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Addendum on Project Application of Stage 1 development in Catherine
Hill Bay (Middle Camp)
1.           Background
PB previously produced a traffic report summarising the potential impact on the regional and local road
networks of the Coal & Allied Concept Plan in Catherine Hill Bay at Middle Camp. Results of modelled
forecasts including cumulative impact for the Catherine Hill Bay investigations were discussed with the Lake
Macquarie Council and RTA. Details of our results, and assumptions on which they were based, can be
found in PB’s main report:

     Lower Hunter Land Development Southern Estate-Catherine Hill Bay (Middle Camp), Traffic and
     Transport, Parsons Brinckerhoff, November 2007

PB prepared a traffic and transport report to respond to key issues associated with the Concept Plan for
300 lots and a Project Application for 56 lots in Catherine Hill Bay. This addendum reaffirms our
investigation of traffic issues required as part of the Project Application for the Stage 1 construction work
and subdivision for 56 lots.

This addendum has been prepared to summarise key findings as follows:

     Description of Stage 1 development
     Traffic generation
     Proposed road system and access
     Construction traffic access and impact

2.           Stage 1 development
The Catherine Hill Bay development proposes approximately 300 residential lots. Each lot will contain
detached dwelling houses. It is proposed to construct the development in stages. This project application
only considers the Stage 1 of development which is for the first 56 lots located in area C (see Figure 1, at
the back of this addendum). Access to the Stage 1 development area will be available via a new collector
road proposed to bypass Flowers Drive through Middle Camp. The Pacific Highway is the major north-south
arterial road providing access to the Stage 1 site via Flowers Drive.

3.           Traffic Generation
The traffic generation from 56 dwellings is predicted to result 48 peak hour vehicle and 505 daily vehicle
movements. The traffic generation from full development (300 lots) is predicted to result in a maximum of
255 peak hour vehicles and 2700 daily vehicle movements to the surrounding road network. A new bypass
road is proposed to reduce additional traffic impact on Flowers Drive through Middle Camp. The local
network comprising the new bypass and Montefiore Street are expected to accommodate the greatest long-
term increase in additional traffic as a result of the full Coal & Allied proposal.

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                                                                                     Catherine Hill Bay (Middle Camp)

4.           Proposed road system and access
Area C or Stage 1 of the development is made up of two hamlets surrounded by two local loop roads
connecting into a new bypass road at four locations. The new bypass is proposed to be a collector road
standard and will connect with the existing Flowers Drive. The proposed road system is shown in Figure 1.
It is proposed to build the new bypass road in the early stages of the development to remove any additional
construction related traffic from travelling through Middle Camp. It was previously determined that the
additional 300 dwellings from the C & A development will not adversely impact the operation of local roads
and associated intersections within the study area/“area of influence”. It is considered that design of the
proposed local road system is sufficiently robust to accommodate additional traffic not only from the
commuter peak but also from the summer holiday peak. Considering that the local network is suitable to
accept the full development, then, the construction of Stage 1 for 56 lots is not expected to present an
additional burden on the network beyond this.

5.           Construction traffic access and impact
The main impact during construction is expected to be the need for heavy vehicles to use the local network
to access the site. It is proposed that construction vehicles access the site via Flowers Drive at Pacific
Highway and then via the new bypass road. The early completion of new bypass road would provide a key
access to all site related traffic and provides the benefit of removing additional traffic from travelling through
Middle Camp. The site accesses will be designated in accordance with the RTA’s “Guide to construction
traffic management” and the appropriate traffic control plans.

It is expected that up to 50 employees would be on site at any one time, conservatively requiring 50 cars to
gain access to the site. It is expected that all staff would park within the site itself and would not impact on
existing local roads by parking on them. The earthworks required would aim to ensure that cut and fill is
equalled over the whole site meaning that there will be minimal spoil carted to or from the site. In terms of
deliveries for materials and concrete etc, there are expected to be no more than a maximum of 30 heavy
vehicles per day accessing the site. Therefore the daily total movements expected to the site would be 100
car movements and 60 truck movements. This represents a low number of vehicles compared with the
Concept Plan arrangement. Therefore the Stage 1 construction phase is not expected to pose an issue in
terms of intersection capacity on the existing network.

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                                                                        Catherine Hill Bay (Middle Camp)

Figure 1      Catherine Hill Bay Concept Plan (Indicative Lot Layout)

Over a Century of
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