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									Bargaining news from your OPSEU Central                             Issue #33
Bargaining Team in the Ontario Public Service                  March 12, 2002

Managers choose to
fight rather than settle
In a most regrettable move, the      do the work – we have proposed        entails, remain; no to Factor 80
employer has chosen to ignore        wage and benefit improvements         remains; no to our ability to pay
45,000 people in this province       that allow employees to keep          for Factor 80 remains.
and force us to exercise our 88      pace with inflation. We also             By now, we all should know
per cent strike mandate.             maintain our commitment to our        what our local inside strategies
    Even after their press           unclassified members in getting       are. It is imperative that you
releases and speeches promising      them converted to permanent           begin with these strategies on
all-night negotiations, the          classified positions. The             Day One. We need our
employer showed up to the table      employer has rejected this            mobilization and determination
with only one proposal. That         proposal.                             levels to be what they were
proposal still includes all of the      Rejection of the employer          during Week 6 in 1996, not
things that you told us were         take-aways – the employer has         what they were at the start of
unacceptable.                        proposed almost $13 million           Week 1.
    “We are encouraged by your       dollars in cuts to our benefits          We will continue to
phone calls of support and utter     (based on their costing) in return    communicate with you at every
determination in attaining an        for their so-called improvements      step of the way. You will hear
‘A’ Contract,” said Marg             that are worth $3 million dollars     many rumours over the next few
Simmons, chair of the OPS            (also based on their costing).        days and most of them will be
Central Team. “You have told            Pay for performance remains        from management. We have
us to stay the course and not        on the table, although written        been up-front and factual with
give up on your fundamental          differently; term classified          you from the beginning and we
issues. We have held true to         positions and the real threat to      will continue to be that way.
that. We have tabled an offer        real jobs that this proposal
that is reasonable, fair, and one
that we all deserve. The
employer has decided that you        The Real Deal is your only accurate source of Central
don’t deserve what’s reasonable,     Team information during this round of bargaining. If
or what’s fair.”                     you don’t read it here, you can't be sure it's true. Don’t
    This strike is fundamentally     rely on gossip and rumours. We will provide the facts.
about our “Three Rs”:
    Renewal of the public service    The Real Deal will be available by fax, by e-mail, and on the OPSEU
– the employer has rejected          web site at To receive it directly, send your secure fax
every one of our proposals to        number to Lesley Williams at (416) 443-1762 or send your e-mail
renew the public service.            address to
    Respect for employees who
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How to contact your team members                                      Marg Simmons, chair, Central team, and
                                                                      Leah Casselman, president.
You can contact the Central Team directly at (416) 815-1406, by fax
at (416) 815-1412 or by e-mail at

Marg Simmons                        Michel Chaumont
L. 263                              L. 623
(905) 844-5239
(after hours)                       Darwin Lacelle
                                    L. 447
Mark Kotanen                        (416) 815-1406
L. 128                    
(519) 336-6926                      Steve Nield
(after hours)                       L. 123                    (519) 383-5643
                                    (after hours)
Jeff Bendig
L. 434                              Sandra Noad
(613) 364-7580                      L. 101
(after hours)                       (519) 657-9518              (weekends)
Teri Breau-Auzins
L. 506                              James Roland
(416) 721-2767                      L. 720
(after hours)                       (807) 345-4609               (after hours)
Joseph Catroppa
L. 736                              Serge Valcourt
(807) 628-5147                      L. 634
(after hours)                       (705) 497-4393                   (after hours)
Laurie Chapman
L. 323                              Peter Wall
(705) 323-8172                      L. 638
(after hours)                       (416) 815-1406

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