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                           St. Christopher’s Council # 12372
Volume 11, Issue 1                                                                     Sept./Oct. 2008

                             From The GRAND KNIGHT

 Executive Officers                                           September 2008
         Chaplain                                          Grand Knight Report
      Grand Knight           Brothers,
  Deputy Grand Knight        I trust that you all had an enjoyable summer vacation and are now ready for an
  MARTIN MARGES              exciting year. This fraternal year will be the 10th anniversary of St. Christopher’s
       Chancellor            Council. Imagine, 10 years ago 20 men decided that our parish needed to have a
   ROBERT BROWN              council. I was privileged to be one of the Charter Members of our first council
         Recorder            and have seen many changes over these past 10 years. Our membership has
   LARRY PATTON              grown to 86 members; we have donated thousands of dollars and hours to many
   Financial Secretary       worthwhile causes, including our own parish. We have raised the profile of our
 GRAHAM NICKALLS             order in our community and people know that they can count on us. I see our
        Treasurer            order’s motto lived everyday in our council “Service to one, service to all”
         Trustees:           As we move into our second decade, I would like us to set some ambitious goals.
 LARRY BRODEN (1)            Something like John Kennedy challenging the American generation to go to the
   WILLIE GAY (2)            moon. We need to aim for the stars, and maybe settle for the moon!
  RICK MIRANDA (3)           I invite you to think about where you would like to see our council in our 20th
         Advocate            year. What should we work towards? We have a charitable foundation; something
                             that can be used in many ways to help us further our goals. We have creative and
                             energetic members with supportive families, all of whom we need involved to
                             insure that we are a council family.
 Inside / Outside Guards
       ALEX BIRD
                             I want to take a moment and extend my thanks to each of you for putting your
     JONIL CABIOC            confidence in me to be your Grand Knight. This is a privilege that I appreciate
    LARRY O’BRIEN            and will do my best this year. The success of our council will not be due to
     SEAN O’BRIAN            anything that I do, but will only succeed if the executive, membership and our
     NEIL PEREIRA            families all pull together to help those in need, and also have a lot of fun while
    BRIAN SHANNON            doing it.
   IVAN DESILETS             I welcome all our new executive members, those returning in previous or new
  Past Grand Knights         positions and a special welcome to our new Chaplain, Father Jerry. I look
 GRAHAM NICKALLS             forward to a successful, rewarding and enjoyable fraternal year.
     WILLIE GAY              May God bless you and your families
     RON BLACK               Fraternally
 MARTIN ZNIDAREC             Doug Bird
    Fraternal Advisor

                                            Knight Reach

       Place: St. Christopher’s
             Parish Hall
           Time: 8:00 PM                                     Installation of Officers
        YEAR 2008-2009
 SEP 15 -EXECUTIVE                      Our new executive was installed on August 24th after the Noon Mass. The skies
                                        opened up, but that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of our new executive. Thanks
      22 -GENERAL                       to our honour guard, Father Scott and our new DD and DW for making the day
 OCT 20 -EXECUTIVE                      go smoothly.
                                        The reception that was supposed to take place at Doug Bird’s home, was moved
      27 -GENERAL                       to the church hall due to the rain, and the fact that Doug’s dog had met a skunk
 NOV 17 -EXECUTIVE                      the previous evening.
      24 -GENERAL                       After all had been eaten, the brothers and many family members headed off to
                                        Mohawk Racetrack for a sumptuous buffet dinner and some strategic betting. I
 DEC 8 -EXECUTIVE                       think Mohawk came out ahead this evening. A great time was had by all, even if
      15 -GENERAL                       we probably ate too many ribs! I wonder what we will come up with for next
                                        year? Stay tuned……..
      26 -GENERAL
      23 -GENERAL                                                   Family Picnic
      23 -GENERAL                     I think we should recruit a meteorologist to join our council. He would help in
                                      planning events such as the Family Picnic. This year, as we have for the past 9, our
 APR 20 -EXECUTIVE                    picnic was held during Father McGivney week, as requested by Supreme, that each
      27 -GENERAL                     council have a family event during that week. Rain, rain go away. The park was
                                      flooded and the skies were dark, but our enthusiasm to use our new giant BBQ
 MAY 11 -EXECUTIVE                    could not be doused. Brother Ron scored an incredible deal on our new unit, that
      25 -GENERAL                     can BBQ 654 hamburgers or 120 hot dogs at one time. All 8 burners. Retail
 JUN 15 -EXECUTIVE                    $799+tax, and we came away at $406 with tax. Ron will be available to take with
                                      you for your next major purchase.
      22 -GENERAL                     We moved the event to the front lawn of the church, and sold an extra 60 tickets.
 JULY 13—PLANNING                     We ran out of food. This is a good thing, so we didn’t have to eat the leftovers. It
                                      was so successful that our 2009 picnic will be converted to a family BBQ held
 AUG 4—PLANNING                       after the Noon Mass in late June on the front lawn. We have created a new family
 NOTE:                                event for Father McGivney week. See the new calendar for more info. We have
 *IF A MEETING FALLS ON ANY           made the BBQ available to all groups who may want to use it for events at the

                                  Message from our Chaplain
Dear Brother Knights,
I want to thank you for welcoming me to St. Christopher s Parish and to St. Christopher s Council. Just a bit
about myself: I was a charter member of Credit Valley Council, Chaplain of Heart Lake Council, Chaplain of
JFK Council Mississauga, and Chaplain of St. Mary s Council in Barrie. I am delighted to be able to serve you
as Chaplain. I will do my best to serve you as Knights and the community of St. Christopher s Parish. I am
looking forward to meeting with the Council.

School has begun. Parish programs are beginning. Most everything is gearing up for the year . Always
when we decide how best to spend our time, we keep our faith in mind, we focus on Christ and his Kingdom.

May Christ keep us close to him as we share in the building of the Kingdom.
Father Jerry
                                                               Happy Birthday to our Brothers
      Budget and Notice of Motion                              Bro. James Borg Sept. 13
                                                               Bro. James Baxter Sept. 15
                                                               Bro. Terence DaSilva Sept. 15
 Brother Ron Black put forth a Notice of Motion to approve     Bro. Brian Reid Sept. 16
 the annual Budget for the year 2008-2009 which is             Bro. Michael Cresswell Sept. 17
 attached to the Newsletter.                                   Bro. Alexander Bird Sept. 18
                                                               Bro. John Minardi Sept. 20
 Acceptance of the Budget will be voted upon at our next       Bro. John Cosgrove Sept. 22
 General Meeting—October 27, 2008.                             Bro. Irwin Simmons Sept. 27
                                                               Bro. Nicodemo Romeo Oct. 2
 Please note that although the budget may be approved, any     Bro. Jonil Cabioc Oct. 2
                                                               Bro. Hebert Choga Oct. 5
 expenditure of council funds still requires the approval of   Bro. Frank Flores Oct. 6
 the membership of the council in the form of a majority       Bro. Paul McCarthy Oct. 7
 vote approving the particular expenditure.                    Bro. Joseph Rosinski Oct 15

        Jazz Knight for Hope 2008
The 4th Annual Knight for Hope, and the second run by
our council is scheduled for Wednesday November 19th.                      Catholic Family Services
The show will be in Hammerson Hall at the Living Arts                          of Peel Dufferin
Centre stating at 7:30pm.
This year we have brought in two fantastic acts. John              An update on one of the charities that we support.
Pizzarelli and his Quartet are sensational. They perform           CFSPD has undergone an identity change. Check the
the American Songbook with style and humour. John                  website to see their new logo and
also hosts a weekly radio show on JazzFM heard each                website design. Our walk-in clinic helps to eliminate
week on Sunday mornings at 9am. John has released                  wait times for people in need of immediate service.
over 20 albums and is a consummate entertainer.                    Last year the agency helped over 10,000 men, women
                                                                   and children, our neighbours.
John will be followed by the legendary Woody Herman
Orchestra. This band was initially formed in the 30’s and          Later this year CFSPD will be officially launching
has had many incarnations. Known affectionately as the             their “We Are Family” capital fundraising campaign.
Herd, this version of the Herd will feature 11 of the 17           They will be constructing a new Family Centre in
members who are alumni who actually played with                    2011, over 25,000 square feet of space to meet the
Woody before his death in 1984.                                    growing demands of the community. They have over
                                                                   $1,000,000 in the bank on their way to a goal of
Either of these acts on their own would be great, but we           $5,000,000.
have brought them together for the first time, and they
will perform together in the 3rd set. It will be magic!            The agency serves all in need, regardless of their
                                                                   religion, language, sexual orientation, race, or
Your support is needed. We need you to buy ticket for              economic status. If you know of anyone facing
the show, better yet, sell them to your family and friends.        challenges in their lives that are overwhelming, direct
They will not be disappointed. We also need more                   them to the website for all the information they need
sponsorships, at all price levels from $150 to $1500. If           to get help, help that St. Christopher’s Council
everyone gets on sponsor we will be well on our way to             supports with its generous donations.
achieving our goal of raising $40,000, $25,000 of which
will be donated to Catholic Family Services of Peel
Dufferin, with the balance funding our other causes.

Please ask Doug Bird for some tickets and make it a
group event. We will only succeed if everyone pulls

            What is driven up must come down, somewhere
                             (St Christopher’s Golf Tournament)

Dawn broke, the clouds gathered, darkened and shared their contents with the earth
below. The owl looked out from his perch high in the old, twisted oak tree and thought
of the poor souls who would come to visit that day and end up looking like the rabbit that
was scurrying for cover by the 14th tee, wet, floppy eared and dejected.

Little did he know that today’s visitors were from “St. Christopher’s” and that all would
be resolved by the time they arrived…just as it should be. If he did not know better he
would have sworn that there must have been divine intervention to give those 60 beings
a chance to venture onto his domain for a few hours to engage in the fruitless pastime of
throwing away an obviously valuable white possession only to try and retrieve it later.

Were we wise to start our 14th Annual Golf Tournament on such a day with clouds
gathering in ominous, ever darkening stacks over the horizon? Only time showed that it
was to be a wonderful day for young and old as they enjoyed the sunshine and cooling
breeze that enveloped Saw-Whet Golf course on Saturday September 6th, 2008. A field
of 60 golfers was set out for the challenge of 18 holes of a forgiving yet, at over 6000
yards, long course. All returned, in due course, to the fold of the club house after
exhausting their best swings, hits, pushes and putts in a vain attempt to conquer their
own mental challenges created by the desire to beat the elusive par. A few succeeded
and to the Best Foursome and the Best Mixed team we give our hearty congratulations
along with the longest drives and closet to the pin, and the “bend it with the putter”

This was all followed by a served dinner, which according to the small sample I took,
satiated the appetites of even the most ravenous golfer. Trophies for the winners and
prizes for all were dispensed with alacrity by the Kennedys, ours, not those down south.
The booming voice of our Grand Knight silenced all but a few valiant bidders in the Live
Auction who only agreed to his price just to get some silence! The remainder conducted
their business in peace and quiet by scribing their names on the Silent Auction bid

Never, however, forget the contribution of our most generous Sponsors who supported
this event by their donations in kind and cheque. We are most grateful to their ongoing
support and ask they continue in their most vital contributions.

Lastly a big thank you goes to all those who volunteered their time, both in the months of
planning and on the day, that made the event possible. I am personally indebted to those
members of the Golf Committee who worked so hard and gave their ideas, advice and
support during the past months.

As sun set and the owl flew off from his perch in search of his dinner he was hoping that
maybe, just this once, all those white droppings left behind in the long grass and
spinney’s would turn out to be edible.

Graham Nickalls
Golf Chairman

                                        September 2 2008
Knights of Columbus                     St. Christopher's Council 12372
Timetable for the 2008 / 2009 fraternal year 10th Anniversary Year

            Date                Time                           Event                                  Chairman
September     6    Saturday  10:00 AM Parish Golf Tournament at Saw-Whet                       Committee
             14    Sunday    11:00 AM Parish Breakfast - Statue Blessing
             15    Monday     7:30 PM Service/Executive Meeting
             17    Wednesday 7:00 PM Initial Squires Meeting - every Wednesday in school gym   Martin Marges
             22    Monday     7:45 PM General Meeting
             26    Friday     4:00 PM Bingo                                                    Ron Black
             28    Sunday     8:30 AM Recruiting                                               Larry O'Brien
October       4    Saturday   9:00 AM Father/Son Golf Tournament/Squires                       Sean O'Brien/Alex Bird
            TBC    Sunday             Life Chain                                               Mike Cresswell
              6    Monday   1:00PM Bingo                                                       Ron Black
             14    Tuesday            Columbus Day School Info Distribution                    Rick Miranda/Jonil Cabioc
             18    Saturday   6:00 PM Parish Volunteer Appreciation Night
             20    Monday     7:30 PM Service/Executive Meeting
             22    Wednesday 7:00 PM Squires Career Night                                      Sean O'Brien/Alex Bird
             24    Friday     4:00 PM Bingo                                                    Ron Black
             24    Friday     7:30 PM Card/Games Night                                         Martin Marges

             26 Sunday     8:30 AM Parish Breakfast/Recruting                                  Larry O'Brien/Jerry Kennedy
             27 Monday     7:45 PM General Meeting
             31 Friday     4:00 PM Bingo                                                       Ron Black
November    TBC Saturday  10:00 AM Blue Mass
              7 Friday     7:00 PM Multi Cultural Pot Luck Dinner
             14 Friday     1:00 PM Bingo                                                       Ron Black
            15/16 Sunday           Religious Articles Keep Christ in Christmas Sale            Mike Cresswell
             17 Monday     7:30 PM Service/Executive Meeting
             19 Wednesday 7:30 PM Living Arts Centre Concert                                   Doug Bird/Committee
             23 Sunday     4:00 PM Bingo                                                       Ron Black
             23 Sunday     8:30 AM Parish Breakfast/Recruting                                  Jerry Kennedy
             24 Monday     7:45 PM General Meeting
             30 Sunday     7:30 PM Youth Talk Back Series                                      Sean O'Brien/Alex Bird
December      6 Saturday   1:00 PM Children's Christmas Party                                  Greg Nemez/Joe Rosinski
              8 Monday     7:30 PM Service/Executive Meeting
             12 Friday     1:00 PM Bingo                                                       Ron Black
             15 Monday     7:30 PM General Meeting
            TBC                    Open Door - Santa Claus Pictures & Carols
            TBC                    Out of the Cold - St. Mary's
             28 Sunday     4:00 PM Bingo                                                       Ron Black
             31 Wednesday 6:30 PM New Year's Party                                             Committee
January       9 Friday     1:00 PM Bingo                                                       Ron Black
             17 Saturday  10:00 AM Free Throw                                                  Sean O'Brien/Alex Bird
             18 Sunday     2:00 PM Family Skating Party                                        Greg Nemez/Joe Rosinski
             19 Monday     7:30 PM Service/Executive Meeting
             25 Sunday     4:00 PM Bingo                                                       Ron Black
             25 Sunday     8:30 AM Parish Breakfast                                            Jerry Kennedy
             26 Monday     7:30 PM General Meeting

                                      September 2 2008
Knights of Columbus                   St. Christopher's Council 12372

Timetable for the 2008 / 2009 fraternal year 10th Anniversary Year

           Date               Time                           Event                                   Chairman
February     12 Thursday   6:00 PM Clergy Appreciation Night - Mississauga Councils
             13 Friday     1:00 PM Bingo                                                      Ron Black
             14 Saturday   6:00 PM Catholic Family Services Valentines Gala                   Doug Bird
             16 Monday     7:30 PM Family Day Mass/Video Night                                Greg Nemez/Joe Rosinski
             17 Tuesday    7:30 PM Service/Executive Meeting
            TBC                    10th Anniversary Special Event                             Committee
             22 Sunday     4:00 PM Bingo                                                      Ron Black
             23 Monday     7:45 PM General Meeting
             24 Tuesday    6:00 PM Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner                              Rick Miranda/Jonil Cabioc
March        13 Friday     1:00 PM Bingo                                                      Ron Black
             15 Sunday     2:00 PM Family Swim                                                Greg Nemez/Joe Rosinski
             16 Monday     7:30 PM Service/Executive Meeting
             22 Sunday     4:00 PM Bingo                                                      Ron Black
             23 Monday     7:45 PM General Meeting
             29 Sunday     7:30 PM Youth Talk Back Series                                     Sean O'Brien/Alex Bird
April        10 Friday     1:00 PM Bingo                                                      Ron Black
             12 Sunday     1:00 PM Easter Egg Hunt                                            Greg Nemez/Joe Rosinski
             20 Monday     7:30 PM Service/Executive Meeting
             22 Wednesday          Earth Day Activities                                       Rick Miranda/Jonil Cabioc
             26 Sunday     4:00 PM Bingo                                                      Ron Black
             27 Monday     7:45 PM General Meeting
May         TBC Saturday  10:00 AM Soccer Kick                                                Sean O'Brien/Alex Bird
              8 Friday     1:00 PM Bingo                                                      Ron Black
             11 Monday     7:30 PM Service/Executive Meeting
           16-17 Saturday          Ontario State Convention
             23 Saturday   6:00 PM Ladies Appreciation Night                                  Larry Broden/Ivan Desilets
             24 Sunday     4:00 PM Bingo                                                      Ron Black
             24 Sunday     8:30 AM Roses for Life                                             Rick Miranda/Jonil Cabioc
             25 Monday     8:00 PM General Meeting/Mass for the Unborn/Election of Officers   Mike Cresswell
June        TBC                    Council Golf Tournament                                    Gerry Sonkee
              7 Sunday     2:00 PM Community Volunteer Recognition                            Rick Miranda/Jonil Cabioc
             12 Friday     1:00 PM Bingo                                                      Ron Black
             15 Monday     7:30 PM Service/Executive Meeting
           19/20                   Mississauga Waterfront Festival
             21 Sunday     1:00 PM Parish Picnic                                              Greg Nemez/Joe Rosinski
             22 Monday     7:45 PM General Meeting
             28 Sunday     4:00 PM Bingo                                                      Ron Black
July          4 Saturday   8:00 AM Garage Sale
             10 Friday     1:00 PM Bingo                                                      Ron Black
             13 Monday     7:30 PM Planning Meeting
             26 Sunday     4:00 PM Bingo                                                      Ron Black
           TBC                     Pilgrimage                                                 Mike Cresswell
           TBC                     High School Students Pilgrimage to Steubenville            Sean O'Brien/Alex Bird
August        4 Tuesday    7:30 PM Planning Meeting
             14 Friday     1:00 PM Bingo                                                      Ron Black
             15 Saturday  10:00 AM Road Hockey Family Tournament                              Sean O'Brien/Alex Bird
             16 Sunday     1:00 PM Family BBQ Front of the Church                             Greg Nemez/Joe Rosinski
             23 Sunday     4:00 PM Bingo                                                      Ron Black
             30 Sunday     1:00 PM Installation of Officers

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