CareFlight Doctors emergency surgery saves Motorcross hero by lindahy


CareFlight Doctors emergency surgery saves Motorcross hero

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									                                                                                                                       SPRING 2009
                                                                                                                       RACQ CareFlight

CareFlight Doctor’s emergency
surgery saves Motorcross hero
                                                                      “This case presented a major clinical challenge for us. The
                                                                      patient was having difficulty breathing because of his crushed
                                                                      wind pipe, so we had to perform a tracheotomy, by inserting a
                                                                      tube into the wind pipe that allows for the intake of air. Next
                                                                      we needed to urgently remove the blood from the patient’s
                                                                      punctured lungs. We did this by inserting tubes into the lungs
                                                                      and draining the blood. Luckily, both of these procedures were
                                                                      successful and we were able to transport the patient to Brisbane
                                                                      for specialist care,” Dr Cheeseman said.
                                                                      As Doctor Cheeseman
                                                                      worked tirelessly to keep
                                                                      Jeff alive, Nic did his best
                                                                      to say calm and assist
                                                                      the medical team to
                                                                      stabilise his father.
                                                                      “I held Dad’s arms
                                                                      down while the doctor
                                                                      was doing the lung
                                                                      drain. I tried to make
Former professional motorcross rider Jeff Still was performing        him as comfortable as Jeff
                                                                                                        with his childre
a jump he’d done a thousand times before on his bike at the           possible by taking his                             n, Nic and Alyx
Cooyah Motorcross Park, but on that particular day, the jump          boots and his helmet
would prove to have dire consequences.                                off. He started breathing a lot better when his helmet was off.
As 45 year old Jeff landed, he crashed his bike into the ground,      “Dad was drifting in and out of consciousness. I could tell that
sustaining life threatening injuries including a crushed wind                                he knew that it was pretty bad. I heard the
pipe, severely damaged lungs and a punctured                                                 doctor say that his injuries could be fatal,
bladder. He broke his pelvis, both shoulder                Without CareFlight,               so that was pretty scary,” Nic said.
blades, and every rib in multiple places. Jeff I would have had to bury him. Donna Carlson, Jeff’s ex-wife and mother
also suffered a fractured right eye socket, broken                                           of his two children says when Nic rang to
right cheekbone and kidney failure as a result of
                                                           That is unthinkable.
                                                                                             tell her Jeff had been hurt, it was the phone
the accident.                                                                                call she’d been waiting for for 25 years.
Jeff’s 15 year old son Nic was with his father on the day of the       “I got a call from Nic to tell me Jeff had been in an accident.
accident and immediately called for help.                             My first reaction was to ask which limb it was he’d injured, but
“When the ambos arrived they took one look at Dad knew he             before I could say anything I heard the word ‘chopper’ and the
needed a helicopter. CareFlight arrived about ten minutes after       line cut out.
that,” he said.
CareFlight Doctor Chris Cheeseman spent an hour working               story continued
on Jeff to prepare him to be airlifted to the Royal Brisbane          on back page
To keep him alive and stabilise him for flight, Dr Cheeseman
was required to perform two emergency procedures at the
scene, under incredibly trying conditions.

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Matt with Doctor Jamin Mulvey during the rescue (left and centre) and reunited after the accident (right)

Brave surfer has never
    felt pain like it
Yelling in pain with his leg hanging uncontrollably in the ocean,   were winched down to assist Matt.
Matt Daley knew if he let go of his mate’s jet ski he could         “It was such a relief to firstly spot the the chopper hovering,
drown.                                                              then to have the doctor take over and control my pain.”
“The pain was unbelievable, if my mate hadn’t have been with        “Because of the morphine I didn’t really comprehend that I
me that day to get me to shore I could have died. I physically      was going to be winched into the aircraft. I just remember
couldn’t keep myself afloat,” said Matt.                            being on the beach with everyone around me, then opening
The 20 year old was surfing off South Stradbroke on Good            my eyes to see the doctor hanging in mid-air, beside me and
Friday when he was dumped by a monster wave.                        the stretcher,” laughs Matt.
“I came up screaming with my leg in the wrong spot. My hip          The Runaway Bay resident was airlifted straight to Gold Coast
had dislocated from the impact.                                     Hospital where his leg was popped back into place. The Gold
“My mate used his jet ski to drag me to a beach, but it was still   Coast youngster says he’s so thankful that he didn’t have
difficult for QAS to locate us.”                                    to be moved between a boat and ambulance in that sort of
                                                                    excruciating pain.
The Surf Lifesaving Helicopter spotted the boys, and then the
RACQ CareFlight Rescue Chopper was tasked by authorities,           “I can’t thank CareFlight enough. Time really was of the
knowing Matt required urgent medical attention.                     essence for me, the doctors at the hospital explained that
                                                                    leaving a hip dislocation for any longer than six hours can
A huge tide meant the RACQ CareFlight Rescue chopper                really inhibit recovery,” said Matt.
couldn’t land on the beach, so both the doctor and paramedic

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     Just mention CareFlight when you are at the checkout and 10% of the profits
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Our valued major sponsors:
CareFlight gives Debra
   a helping hand
When Debra Croyden was airlifted from Boonah Hospital to
Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital suffering repeated
epileptic seizures, it’s unlikely anyone predicted the experience
would turn out to be a positive one.
But that’s exactly what’s happened for Debra, who has
recovered well after the incident just a couple of months ago.
Forty-four year old Debra was diagnosed with epilepsy at the
age of 15. She also suffers from Huntington’s Disease, and
the combination became too much for her body to handle in
April this year.
Debra’s carer and long-time friend Christine Tooze was with
her when the seizures began.
“Debra had a Huntington’s Disease episode for two days, which
meant she was having severe difficulty with her mobility and
she couldn’t eat or shower herself. That’s very frustrating.
“Doctor’s believe it was the stress from the Huntington’s
episode that brought on the seizures,” she said.
Christine drove Debra to Boonah Hospital, where doctors
were initially going to transport her by road to Brisbane.          “Without CareFlight’s help I think I could have been
When the seizures continued they decided a long trip in               in a lot of trouble. My condition definitely would
an ambulance was too dangerous, and they called RACQ                have deteriorated and I don’t know how I might have
CareFlight Rescue.                                                                    ended up,” she said.
After being airlifted, Debra spent six days in hospital             Debra recently commenced work as an RACQ CareFlight
recouperating. She is now back at home in Boonah, and has           Rescue volunteer. Just a few weeks ago she accepted
improved in leaps and bounds.                                       a donation from the Quota Club of Boonah on behalf of
Debra can’t remember much of her helicopter flight, but will        CareFlight.
be forever grateful for the life-saving treatment the Careflight    “Being airlifted could end up being one of the best things that’s
crew gave her that day.                                             ever happened to Debra. She’s now involved in the community,
                                                                    and volunteering has made her feel really good, really useful.
“CareFlight got me to the Princess Alexandra Hospital in 20
minutes. By road, a trip from Boonah to Brisbane would have         It’s been a real confidence boost for her and has turned a
taken an hour and a half.                                           traumatic experience into a positive one,” she said.

      Spare change
 gives patients a second
      chance at life
 One of the best ways small businesses can help CareFlight
 continue its vital work is by placing one of our donation tins
 in a prominent spot for customers to donate their spare
 change. Supanews Helensvale has been doing just that,
 and over the last three years, their tin has raised over $1000.
 Well done! If you would like to put a donation tin on display
 in your business, please call us on 1800 630 014.
  CareFlight Doctors spread their skills
   Did you know our docs are carried on board other aircraft throughout QLD?




                                                                                         TOOWOOMBA             BRISBANE
                                                                                                               GOLD COAST

  Doctor Stuart Young is CareFlight's Medical Services             by performing air-medical retrieval shifts onboard the
  Chief Operating Officer, but you’ll rarely find him onboard      Brisbane – based EMQ Helicopter or RFDS aeroplane.
  CareFlight’s iconic blue and yellow choppers.                    “No matter what aircraft you work on as a CareFlight
  The experienced Consultant plays an important role in one        doctor, the air crew respect you as an integral part of the
  of CareFlight’s key partnerships with Queensland Health;         team, knowing that you are there to treat people in their
  the training and provision of doctors to helicopters and         time of need, said Dr Young.
  fixed wing aircraft throughout the state.                        CareFlight Qld has been working in partnership with Qld
  As well as overseeing the placement of CareFlight                Health by supplying doctors throughout the state for over
  doctors throughout Qld, Dr Young keeps his skills fresh          five years now.

Grateful fathers dream up a
    unique fundraiser
Two Stanthorpe fathers have shown their appreciation to            Tony’s son and grandson have both been airlifted by RACQ
RACQ CareFlight Rescue for providing life-saving care to           CareFlight Rescue in recent years, and he couldn’t think of a
members of their families.                                         better way to get rid of the monstrous pile of manure.
Senior Constable Peter Jenkins hosted the second bi-annual         “You never know when you might need CareFlight – it’s such
Golf and Bowls Day in June, with over $13,000 in proceeds          a worthy cause. So with bull manure in such high demand
being donated to the iconic blue and yellow choppers.              with local farmers, we thought a large amount of it might be
A serious farming accident five years ago has made the             good for an auction,” he said.
Stanthorpe Police Officer forever grateful to the life-saving      The manure fetched a handsome price of $1150, and
RACQ CareFlight Rescue service.                                    has been delivered to the winning bidders, who are local
Jenkins was so moved by the treatment his son Nathan               vegetable growers.
received when he sustained a severe head injury, that he
wanted to help keep the helicopters flying.
“It’s such a vital service for the people of Stanthorpe. I try         RACQ CareFlight’s Gold Coast
to do whatever I can for them after they airlifted my son,” he            and Toowoomba services
                                                                        together cost approximately
Inspired by Senior Constable Jenkins initiative, Tony Latharo
of transport company A&A Latharo decided to donate 25                  $7 Million per year to operate.
tonnes of bull manure to be put up for grabs in a silent auction
between local farmers.

                                                                                                         Queensland Government
                                                                                                         Department of Emergency Services
Kicking back with…                                                    CAREFLIGHT IN
Dr Renee Beer, RACQ CareFlight
   Rescue Doctor, Gold Coast                                         THE COMMUNITY
                                                                          LOCAL PINK PAGES
                                                                    Toowoomba locals can keep a
                                                                    look out for our CareFlight Bell
                                                                    230 helicopter on the front cover
                                                                    of the new Toowoomba Business
                                                                    Directory. The local guide, which
                                                                    will be distributed to over 40,000
                                                                    Toowoomba households in
                                                                    November, will feature an action
                                                                    shot of CareFlight’s South West
                                                                    chopper in full flight.

How long have you worked for RACQ CareFlight Rescue?
2.5 years
As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I’ve wanted to be a doctor since the age of five.
If you could be an animal, what would it be and why?
I would have to say one of my gorgeous Burmese cats, Elsa
or Indiana – because they are dearly loved, get lots of cuddles
and get to sleep on my doona during the day.
What’s your ideal holiday destination?                                    YANGAN HEAVY HORSE DAY
Probably Truk Lagoon in Micronesia – it is unspoilt by tourists
and it has a warm tropical climate, interesting marine life and           DRAWS A CROWD ONCE MORE
ship wrecks. I would like to learn to scuba dive and further my     Thousands of people travelled to the country town
interest in sailing while I’m there.                                Yangan, near Warwick, for the annual Heavy Horse Day in
                                                                    early May. The popular event showcased working horses
Who are four people, dead or alive, that you would invite
                                                                    cultivating and ploughing, among other duties.
to a dinner party?
Germaine Greer (academic), Geoffrey Robertson (lawyer and           Event organiser Mick Bradford has been hosting the event
human rights advocate), Borat (cultural ambassador from             and donating the proceeds to RACQ CareFlight Rescue
Kazakhstan) and my Mum (great cook and inspiration).                for ten years now. Over $10,000 raised at this year’s event
                                                                    was donated to keep the life-saving service flying.
What item can’t you live without?
Without hesitation – my iPhone.
Which movie star would play you in a film about your life?                GET READY FOR THE
Difficult one. I would like to think Angelina Jolie in her ‘Lara          BRISBANE MARATHON!
Croft’ outfit, but truthfully it’s more like Renee Zellweger in
                                                                    RACQ CareFlight Rescue is proud to be a beneficiary of
‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’.
                                                                    this year’s Brisbane Marathon, to be held on Sunday the
Do you have a special talent?                                       23rd of August. So lace up in the name of a good cause
I can eat breakfast under the shower and not get soap in my         and get running! Visit for more
cereal!                                                             details.
What’s the best part of working for RACQ CareFlight
Without a doubt the mateship. The ability to be challenged, to        Five pilots, four critical care doctors, five
really make a difference and to get the job done as a team.
                                                                     air crewmen and four engineers are based
What’s the most memorable mission you’ve been on?
One job involved a woman who was in a serious head on
                                                                      at CareFlight’s Gold Coast Hangar. RACQ
collision with a truck. She was bleeding from abdominal and          CareFlight’s South West operation employs
pelvic injuries. It was a challenge to stabilise her at the scene    a group of specifically trained Toowoomba-
and give her enough fluid to resuscitate her, but not too much to
make the bleeding worse. She went straight into the operating
                                                                    based professionals who work on board the
theatre on arrival at the hospital and had multiple surgeries but   helicopter on weekends and school holidays
completely recovered.
  Bendigo Bank sponsors a mission
  Throughout May, all ten Bendigo Bank branches on the
  Gold Coast launched Chopper Awareness Month – an
  initiative to raise the $10,000 required to become an RACQ
  CareFlight Rescue Mission Sponsor.
  By placing donation tins at tellers and selling raffle
  tickets and CareFlight merchandise, Bendigo Bank staff
  encouraged customers to not only do their banking while
  visiting a branch, but also help to save a life.
  Other fundraising activities included sausage sizzles,
  morning teas and teaming up with local school students to
  raise much needed funds.
  In recognition of Bendigo Bank’s generous support as a
  CareFlight Rescue Mission Sponsor, a lucky representative
  of the winning Tugun branch will receive a CareFlight
  Rescue training flight for two people from the Gold Coast
  Bendigo Bank will also be presented with a professionally
  framed photograph taken with the CareFlight Rescue                      Our mission sponsors are a select group of businesses
  chopper and crew, a personal tour of the CareFlight                     who make an outstanding contribution to our service. For
  operation and recognition on the spectacular honour board               more information on how to sponsor a CareFlight Rescue
  at the CareFlight Rescue base.                                          mission, please call us on 1800 630 014.

story continued from front cover
“I was frantic, wondering how Jeff was, wondering how Nic was             Meanwhile, Jeff and his family are still astounded at the life
coping. Nic rang me back, he burst into tears and said he didn’t          saving treatment Doctor Cheeseman provided at Cooyah
know if his Dad was going to make it.                                     Motorcross Park that day.
“Motor bike riding isn’t a sport I support, but I’ve always                “For Dr Cheeseman and his team to save Jeff on the ground
respected that Jeff’s done it. He was beautiful to watch on a             in such dreadful conditions, and in the middle of nowhere, is
bike. He was known as the ‘King of the Mountain’ at the Echo              something that continues to bring tears to my eyes and I am so
Valley Motorcorss Park,” she said.                                        very grateful.
After enduring a sleepless night at home in Toowoomba, Donna,             “Without Dr Cheeseman and CareFlight, I would have had to
Nic and Jeff’s daughter Alyx drove to the Royal Brisbane Hospital         bury him. That, still to me, is unthinkable. Both Alyx and Nic
early the next day to see how he was.                                     absolutely adore their father,” Donna said.
“It was a pretty hard thing to do, walking into a hospital room
in the Intensive Care Unit and seeing Dad in a coma, so I just
talked to him. It felt a little bit silly, but they say people in comas
can hear you, so I reassured Dad that he would be ok and that
one day he’d be able to leave hospital,” Nic said.                         Bequest
“There’s a long road of rehabilitation ahead of him, but at least
there is a future for him, and without CareFlight I don’t think he
would have had that,” Donna says.
                                                                            RACQ CareFlight Rescue would like to acknowledge the
Jeff spent four weeks in an induced coma. Even when he woke
                                                                            following individuals and their families for their forethought
up, the father of two was still in a critical condition because
                                                                            and generosity in leaving a bequest to our organisation.
of the threat of pneumonia and blood clots and his continued
kidney failure.                                                             Estate of the Late Olive Lawton
He couldn’t speak at all because of his crushed windpipe and was            Is your Will up-to-date?
forced to communicate by blinking and raising his eyebrows.
                                                                            A Will is a legal document that sets out how you want your
Since being released from the Intensive Care Unit, no less
                                                                            assets to be distributed upon your death. It gives you the
than two months ahead of the time estimated by doctors, this
                                                                            opportunity to provide for your family and friends after you
determined Dad has undergone a rapid recovery from his many
                                                                            die. It is important Wills are regularly reviewed, either on
                                                                            the happening of a significant event in life or every five
Dr Cheeseman was on shift at Toowoomba Hospital when Jeff
                                                                            years. This will ensure your Will indicates your current
arrived from Brisbane.
                                                                            wishes. Sometimes, rather than making an entirely new
“I honestly couldn’t believe what I was seeing. To see him
                                                                            Will, you can make a Codicil (amendment) to your current
walking around and well on the road to recovery was remarkable
                                                                            Will. Perhaps you can consider supporting CareFlight
given the seriousness of his injuries. I was absolutely amazed,”
                                                                            when next updating your Will?
he said.

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