powder is available in
                            many different colours and textures—all giving wonderful results from metallic, to pearl,
                            to foil and glitter. Powders start from $6.65 and a quality embossing heat gun is $73.00.

Embossing Enamel
Ultra thick embossing enamel—otherwise known as UTEE has a different application and gives
a very different result to normal embossing powder. Also available in many different colours,
UTEE is best applied to cardboard, not paper. Ink a shape with pigment ink and cover with pow-
der. Melt as per usual with an embossing heat gun - it will take longer to melt than normal em-
bossing powder. 1 coat gives a bumpy effect, 2 coats smoother, 3 coats and more gives the
best effect. Keep melting and reapplying extra UTEE. Add other embossing powders and glitter
etc to the top layers for extra effect. While the top layer is still warm, press your stamp into it
(stamp can be inked if desired). Leave until UTEE is set. Remove stamp to admire design im-
print left behind.

         More Hot Chicks
  Since June, we have had more staff additions to cope with demand and provide
  even better service for our valued customers.

  Sam has a long retail history in customer service and a strong passion for scrap-
  booking. Sam will be happy to advise with layout ideas and colour schemes.

  Caroline is an experienced scrapbooker who enjoys working with customers.
  Caroline will be a familiar face on Sundays and when otherwise required.

  Alyssa has joined us for 6 months work experience to see how a real business

                         Hot Topic Class in August
 Julie Van Oosten, designer and creator of the very HOT “Collections” range of products will be
 teaching a fantastic mini workshop on Wednesday, 18 August. All her new products will be on

 display and available for purchase.
 Cost:                $5 (are we crazy?!)
                                                        O                              Mini Workshop

 Date:                Wednesday night, 18th August
 Time:                7.00-8.00pm                                                         18 August

                            SO                                                              Just $5
  Volume 1, Issue 2                                                                                    Page 3

      Gift Certificates                                  New Products About to
  Gift Certificates are available
  from $10 and upwards. The
                                                            Hit the Shelves
  perfect gift for someone who                             Junkitz buttons, including the “Bazzill But-
                                                           tons” range to match the ever-so-popular
  has everything. Your special                             Bazzill waffles and linens cardstock, zipper
  someone will certainly appreci-                          pulls and licence plates
  ate your thoughtful gift. Why                            Far & Away Pearl Facades range of papers
  not give a gift certificate for                          and cardstock stickers—you won’t be able to
  a class? This is a wonderful
  idea for someone who would
  like to start scrapbooking, but
  needs some guidance.
                                                                  August is the start of our

                                                         Kompetition Korner
  Special Orders                                    Use the products from the snack pack in a layout for
                                                    the store, and if your layout is judged the best by our
 Here at Scrapbook Secrets we are                   team, you will win a $25 gift voucher to use in-store.
 always happy to place customer or-
                                                    What to do:       Enter the Kompetition by purchasing
 ders. Sometimes products may take                  that month’s specially priced "snack pack" challenge
 a while to arrive, and we ask your                     Create your individual layout from your snack pack
                                                    items - other products may be used in addition to the
 patience during the process. As                    pack     Fill in the entry form in your snack pack
 soon as the product arrives, you                   Submit your chosen layout in-store, along with your
                                                    entry form and validation token (found inside pack)
 will be notified via your nominated                Wait by the phone to see if you've won...or computer
                                                    if you have email!
 phone number.
                                                    Kompetition Konditions: Entries must be original lay-
 If you would like to order a product               outs, not published previously or used in any other
 that is not normally stocked we will               competition. Entries will be displayed on the Product
                                                    Focus Board. Please see in-store for further details of
 need a non-refundable deposit in or-               Konditions. Konditions are printed in each months
 der to proceed.                                    'snack pack' for easy reference.

    EGGSTRA                                               specials
There’s nothing better than a good special! In-store now you will find:

      Buy 1 Facades cardstock sticker and receive 25% off the 2 sheets of matching patterned paper
      Buy 3 Pebbles “Kids” diecuts and get a 4th free!
    Scrapbook Secr
       NEWSLETTER                                          My Favourite Product
      Shop 1/64 Attfield St                                  -Making Memories Rub-ons-
      Maddington, WA, 6109                                     (Alphabets and Words)
        Phone: (08) 9493 1240
                                                  I have recently been using rub -ons
         Fax: (08) 9493 1249                                                          for the first time
                                                  and am now a huge fan with several
Email:                                                     sets in my
                                                 scrapbooking supplies. I have found
 Web:                                                        them to be
                                                 very eas ily applied, onto a wide ran
                                                                                       ge of surfaces
     Scrapbooking                                including metal, paper, card, acetate
                                                                                       , vellum and
                                                 onto my photos. They are a classy way
     Stamping                                   ing titles that are not lumpy bumpy
                                                                                           of produ c-
                                                                                      and look hand-
     Card-making                                written (but a lot neater than I can nor
                                                                                          mally write)!
                                                The new Alphabet rub-ons are a great
     Invitations                                customised titles for your layouts, and
                                                                                          way to get
                                                                                          they come in
     Classes                                    so many sweet styles too.
     Crop Nights
                                                                 Review by Haylee
     Special Events

                      You may not know that we open from 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday. This is espe-
                      cially for our busy working ladies who would otherwise not have enough time to drop
                      in on the way home from work. Here at Scrapbook Secrets we listen to your needs.
                      With the store closed on Saturday, Sunday is a leisurely day after the hustle and bus-
                      tle of the week, where you can drop in anytime from 12pm to 5pm and expect a re-
                      laxed pace, time to browse, and maybe bring your work and sit in our extremely well-
                      appointed workroom, spending a couple of hours working on your latest layouts. Why
                      not bring along your friends and make an afternoon of it away from housework, kids
                      and husbands!?

              Chook-a-look on MAGIC MATTERS
                            Magnificent, Marvellous, Mesmerising Magic Matters! These wonderful tools
                            make creating complex-looking mats around photos and embellishments a
                            breeze. Available in 3 sizes within the pack, the “Matters “offer a comprehen-
                            sive range of sizes from 1/8"-1/4"- 3/8"

                            Simply place your pencil in the centre slot and run the matter along the edge
                            of the object you are mating. The perfect mat will appear before your eyes and
                            all you have to do is cut it out. Keep going and make two or even three mats
                            with the “Matter” - easily making the same sized mats for all.

                            Great for freeform or unusually shaped mats that are difficult to achieve with
                            a normal trimmer. Try using to mat title letters.

  August super offer - Purchase a Magic Matter valued at $18.95 and receive a complementary FREE
  ‘clicker pencil’ with soft lead for easy erasing. Limited offer - only while stocks last!!

      Here at Scrapbook Secrets, you’ll always find something new, the friendliest staff,
    the biggest & best range of cardstock and more fun stuff than you can poke a stick at!

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