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and receive your free sticker!!!


and receive your free sticker!!!

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									                                                                                           OPEN CLASSROOMS
                                                                                           FRIDAY 22ND MAY
                                                                                           REFER YELLOW

 Term 2 Calendar of Events
 MONTH              Day                 Date         What’s On
 MAY                Friday              15th         Walk Safely to School Day
                    All Week            18th 22nd    Education Week
                    Fri                 22nd         Classrooms Open 8.55am – 10am (refer yellow flyer)
 JUNE               Mon                 8th          Queens Birthday – Public Holiday
                    Friday              12th         Pupil Free Day – teachers reporting

 WALK TO SCHOOL FRIDAY                         15TH MAY 2009
 and receive your free sticker!!!

             Fruity Friday for Junior
                                                                               LOST PROPERTY
                                                                     It’s that time of year again! Cold mornings,
             School commences
                                                                     warm afternoons and an overflowing lost
             Friday 8th May. Parents
                                                                     property area.
             requested to help chop up
                                                                     PLEASE label all clothing, it can’t be returned
             fruit in staff room at 9am
                                                                     to the owner if it has no name. I suggest a name
                                                                     on the collar and/or the waistband as names on
                                                                     tags can be cut off.
                                                                     Another trick is, after using permanent marker to
                                                                     write a name, iron over it as this sets the ink,
                                                                     making it last longer. Check from time to time
       Sausage in bread with sauce,                                  to see if it needs to be re-applied.
     home made cookie and a Slushy!!!                                This only takes a minute of your time, but is a
   “Mark the Bag” May Special and Gail will                          lot cheaper that to purchase new clothing!
                do the rest!                                         Thanks
                                                                     Lost Property Co-ordinator

Well our first game has been played and after a slow start we started to play some great team football.
Scores Eagles 4-0-24 to St Mels 14-8-92.
Goal kicker’s: Brayden Coates, Jay Winnell, Jack Caia and Jayden Garner.
Video Ezy: Jay Winnell and Jacque Cairns. McDonalds: Brodie Howell.
Best players: Jay Winnell, Brayden Coates, Jack Caia, Ricky Rodda and Tate Hamilton.

The side has 14 new players starting their football career’s this year, so we can expect to see a week to week improvement
for the team once these players gain some confidence.
This week’s game is against Northerners at Tallygaroopna on Saturday the 9th May @ 9:00am.

STARS OF THE WEEK 4th May 2009

 JTH      Emma Parkin- For brilliant expression while practising for our play.
 JBF      Sienna Richards- Congratulations on the fantastic effort and improvements you have
          shown in your writing. Well Done!!
 JLH      The whole class- For being super workers for Mrs Brown and Mrs. Climas.
          Well done Grade 2’s!
 JLE      Tyra Loveridge- For always doing her best and setting a good example for others.
 JMW      Abe Lake- For fantastic letter writing to the three bears.

 JJK      Jordan Keyte- For trying so very hard with everything he does and all with a smile on
          his face! What a superstar!
 JJS      Emily Minotti-Watson- You were very clever making a cool bag in investigation time.
 JVH      Joshua Whitehead- What a superstar!! You are working so hard on improving your
          reading and writing. Keep up the great work.
 JKR      Olivia Ash- You have improved so much in reading.
          Congratulations on your hard work and concentration.
 JLG      Ahmad Ibrahimi- Excellent work on your reading, writing and spelling.
          You are doing an awesome job Ahmad!!

  MAM       Lara Wayman – always displaying a mature and independent attitude to all tasks
  MJO       Jordan Montgomery – for his outstanding work in writing and a great improvement in
            his listening skills
  MDM       Gemma Cerasi – for always being organised and getting her work done on time
  MCV       Lexi Mathers Pinnow – for her mature, hard working approach to all tasks
  MAW       Angus Lake – excellent independent work
  MMO       Curtis Koroneous – for working hard at his maths and improving out of sight!
            Well done Curtis
  MBB       Felicity Oldfield – for great improvements in maths!

 SHD       Liam Heeman – for excellent work in Art and for an improvement in his class work
 SLF       Melody Goldsmith – for a magnificent effort with your Cross Country training
 SGB       Ainslee Denton – for being a great classmate and setting such a high standard with
           your schoolwork. Well done!
 SML       Alana Turner – for her great contributions in class discussions! Keep it up.
 SNH       Jacinta Ruby – your warmth and encouragement towards other students is fantastic
 SDH       Josh Smith – Well done with looking after the prep’s on our buddies walk to the park!
 SHO       Caitlin McKay – for making a huge effort to improve your organisational skills.
           Keep it up Caitlin!

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