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HAZCO Rubber Tire Hoe

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					                                    HAZCO TEST PIT EXCAVATION SERVICES

                          HAZCO’s new CAT 420 rubber tire backhoe has just been commissioned. This
                          heavy duty machine is perfect for test pit and other work requiring its versatil-
                          ity. The capabilities of this machine combined with our experienced operator,
                          Dave Armstrong, provide for a great team on your projects. Dave has been
                          with HAZCO for over 5 years and has over 25 years of operating experience
                          with rubber tire backhoes and other heavy equipment. He has extensive
                          health and safety training including: OSHA, WHMIS, TDG, First Aid and has
                          completed a variety of other HAZCO safety courses including Behaviour Based
                          Safety and working around underground utilities.

                          Key features of our rubber tire backhoe service are:
                          •   Experienced operator
                          •   New and versatile CAT 420 heavy duty machine with Extendible Stick
                          •   Attachments: 16”, 24” & 42” Buckets; Hoe Pack; 4 in 1 Loader Bucket
                          •   Perfect for work in tight spaces
                          •   Ideal for working around utilities
                          •   Does not damage surfaces when moving around the project site
                          •   Flexible booking schedule to meet site specific requirements

                          For scheduling & rates please contact:
                          Cody Garries - (604) 214-7000
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