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Juan de Fuca Power and Sail Squadron


									    Jan -April                       2006 Spring Class      Petty Officers Mess - Naden                           Juan de Fuca
    April 11
                                     Classes every Tuesday at 6:45pm
                                     PCOC Exam & Student Graduation- Invitation to all members               Power and Sail Squadron
    April 18, 25, May 2              VHF Course
    May 2                            Change of Watch - AGM and Ceremony                                      S   P   R   I   N   G   2   0   0   6
    June 23, 24, 25                  Crib Tournament Cruise
    July 14, 15, 16                  Todd Inlet Fireworks Cruise
    August 11, 12, 13                Mystery Cruise
    August 8, 9, 10                  South Island District CPS Cruise
    September 15, 16, 17             The Annual Corn Roast Cruise

                            The PILOT is a publication of the
                          Juan de Fuca Power and Sail Squadron
                   a division of the Canadian Power and Sail Squadron
                                  Editor: P/Cdr Peter Jost
                         Envelope Stuffers - Shannon and Melissa
    Any member wishing to submit material to be published or items for the swap and shop
                         can do so by calling, faxing or emailing
                      PHONE: Peter 656-6112          FAX: 656-6112
                       P1275 Readings Dr. Sidney, B.C. V8L-5L2

           the ELECTRONIC PILOT...                                                    Juan de Fuca
                                                                                 Power and Sail Squadron
                                                                             F   A   L   L   2   0   0   4

  Receive the Pilot by email.
  For a full colour version of the Pilot, please ensure
  we have your correct email address by emailing                        and

Changed your address?? Don’t forget to send us your new, updated information. Send to Norm Hardy,
4283 Happy Valley Road, Victoria, BC V9C 3Y1 or email: Here’s the information
we need: Name(s), address, phone number, e-mail and boat info/name.
THE BRIDGE 2004-2005                                                                               Moving Again?
                                                                                                 Are we moving again? Well, we’re happy to say we are working hard
Commander                                Lorenda Franklen                                        to find a new location back in the Juan de Fuca area. We want to
Past Commander                           Bo Jensen                                               bring the training back into the community. We’ll keep you informed
Exec. Officer                            TBA                                                     on our progress.
Training Officer                         TBA
Secretary                                Roger Patterson
Treasurer                                Howard Platt
                                         Norm Hardy                                          GPS...               We’ve been asked by some folks for a GPS (Global
                                                                                                                  Positioning Satellite) course. If you’re interested, please
Marep                                    TBA                                                       forward your name to our Assistant Training Officer at
Assistant Training                       Brian Sommerville                                or call Brian at 386-8943. If we have enough
Assistant Training                       Jamie Orr                                                 people interested in the course, we’ll begin the process to set up a
Webmaster/Editor                         Peter Jost                                                session.
Cruisemaster                             Tom Dudley
Supply                                   Vince Vanderbyl
Po r t C a p t a i n                     Pat Shera
Auditor                                  TBA                                                  FROM THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE:
                                                                                                 We hope to make contact with all our JDF Squadron members. We are
                                                                                                 at a crossroads with our Squadron. Without some help from our Squadron
                           LIFE MEMBERS                                                          members we will almost certainly be in a position where we will have to
            Bill Fluskey                          Alex Macinnis                                  disband the Squadron or amalgamate with another group. The present
            John Wylie                            David Kraul                                    openings for the 2006-2007 year include: Commander, Executive Officer,
                                                                                                 Treasurer, MAREP, PRO and possibly Training Officer. If you can spare
                                                                                                 a few hours each month, call Cdr. Lorenda Franklen at 391-1530.

                          PAST COMMANDERS
       Bill Fluskey          Roald Feness                  Alex Macinnis
       Hugh Richards
       John Wylie
                             David Krauel
                             Tom Ward
                                                           Raymond Currie
                                                           Tom Marchant
                                                                                    CPS-ECP                 PLANNING                     COMMITTEE                        REPO
       Clarice Guillion      Bob Watt                      Pat Shera
       John Bishop           Peter Jost                    Tom Dudley              Squadron members are asked to answer the following questions to assist in
       Peter Jost            Gord Swanson                  Phil Barker             determining our future course of action relating to the Approved Planning Committee
       Bob Rathbun           Bo Jensen                                             Report of 2005.
                                                                                   1 - How do you feel about a possible name change
                                                                                   2 - How do you feel about our CPS-ECP logos?
                                                                                   3 - How do you feel about the uniform issue?
                                                                                          - Should we have uniforms?
                                                                                          - Should we reduce the number from 9 to 4?
                                                                                   4 - How do you feel about our use of ranks to designate Officer’s positions?
                                                                                          - Should we move to more corporate identities for our governing board
         STUDENTGRAD                                                                        members?
                                                                                   5 - How do you feel about restructuring our membership requirements to make our
                                                                                       organization more accessible for training?
                                                                                   6 - How do you feel about rewarding our volunteers with specialty items or discounts
       Please help us honour our graduates of the Boating Course by attending      on our store items?
       a celebration of their success at the Chief’s and Petty Officers’ Mess at                _____________________________________________
       7:30pm, April 11. Munchies and a no-host bar. We’d really appreciate a             Please email your comments and suggestions to
       good turnout. Put this special day on your calendar now!                           and we will forward them to South Island District.
                                                                                                                                                     COMMANDER’S MESSAGE
                  I N                   M E M O R Y                                                    I do hope you all enjoyed a happy festive season.
                  This past year we lost long term member Peter Browning. We will always               We had a very small Boating class in Fall 2005, but I’m happy to say we had 100% success
                  remember Peter for his dedication to the Juan de Fuca Power and Sail                 rate on the exam. My thanks to all the instructors and proctors who helped to make this
                  Squadron for over 20 years. He was also a strong supporter of the                    course so successful.
                  South Island District and was especially dedicated to our MAREP
                  (Marine Reporting) program.                                                          Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the social functions, where the turnout was
                  Peter will be missed by all who knew him.                                            dismal, in spite of the great team effort by our phoning committee to reach everyone. My
                                                                                                       sincere thanks to Bonnie, Doreen, Michele, Alison, Debbie and Diane for their efforts. Due
                                                                                                       to technical difficulties the fall issue of The Pilot did not get out, which is why our phoning
                                                                                                       committee was so important. However, at this point we won’t be planning any more land-
                                                                                                       based social events for the spring. A member of the Bridge will be contacting every member
TRAINING OFFICER’S REPORT                                                                              during the next couple of months, to elicit your feedback on what would get you out to an
                                                                                                       event, what you’d like to see as far as the future of Juan de Fuca Squadron is concerned,
We have just finished the second week of our Spring Boating class. Although it started out             and also we’d like to know if you can spare some time to assist us in the coming months.
                                                                                                       Therefore, we’d really appreciate a few minutes of your time to speak with us to help us
slowly on the first week (read 4 students), things have improved numbers-wise, as we presently         map a direction for the squadron.
have at least 10 students paid up, with the possibility of 1 or 2 more yet to come. Our excellent
group of instructors is all lined up, and so everything is running smoothly, so far. The only glitch   Once again, we’re trying to find space in the West Shore to hold the classes. We’ve gone
was the unfortunate resignation of our squadron Training Officer, Terry Price, for personal            through this over and over again in the past few years, and all with the same result –
reasons. Thanks Terry for your efforts during your tenure as Training Officer.                         nothing is available that fits in with our weekly requirements for such a long period of time.
                                                                                                        We’re well aware of the need to return to the West Shore, but it’s been an impossible task.
The Student Cruise for this group of students is re-scheduled for March 19. With at least 10
students, we are going to need some help from our boat-owning members if we are to make                Don & I are delighted to say Dauntless is happily floating at her new berth at the Delta
this part of the course successful. Please give some thought to helping out in this regard.            Airport Marina in Richmond, where she’ll be Don’s home-away-from-home until he retires
Cruisemaster, Tom Dudley will be contacting squadron members in the next while, so please              in November. We do plan on participating in some of the cruises this summer, so hope
be receptive to helping out. Thanks.                                                                   to see you on the water.

Late-breaking news! Last Tuesday evening, January 17, we added 8 more students to our
class bringing the total up to 18 with one additional gentleman providing moral support for his
wife who is taking the course. We even talked this individual into re-instating his membership                                   The Annual Crib Tournament Cruise
in the organization.
                                                                                                                                 June 23,24,25
Last fall’s Boating class was a smaller, but enthusiastic, group of 6 students.
Working with our course instructors, and through their own efforts, all of the students successfully                              Fifteen two...Fifteen four.
completed the course, the CPS exam, and PCOC exam.                                                                                You’re invited to the Annual Juan de Fuca Squadron
Congratulations to all. Although this was a small group, our instructors were undaunted in their                                  CRIB TOURNAMENT. We’ll be
enthusiasm to see all of our students do well. Thank you to Don Southern, RCMP, Terry Price,                                      sending you more information on
Peter Jost, Tim Silvester, Dave Krauel, Brian Sommerville, Lynn Greentree, Jamie Orr, Phil                this fun filled cruise in the next edition of the Pilot.
Barker, Pat Shera, & John Wylie.
Also, a big thanks to Tom & Bev Dudley for providing their vessel and their wonderful hospitality         This is Vince Vanderbyl accepting the 2005 Crib
for the Student Cruise.                                                                                   Tournament trophy.

Thanks to squadron members for their continuing support.

Assistant Training Officers – Jamie Orr & Brian Sommerville
                                                                                                                              This page is open to all Squadron members to advertise
On March 8, 2005 RBAW held it’s annual meeting in Bellingham with                                           their business, stuff they want to sell, their boat, anything you want. Personal ads are free...
t h e C o u n c i l o f B . C . Y Xc h t C l u b s . A t t h i s m e e t i n g w e h a d t h e
opportunity of hearing first hand from an official from the U.S.                                    business ads are just $5.00 per issue. Send your information or artwork to
Customs Small Boat Report Reporting Office. He apologized for the
bad news as he announced DRAMATIC changes are forthcoming for
boaters entering the USA. In the past we have had the privilege of
using a very convenient regional P.I.N. number system that lets
                                                                                                                                                                    OL s e
                                                                                                                                                                  S o a tI D h P lI vNe E
                                                                                                                                                                  b                     s
boaters clear by telephone.
                                                                                                                                                                                  Various sizes and
Up until now, post 9/11 security efforts had put boaters on a lower                                                                                                                  colours are
priority scale. This is changing! U.S. Customs in Washington D.C.                                                                                                                     available.
has decided it need to step up its enforcement of small boat reporting                                                                                                              To order, call
and soon will be requiring "advance passenger information" (i.e. pre-                                                                                                              Lynn Greentree
clearance authorization).                                                                                                                                                           391-1689
                                    The Fireworks Cruise                                                                 a division of G.Swanson Ventures
                                       July 14, 15 & 16                                                               Gord Swanson
                                                                                                                                                Specializing in
                                                                                                                                   Stainless Steel Fabrication,
                                                                                                 3759 Duke Road                           Welding and Repair
                                 Be sure to put this date on your cruising calendar. You’ll      Victoria, B.C.                                             for
                                 have the best seat in the house when you cruise on down         V9C 4B5
                                                                                                                                          Marine, Commercial
                                                                                                 Phone: 250 -474-1444
                                 to Todd Inlett on Saturday and raft up with the JDF             Fax : 250 - 474 - 3831                                    and
  Squadron. With the boats all anchored with their stern lines to the west shore, we have        Pager : 978 -3738
                                                                                                 eMail :
                                                                                                                                                  Applications    TOM’S RV SERVICE
  a most perfect view of the fireworks. Some will come on Friday, and make a whole                                                                                                              ne
  weekend event. We hope you’ll be there. We will publish more information on the cruise                                                                                            Mari
  in the next Pilot.                                                                              Dry Land Storage                                                              and
                                                                                                  Available for small boats, trailers                                     Tom and Bev Dudley
                                                                                                  and campers. On Wilkinson
                                                                                                                                                                                Phone: 250 - 478 - 6527
                                                                                                  Road. From only $25.00 per                                                      Fax: 250 - 478 - 6537
CPS Joins with CCGA in Partnering with Transport                                                  month.
Canada for the Delivery of Boating Safety.                                                        Call Phil                                                          894 Van Isle Way                   Cell: 889-1808
Effective December 20, 2005, Transport Canada Boating Safety and CPS                              @ 727-2323                                                       Victoria, B.C. V8B 5R8   

signed a Memorandum of Understanding to become partners in the                                    for more
delivery of the Boating Safety program. Members of CPS will be trained                            information
as Boating Safety Specialists and will begin to perform Pleasure Craft
Courtesy Checks this year. CPS was brought in to fill the numerous gaps
                                                                                                                                                                   Shaw... supporting JDF with free
in the PCCC program. Initially this will only apply to Ontario, but Coast                                                                                          web hosting...
Guard Auxiliary’s Central and Arctic Regions are also interested in the                                                                                               Shaw High Speed Internet
program.                                                                                                                                                               call to order - 475-5655
                                                                                                              Apple Computers                                                 ask about the new Xtreme

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