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									                                         MICHAEL BUBLÉ
                                               August 2010
                                        CHEF’S TABLE MENU

I’ve created several selections to tempt your
taste buds and hope you enjoy the journey              Beef and Organic Barley Soup
from a taste of Tuscany to the Fishermen’s
Delicacies.                                            Grain-Fed Chicken Breast
                                                        Teriyaki-ginger sauce
I’d especially like to invite you to try our new       Salmon Tartare
‘Farm to Fork’ table which includes items               Wasabi aïoli
you might expect to find at your local
farmer’s market.                                       Herb Dumpling Salad
                                                       Tomatoes with Shallots and Canadian
From produce to poultry – this table features          Cheddar Cheese
fresh, organic, local, responsibly grown and
good for you food.
It’s about fresh, singular goodness and as a
chef I hope you enjoy the flavours and                 Spaghetti
seasonal specialties.                                   Bolognese sauce
Bon Appétit!                                            Stuffed with ricotta and spinach, salsa di pomodoro
                                                       Artichoke Hearts with Basil
                                                       Bruschetta with Crostini
                                                       Field Greens Salad
                                                        Grated carrots, hard boiled eggs, onions,
                                                        diced tomatoes, shallots, grated Cheddar,
                                                        balsamic vinaigrette or white wine vinaigrette
Gilles St-Hilaire,
Executive Chef
                                                       HAND CARVED
                                                       Grilled Filet of Beef
                                                        Choice of sauces: au jus, Merlot sauce
                                                       Roasted Baby Pork Sirloin
                                                        Pineapple salsa
                                                       Braised Potatoes with Thyme
                                                       Boumanio à la Provençale
                                                       Traditional Caesar Salad

                                                       FISHERMAN’S DELICACIES
                                                       Greek Salad with Shrimp
                                                       Atlantic Smoked Salmon
                                                       Grilled Halibut
                                                        Sun-dried tomato sauce
                                                       Long Grain Pilaf Rice
               Restaurant 9-4-10                       Honey Glazed carrots Sticks
       Access by Bell Centre main entrance:
       1909 Canadiens-de-Montreal Avenue

For more information, please contact us by phone at                              62.10
            (514) 925-2582 or by e-mail                              31.05 children 12 years and under
                                                             (taxes included, service and beverages extra)

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