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									                       APPLICATION FOR PERMIT TO ERECT HOARDING

NOTE: The following documents shall be submitted with this application to enable
assessment and determination of application.

  i)      Structural plans prepared and certified by a practising structural engineer shall be submitted
          for all types of hoardings, detailing structural members, hold down fixings and the like, with
          reference to the relevant Australian Standards and associated codes.
  ii)     Architectural plans detailing site plan, hoarding applications, cross-sections, footpath widths,
          utility services, street trees, traffic lights and all other relevant details.
  iii)    Traffic Management Plan where pedestrian or vehicle traffic is being modified due to the
          construction, operation or removal of the hoarding.
  iv)     Evidence of a $10,000,000 Public Liability insurance policy to indemnify Fairfield City Council
          in the event of any member of the public suffering injury to person or property by reason of the
          presence of the hoarding.
  v)      The applicant shall return the attached footpath/kerb & gutter condition form to Council
          detailing the existence of, and the condition of, any footpath paving, and/or kerb and gutter
          provided adjoining the site for checking against Council s records. Damage to footpaths,
          kerbs, stormwater systems and general streetscape will require restoration at the permittee s

I/We (name),                                                                     , the undersigned, of

(address)                                                             (Tel No)

being the Owner/Contractor/Builder, hereby apply for a permit for the erection of a hoarding with the
particulars below at:-

Licence No:                                            Public Liability No:

Premises No.             Lot No.        D.P.               Street:

Suburb:                                               Development Application No.

Owned by :(Name)                                      (address)

Start Date:                                           Finish Date:

                               (Permit valid for a maximum of 6 months)

Non-Refundable Permit Fees (GST not applicable)

Type A                 - Per week site frontage       $ 75.00         (82)    $
Type B                 - Per week site frontage       $250.00         (82)    $.................................
Type C                 - Per week site frontage       $250.00         (82)    $.................................

TOTAL CHARGES                                                                 $..................................

I/We undertake to observe the conditions of the erection of a hoarding permit overleaf and to pay such
further sums as assessed by Council for fees or damage to roads or footpaths that result from the

Applicant s Signature:                                  Receipt No:                         Date:


The general conditions governing the occupation of the footpath/hoarding are set hereunder. Any variations or
special directions given by authorised officers of the Council are to be complied with by the permittee (the holder
of the permit). Council reserves the right to cancel the permit at any time. Each permit is valid only for the period
covered by the nominated start and finish dates. The maximum period for a permit is 6 months, if an extended
period is required then the permittee should reapply for a new permit prior to this permit lapsing.

    1. Upon completion of the erected hoarding the supervising structural engineer is to certify that the
       hoardings have been erected in accordance with the approved plans and WorkCover Authority
       requirements. No construction and/or building can proceed until Council receives this certification.

    2. Hoarding and scaffolding must remain in place until the construction or demolition of the building is

    3. Hoardings must be painted white or whitewashed and kept clean.

    4. No advertisements of any kind are to be affixed to hoardings other than a sign not exceeding 2.4m x 1.8m
       on which may be shown the architect s and builder s names and any particulars regarding the subject
       building, and notices regarding the existing or future occupancies in the building.

    5. A sign Billposters will be prosecuted must be attached or printed upon the front of the hoarding.

    6. Hydrants or other footpath boxes must not be covered in any way or access to same impeded.

    7. Uprights must not be inserted in the roadway or footway surfaces Uprights must be tenoned into sole

    8. Temporary crossings to buildings are not to be made over manhole covers in the footway unless the
       covers are adequately protected to the satisfaction of the authority controlling such manhole covers.

    9. Vehicles must not cross the footpath to gain access to the site unless a temporary planked crossing is
       constructed to the satisfaction of Council.

    10. Cranes are not to be placed upon the public way without a permit from Council.

    11. The use of the roadway for loading and unloading vehicles is not permitted unless approval has been
        obtained for a building construction reserve .

    12. The permittee shall ensure that the area is adequately lit at night and that all appropriate barriers,
        barricades and warning devices are installed to protect the public.

    13. Type A Hoardings are to be constructed as a minimum of solid timber panels a minimum of 16mm in
        thickness, the structure is to be securely fixed with no protruding bolts, nails or wire, finished smooth for
        pedestrians and be flush with the ground.

        The Hoarding is to be a minimum of two metres in height and not reduce the available footpath width to
        less than two metres. Where a gate is installed, it must be constructed so as to swing inwards only.

    14. Type B & C Hoardings erected for a period of longer than 6 months are to be recertified by the
        supervising structural engineer to ensure the structural integrity of the hoarding has been maintained.

    15. The Hoarding must be constructed so that the view of motorists of pedestrians at traffic lights is not
        obstructed. Pedestrian crossings must be accessible at all times.

    16. The use of the roadway for storage of building materials is not permitted. The kerb and gutter shall not be
        constructed in any way and shall be kept clean and free from debris, with sediment control measures in
        place, as required by Council s sediment and erosion control policy.

    17. The Hoarding is to be removed at the expiry of the permit and all surfaces made good.

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