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					Carry Forwards 2008/2009                                Current Balances as @ 27/5/09
                                                                                         Items marked in red * Grant Income, are projects where income may not
                                                                                         have been rec'd yet.

Account                                                  Account Number      Amount      Comments

Manager Recreation
                                                                                         Ongoing development. For the replacement of roof and other capital upgrades
LRC Revelopment                                         320-80014-1525-000   $450,000
                                                                                         in preperation for leasing out. Municiple Funds amount.

Community Development Officer - Youth
                                                                                         Vault Asset replacement - not fully expended in 08/09 due to outcomes pending
Youth Equipment                                         373-80106-1535-000    $4,000
                                                                                         completion of Vault Review now June 09

Recreation Services Coordinator
                                                                                         Project did not go ahead because we did not receive grant funding. Request is
                                                                                         to carry forward the amount of $30,500. $7,000 will be allocated to the
                                                                                         commitment to support the out of round CSRFF application from Leeming
                                                                                         Bowling Club.
CSRFF Fund Project (Capital)                            310-80046-7550-000   $30,500
                                                                                         Following on from the sports needs studies the next stage is master planning of
                                                                                         reserves with the priority being Shirley Strickland Reserve. It is hoped that 2
                                                                                         reserves will be completed within this budget (the second will be identified
                                                                                         through the active reserves study.

Manager Neighbourhood Amenity
                                                                                         Mobile CCTV is part of the Community Safety Crime Prevention Plan and
CCTV Heathcote                                          530-85192-1595-000   $10,000     currently there is a grant application in for CCTV camera's. If this is not
                                                                                         approved by the Office of Crime Prevention, then the COM must fund.

                                                                                         Ongoing office furniture & equipment replacement for Civic Centre - office chairs
Chief Executive Officer - Furniture & Equipment         100-80106-1535-000    $9,000
                                                                                         recovering project in progress and spanning over 2 financial years
Chief Executive Officer - Elected Members Furniture &                                    Ongoing office furniture & equipment replacement for Elected Members - funds
                                                        100-80110-1535-000    $7,000
Equipment                                                                                required for Mayoral portrait in 2009/10

Information Technology
Scanners                                                260-80321-1565-000    $15,000    New scanner for delayed Optimise project
Server Hardware                                         260-80303-1565-000     $7,918    Server price less than planned (approx 33%)
PC's/Monitors/Citrix Hardware                           260-80320-1565-000    $30,000    Desktop upgrades
Data Storage Backup/Recovery                            260-80326-1565-000    $20,000    SAN Storage upgrade
Customer Contact Centre                                 260-80338-1565-000    $12,000    Contact Centre monitoring system and upgrades
PDA's & Mobile Phones                                   260-80313-1565-000    $23,000    PDA's & Mobility
Library Specific Hardware                               260-80329-1565-000    $13,000    Library Specific Systems
Software (New Applications)                             260-80323-1565-000    $50,000    Job Scheduling & Dispatch
Software Upgrades (Existing)                            260-80304-7879-000   $100,000    Upgrade costs less than budgeted
                                                                             -$270,918   Transfer to the Information Technology Reserve

Director Urban Planning
CPS 5 Review                                            101-26261-7051-800
                                                                                         Delay in projects due to critical staff loses/changes and adhoc
                                                        101-26261-7105-741   $49,328
                                                                                         government/external delays.
Heathcote Lower Land                                    101-26262-7105-000
                                                        101-26262-7105-741   $82,075     Reduced by 20k
Canning Bridge Study                                    101-26264-7051-800
                                                        101-26264-7105-000               Reduced by 20k
Place Plans                                             101-26265-7105-000
Heritage Assessment                                     101-26267-7051-800
                                                        101-26267-7105-741   $55,000     Reduced by $8815
Garden City                                             101-26270-7051-800               Reduced by 10k
PATREC                                                  101-26274-7105-741    $2,000
Fiona Stanley                                           101-26279-7105-800    $9,550
Greater Murdoch                                         101-26282-7051-800               Reduced by 5k
Riseley Street                                          101-26283-7051-800    $4,505
Murdoch Uni Master Plan                                 101-26285-7051-800    $5,000
                                                                                $0       Reduction to be applied ($63,815), as above
Carry Forwards 2008/2009

Account                                              Account Number       Amount      Comments

Property Engineering Technical Officer
Road Resurfacing Programme                          452-84550-7550-000   $500,000     Programme delayed due to late issue of designs

Client Liaison Manager
Civic Centre Carpark Lighting                       482-85146-7550-740    $20,000     Requires a redesign. Reduced by $121,000 as per budget discussion.
Jetty & F: Majestic Boardwalk                       482-85147-7550-740    $67,760     Change of scope and position vacant for 5 months.
Prec Impr: Majestic Boardwalk Steps                 482-85157-7550-740    $47,000     Change of scope and position vacant for 5 months.

Civil Construction Coordinator
Drg Impr: Forrest St Sump                           445-85044-7550-000    $22,090     No design issued
Drg Impr: 202 Preston Pt Rd                         445-85049-7550-000    $63,192
                                                                                             No design issued
                                                    445-85049-7550-740    $5,302
Drg Impr: Camm Ave (Bull Creek to Ewing)            445-85143-7550-740    $77,074     Contract Works to be tendered
S/Water Drg: Westbury/Preston Pt Rd                 445-85220-7550-000   $122,200     No design issued
S/Water Drg: Melville Rec Upgrade                   445-85222-7550-000    $18,800     No design issued
S/Water Drg: Welby/Shera                            445-85224-7550-000    $32,900     No design issued
S/Water Drg: Ince Road                              445-85225-7550-000    $37,600     No design issued
S/Water Drg: Carroll St                             445-85226-7550-000    $23,500     No design issued
Local Rd Proj: North Lk (Cann to Marmion)           445-85193-7550-000   $174,492     Construction work to be scheduled summer 09/10 (additional funds required)
Local Rd Proj: Benningfield (South to Leich)        445-85194-7550-000   $164,846     Construction work to be scheduled summer 09/10 (additional funds required)
Local Rd Proj: Gilbertson Rd (South to Cross)       445-85195-7550-000   $297,713     Construction work to be scheduled summer 09/10 (additional funds required)
John Connell Carpark/Access Road                    445-84500-7550-740   $258,273     Contract Works to be tendered
Pt Walter Carpark Ponding                           445-85165-7550-740    $7,099      No design issued
Parking: Thurso Road                                445-85213-7550-000    $47,000     Seeking private contribution
Parking: Thurso Road Contribution                   484-85213-5225-000   -$25,000     Seeking private contribution
State Blk Spot: Nth Lk & Marmion                    445-85005-7550-740   $270,311     Design to be approved by Westnet Energy
State Blk Spot: Almondbury Rd                       445-85007-7550-740   $172,497     Works scheduled to commence late May possible over run
State Blk Spot: Canning Highway/Norma Rd            445-85126-7550-740   $228,717     Seeking approval from MRWA
                                                                                       Works heldup 6 months due to Swan River Trust. Missed Summer window for
                                                    445-85134-7550-740   $141,714
85134 R to R: Melville Beach Road (Cunn to Dee)                                       construction
State Blk Spot: South St/Beasley                    445-85201-7550-000    $107,693    Waiting resolution of lightiong audit and MRWA approval
RLCIP Archibald St Local Centre                     445-85370-7550-000    $217,000    Design issued in May unable to be programmed before June 30
Comm Ctre: Applecross Village                       445-85144-7550-000     $70,500
                                                                                          No design issued
                                                    445-85144-7550-740    $114,868

Principle Parks Co-ordinator
Prec Imp: Preston Pt & Moering                      486-85075-7550-740    $16,448     Staff Resource issue could not implement during 2008/2009.
Sommerville Southern Verge Upgrade                  486-85248-7550-000    $9,400      Resource limitations have delayed this project
Heathcote Fencing                                   486-85171-7550-740    $27,364     Scope of works changed, site access problems could not implement 2008/2009
Park Imp: Harry Baker Stage 2                       486-85238-7550-000   $137,800     Resource issue works not completed
Park Imp: Fred Jones Reserve.                       486-85239-7550-000    $70,500     Design resource issue. Contractor works
St Scps: Riseley/Leach South verge                  486-85242-7550-000    $47,000     Safety cyclists. Construction resource issue
                                                                                      Works not progress due to Leopold changing. Project identified Centenial Park.
Comm Ctrs: Canning Hwy Leopold.                     486-85244-7550-000    $28,200
                                                                                      Require design reallocate to Centennial
                                                                                      Scope of works changed to Len Shearer/Melville aquatic centre carpark. Need
Len Shearer/Marcus Rd                               486-85246-7550-000    $23,500
Prec Imp: Deepwater Pt Café                         486-85247-7550-000    $18,800     Scope of works changed

Environmental Program Manager

Enviro Proj: Point Walter Foreshore Brief - Grant   481-85252-5220-000    -$50,000
                                                                                      Delay on this project is a result of staff shortages, expressions of interest were
                                                                                      sought. However those expressions were over budget which resulted in a further
                                                    481-85252-7120-000    $70,500     delay, project is now being re-negotiated.
                                                    481-85252-8103-000    $25,000

                                                                                      Reserve under review in planning area - management plan on hold until decision
Environmental Project: Ken Hurst Mgmt Plan          481-85203-7550-000    $5,000
                                                                                      made about who manages the land - no captial expenditure until decision made
                                                                                      Awaiting completion of Melville One marketing strategy before signage can be
Environmental Project: Piney Lakes entry signage    481-85253-8103-000    $3,200
                                                                                      finalised and printed. Balance of a/c to be confirmed.
Envir. Proj. Wireless Hill Park                     481-80479-7550-000      $0        Removed by Jessica Miller 22/5/09
Envir. Proj. Blackwall/Pt Walter                    481-80474-7550-000      $0        Removed by Jessica Miller 22/5/09
Carry Forwards 2008/2009

Account                                                   Account Number         Amount      Comments

Manager Engineering Design
                                                         484-85005-5220-740         $0
85005 State Blk Spot: Nth Lk & Marmion - Grant Income*                                           Works held due High Pressure Gas main issues with Westnet.
                                                         484-85005-8103-740      $19,388
                                                         484-85007-5220-740         $0            Actual works Starting 25th May, Income will not be recouped before end of
85007 State Blk Spot: Almondbury Rd - Grant Income*
                                                         484-85007-8103-740      $10,739                                           year.
85126 State Blk Spot: Canning Highway/Norma Rd -         484-85126-5220-740         $0           Works held up 11th hour by MRWA, Income cannot be recouped if job not
Grant Income*                                            484-85126-8103-740      $13,410                                           done.
85193 Local Rd Proj: North Lk (Cann to Marmion) - Grant  484-85193-5220-000      -$56,800         Works designed but Contractor not able to get done, Income cannot be
Income*                                                  484-85193-8103-000       $6,086       recouped if job not done. Note: actual to date income less overspend shown!
85194 Local Rd Proj: Benningfield (South to Leich) - Grant                                    Works designed but Contractor not able to get done, Income cannot be
                                                           484-85194-5220-000    -$53,333
Income*                                                                                      recouped if job not done.
85195 Local Rd Proj: Gilbertson Rd (South to Cross) -                                         Works designed but Contractor not able to get done, Income cannot be
                                                           484-85195-5220-000    -$89,867
Grant Income*                                                                                recouped if job not done.
                                                                                                 Works held up 11th hour by MRWA, Income cannot be recouped if job not
                                                         484-85201-5220-000      -$18,667
85201 State Blk Spot: South St/Beasley - Grant Income*                                                                             done.
                                                         484-85201-8103-000       $3,048      Overspend
                                                         484-84511-5220-000      -$65,000      Due to Road Resurfacing designs, have been unable to get work done by end
Perth Bicycle Network
                                                         484-84511-8103-000      $130,000                                         of year.
Park Impr: Playground Equipment                          484-85053-7550-000       $77,895     3 Projects ongoing, unable to expend budget prior to end of year.
                                                                                             Blackwell Reach Project investigstion continues with delays being meet through
Prec Impr: Blackwall Reach                               484-85094-8103-000      $19,220
                                                                                             external approvals
Melville Beach Road                                      484-85167-5220-000     -$291,272      Works heldup 6 months due to Swan River Trust. Missed Summer window for
                                                         484-85167-8103-000     $398,899                                        construction
                                                                                              Due to Road Resurfacing designs, have been unable to get more strategic
S/Water Drg: Murdoch Drive                               484-85223-8103-000       $3,000
                                                                                             reviews completed.
St Lighting: The Esplanade (UGP)                         484-85227-8103-000      $18,000      85% completed. Works yet to be invoiced as party of Mt Pleasant UGP.
                                                                                              Due to Road Resurfacing designs, have been unable to get more strategic
85228 St Lighting: Improvement Strategy                  484-85228-8103-000      $32,682
                                                                                             reviews completed.
                                                                                              Due to Road Resurfacing designs, have been unable to get more strategic
85229 Storm Management Strategy                          484-85229-8103-000      $47,000
                                                                                             reviews completed.
                                                                                             Artwork not complete. Landscaping pending artwork. Reallocate to Manager
                                                         484-85237-7550-000      $94,000
85237 Park Imp: Piney Lakes Women's Site                                                     Design 2009/2010.
                                                         484-85240-8103-000      $65,800     Scope changed to benefit all Parties. Works not able to be completed on time.
85240 Park Imp: Morris Buzzacott
85368 RLCIP Deepwater Point Boat Ramp                    484-85368-7550-000       $84,545    Unable to complete due to timing of receiving the funds

Manager Facilities - Asset Services
Point Walter Golf Course Club                            485-80012-1525-000       $40,000    Tender for demountable prepared and ready to go to tender by mid May
MAFC Building                                            485-80024-7550-000      $200,000    Tender for MAFC redevelopment consultancy closed, evaluation mid May.
                                                                                             Spec Maint. Projects as listed. Asbestos roof replacement,$245,000, tender
                                                                                             being evaluated: Hickey St properties refurb, $300,000, spec preparedand
Specified Maintenance                                    485-80376-8103-000      $698,089    tender to go out before end May: John Connell sewer, $65,000, spec in prep,
                                                                                             tender by end June, Water Corp requirement: Wireless Hill Cottage, $35000,
                                                                                             completion by August: Bull Creek Hall floor, $7000, completion July.
Reticulation Replacement Programme                       485-80493-7550-000       $10,000    Due to resource issues, this project has been delayed, balance of a/c
Artesian Bore Replacement                                485-80494-7550-000      $550,000
                                                                                             Artesian bore project waiting on Dept. of Water licence before award of contract.
                                                         485-80494-7550-740      $259,300
                                                                                             Waiting completion/action by Western Power. Removed as A/c overspent by
PAW Lighting and Minor Lighting                          485-80676-7550-000        $0
                                                                                             $46k - K
                                                                                             Completion of water conservation program, $20,000: Solar panel investigation
                                                                                             and installation program, $90,000: Light sensor installation program, $40,000:
Sustainability Projects                                  485-84383-7550-740      $191,659    Light replacement program, $38,000: and Living smart program, $2000. Delay
                                                                                             due to staffing issues, project has been produced in May 09, work has been
                                                                                             started and will span the years.
Pt Walter Golf Course Retic Replacement                  485-85232-7550-000      $79,136     Pt Walter Retic replacement to be tendered before end May.
                                                                                             Wireless Hill tower refurb, completion by end Sept. Late receipt of funds (end of
RLCIP Wireless Hill Telecommunications                   485-85369-7550-000      $45,000     March), research & planning has been started but will continue into next year.
                                                                                             Completion by end Sept. 09.
Jetty & F: Deepwater Pt                                  485-85057-8103-000      $100,000    Due to no project co-ordinator and re-structure, this project has been delayed.

Manager Parks & Environment
                                                                                             Ongoing development project which spans the year end, balance of a/c's to be
Melville Primary School                                  480-80180-7550-000      $870,000    confirmed. CF $870,000 plus funding in 09/10 of $530,000 (funded by POS)
                                                                                             gives a total of $1.4m.
                                                                                             RLCIP funding Pt Walter Irrigation replacement. Tender will be advertised shortly
Manager Parks and Environment                            480-85367-7550-000      $90,000
                                                                                             but still need to program in the work
                                                                                             RCLIP funds for BBQ replacement. New Project and Contracts Coordinator will
Manager Parks and Environment                            480-85371-7550-000      $70,000     be putting a tender together for this in this finacial year but it is most likely going
                                                                                             to carry over into the new FY.

Road Resurfacing & Drainage Maintenance
84770 Existing Footpath Programme                        451-84770-7550-000      $388,488    Programme over run due to lead contractor going insolvent

TOTAL CAPITAL CARRY FORWARDS                                                    $8,721,475
Carry Forwards 2008/2009


Account                                                 Account Number       Amount      Comments

Curator & CDO
Artist Project - Wireless Hill                         376-22511-5205-000     $8,620     Grant rec'd Feb 09, project not due to start until Aug 09 as stated in the contract.

CDC East
                                                                                         Balance of this account to be carried, funds will not be spent as the project is
You're Welcome Project (Tied Grant)                    374-26347-7105-000    $25,000
                                                                                         planned on the calendar year.

Manager Community Services
Wireless Hill Vision                                       367-22346-          $0        Removed by Leeann Reid 21-5-09
                                                                                         Proffessional Consultancy Fees for the dvelopment of a Future Plan & Review of
                                                                                         Libraries, Museums & Local History Services. The project was delayed due to
Future Plan & Review - Libraries                       367-26344-7105-000    $40,000
                                                                                         the Organisational Review. The Project has commenced and is anticipated to be
                                                                                         complete in October 2009.

HACC Co-ordinator
Meals to Music - Grant Tied                            384-26371-5205-350    -$13,252    Meals to Music HACC Funding, budget is requested as a carry forward to re-turn
Income Meals 2 Music - Grant Tied                      384-26371-7550-350    $13,252     funding to HACC or move to City of Cockburn in current negotiations regarding
Admin - Grant Tied                                     384-26370-6000-000    $10,848     HACC provided extra funding to deliver additional services, the funding was
Admin - Income Grant Tied                              384-26370-5489-000    -$10,848    rec'd in May 09, and therefore will be delivered after the year end.
EMAS                                                        384 26340           $0       Removed by L. Reid
Assessments                                                 384 26329           $0       Removed by L. Reid

Recreation Services Co-ordinator
                                                                                         Request is to carry forward the amount of $30,888 for the development of Active
Concept Plans Active Reserves                                                            Reserves Needs Study. Bowls and Tennis will be completed and this is the 3rd
                                                       310-29314-7105-741    $30,888
(Active Reserves Needs Study)                                                            and final study for sports reserves. The plans will guide the strategic
                                                                                         development of sports and clubs.

Manager Recreation
                                                                                         This project has been delayed due to the LRC Review. The project will be a
MRC Master Plan                                        320-22465-7105-741    $40,000     holistic review investigating opportunities for rationalising child health clinics and
                                                                                         the stock road senior citizen centre.

Health Service Co-ordinator
                                                                                         Late receipt of funds, funds confirmation yet to be received, project due to start
Binge Drinking Project                                 340-26369-7060-741    $14,500

Environmental Programs Manager
ICLEI energy data management & emissions project       481-25716-5205-000    -$10,000      This grant money that has not been fully expended due to the requirement of a
ICLEI energy data management & emissions project       481-25716-6250-000     $1,669      'needs analysis' which is a 6 month project. Grant money was received in Dec
                                                       481-25716-7126-000     $7,000      2008, money to be expended at end of project which is estimated at June/July
Foreshore Erosion Control                              481-22806-7550-000       $0       Removed by Jessica Miller 22/5/09
Recoverable Works (income account)                     481-22614-5990-000    -$12,015
                                                                                                 Late orders rec'd from residents for memorial plaques and seating.
                                                       481-22614-5992-000     -$2,809
                                                                                                     These projects will not be completed this financial year.
Recoverable Works (expense account)                                             $0
                                                                                         Note: actual exp is $21k at 1/6/09, income is rec'd after job is completed. Income
                                                                             -$16,155    should match expend?? K

                                                                                         Funds were approved for seed funding for elected member projects. This
                                                                                         funding has now been assigned to fund paving works at the Gazebo at
Elected Member Special Projects                        100-26204-7105-800    $35,000
                                                                                         Centennial Park to enable disability access. John Cameron has been liaising
                                                                                         with Cr Robartson.
                                                                                         The Council policy in regards to Elected Member conference attendance
Chief Executive Officer - Elected Member Conferences   100-26114-6200-000    $58,500     enables elected members to carry forward 1 years worth of conference
                                                                                         expenses = 13 x $4,500 each.
                                                                                         Special projects funding for AS & ISO quality accreditation project which has
Chief Executive Officer - Special Project Funding      100-26419-7550-800    $164,402
                                                                                         been deferred to 2009/2010
Chief Executive Officer - Consultancies                100-29100-7105-000     $40,000    Consultancy budget required for on-going organisational review project

Organisational Development
                                                                                         Project management module implementation that was scheduled for 08/09 but is
Interplan Development                                  120-25309-7105-800    $35,000
                                                                                         now delayed till 09/10, this due to problems encountered with the reporting
                                                                             $35,000     facility resulting in a delay in the next stage. Est. balance

TOTAL OPERATING CARRY FORWARDS                                              $475,755
TOTAL CARRY FORWARDS                                                        $9,197,230

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