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					                                                                 Beat Dance School  

     New Enrolment 2010 

     Dear Parents and Students, 
     Welcome to the fifth year at Beat Dance School. 
     We require you to fill in the below details.  
     Please follow the following points: 

          1. Please fill in any contact details, this is to keep Beat dance School database correct for 
1            future events and updates. 
          2. Select class/es that you wish to attend in 2010 from the timetable. 

     Parent Name:                               Child Name:                                          Surname: 



     *Our preferred method of contact 

     Ph:                                                   Mobile: 
               Please write in which classes you want to enroll in for 2010 below: 

     1. Class name:                                                             Time/day:   

     2. Class name:                                                             Time/day: 

     3. Class name:                                                             Time/day: 
     Timetable 2010: 

     Monday             Tuesday           Wednesday          Thursdays            Saturday
     (Reservoir)        (Reservoir)       (MLC College)      (Reservoir)          (Reservoir)

                        4pm   Jazz/tap                       4pm Jazz/tap LVL 2   10.00‐10.45am 
                        LVL 1 SFD                            6 – 8yrs             Ballet 
                        Ages 4‐6                                                          Ages 4‐6 
                        5pm Beg Hip                          5pm beginner hip     10.45‐11.30am 
                        Hop                                  Ages 9‐13            Jnr Ballet 
                        Ages 5‐8                                                  Ages 6‐8 
                    6pm Adult hip         7.30pm Adult tap   6pm                  11.30‐12pm 
          “Vivamus porta 
                    hop                   All abilities      Jazz/showbiz         Toddler dance 
              est sed est.” 
                                                             LVL 3 SFD                  Ages 2.5‐4 

                                                             7pm Inter Hip           12.15‐1.15pm 
                                                             hop                         Adult tap 
                                                             Ages 10‐15 
                                                                                  Snr Hip Hop 
                                                                                  Ages 14‐18 

     3. Please return pages 1 only to Beat Dance School to secure a place in your chosen class/es. An 
     invoice will then be issued to you with the above information. 

     Beat dance School 
     6 David Street, Preston 3072 
     Term 1 is 7 weeks 

     Installments can be paid: two half payments. 
     Production fee: $20.00, which pays for two concert rehearsals at the theatre. 
     Costume Fee is separate and is calculated on how many are 
     needed per class. 
Additional Information: 
                                                                                        Aliquam dolor. 
Styles Descriptions: 
Toddler Dance on Saturdays; the class runs for half an hour and is for ages 2‐4 years. A great class for 
children to explore their bodies; through movement and games and begin to develop their motor skills, which is 
a fundamental key in growing up. 

Ballet It introduces basic ballet skills for children to develop. They learn through exercises and routines ballet
terminology and correct posture. It is a fantastic start to improve balance, coordination and flexibility.

Beginner hip hop It covers all basic elements of dance, such as balance, strength and isolation through exercises,
travelling steps and routines which in turn develops and loosens there bodies to create the hip hop style.

Showbiz The class includes a range of styles with emphasis on performing, such as, Musical theatre, Jazz, Song and
Dance, Drama and Theatre studies. Introducing these styles will make for an all rounded performer.

Hip Hop Like Jnr Hip Hop it to focuses on isolation and footwork, but is designed for adults who want to go back to
dancing or start anew. It’s great for groovers who love dancing.

Adult Tap This class is great for those who want to give tap a try in a relaxed situation as well as for those who want
to maintain their ability to tap. It helps to improve on body strength and tone - especially the legs.



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