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									                                                                                                                                               SAVE $20 WITH OUR
                                                                                                                                               EARLY BIRD SPECIAL!
                                                                                                                                                   Pay the full cost of your chosen classes
                                                                                                                                                                  50% discount!
                                                                                                                                              by 17 April and get a

                                                       To register, contact Townsville City Council.
    EARLY BIRD SPECIAL!                                Participants will be required to complete a
Pay the full cost of your chosen classes by 17 April
       and get the early bird special, up to               medical clearance form and a health
             50% discount!                              screening form to confirm entry into the
                                                          Register your interest early.
                                                              Bookings essential.

                                                       CONTACT >>
                                                                                                                   Townsville City Council is pleased to
                                                       Townsville City Council Sport & Recreation Officer
                                                                                                                    present the next instalment of the
                                                                                                                    Active & Healthy Seniors Program.
                                                       Phone: 4727 9000                                     The Active & Healthy Seniors Program offers eight weeks of fun, friendly and
                                                                                                            low-cost physical activity and recreation classes to promote and encourage
                                                                                                                       active and healthy lifestyles for Townsville’s over-50s.
                                                                                                                                            >> 20 April - 12 June, 2009

Join in as many low cost and fun activities as you like and become an Active & Healthy Senior. Each activity lasts eight weeks and costs less if you pay before 17 April.
                      The program commences the week beginning Monday 20 April 2009 and concludes the week ending Friday 12 June 2009.

 BARRA FISHING AND GOLF DRIVING>>                                AQUA AEROBICS>>                                                                  FIT & FLEX>>
 Come and experience a catch of a lifetime then try              A low-impact form of aerobics that allows you to keep                            A fun variety of cardiovascular and muscular
 your luck at the golf driving range. An instructor will         cool by being in a pool! Aqua aerobics is particularly                           exercises for improved heart/lung efficiency and
 be available to assist you with your fishing and golf.          beneficial to people with joint problems or those                                increased muscular endurance. The session finishes
 You have an option to catch and release or purchase             recovering from injury.                                                          with relaxing stretches to improve joint and muscle
 your fish and take it home with you. This is a great            INSTRUCTOR >>          Fiona Muxlow                                              flexibility. If you can walk a flight of stairs then you
 way to meet new people while having fun.                        CLASS TIMES >>         Wednesdays - 8am to 9am                                   will be able to do this class.
 CLASS TIMES >> Mondays - 2.30pm to 4pm                          COURSE DATES >>        22 April to 10 June                                       INSTRUCTOR >> Donna Walton
 COURSE DATES >> 20 April to 8 June                              VENUE >>               Tobruk Pool, The Strand                                   COURSE DATES >> 24 April to 12 June
 VENUE >>        Townsville’s Barra Fishing Farm,                Please bring a towel, water bottle and pool noodle (if you have one!)            CLASS TIMES >> Fridays - 8am to 9am
                 Allambie Lane, Rasmussen                                                                                                         VENUE >>        Fit for Life Centre, Charters Towers Rd
 Please bring sunscreen, a hat and a water bottle                MEDITATION>>                                                                     Please bring a towel, water bottle and supportive covered shoes
                                                                 Meditation can help you to lower blood pressure, feel
 YOGA>>                                                          more relaxed and increase your energy levels. It can                             TAI CHI>>
 A gentle stretch program incorporating: breathing               also help with migraines and the management of pain                              A gentle form of exercise which improves aerobic
 exercises, Pilates-based abdominal exercises and                and stress in order to improve your quality of life.                             fitness, relaxation, coordination and suppleness. Tai
 relaxation. Increased flexibility, a stronger back and          INSTRUCTOR >>          Paul Jones                                                Chi has been shown to reduce falls, relieve the
 a calm state of mind are a direct result of this low            CLASS TIMES >>         Thursdays - 1pm to 2pm                                    symptoms of arthritis and back pain and improve
 impact, rejuvenating program.                                   COURSE DATES >>        23 April to 11 June                                       postural problems.
 INSTRUCTOR >>         Gail Matthews                             VENUE >>               Wulguru Community Centre,                                 INSTRUCTOR >> Ann Sheehan
 CLASS TIMES >>        Mondays - 8am to 9am                                             14 Edison Street                                          CLASS TIMES >> Fridays - 2pm to 3pm
 COURSE DATES >>       20 April to 8 June                        Please bring a pillow and water bottle; wear loose, comfortable clothing         COURSE DATES >> 24 April to 12 June
 VENUE >>              Annandale Community Centre,                                                                                                VENUE >>        Annandale Community Centre,
                       67-101 MacArthur Drive                    STRENGTH TRAINING>>                                                                              67-101 MacArthur Drive
 Please bring a towel and water bottle                           Gentle exercise using resistance or light weights for                            Please bring a water bottle and wear supportive covered shoes
                                                                 upper and lower body muscles to increase balance
 TEN PIN BOWLING>>                                               and strength.
 This is a fun recreational activity that will get you           INSTRUCTOR >>          Donna Walton                                               COST OF EACH EIGHT-WEEK ACTIVITY COURSE >>
 moving. Coaches will be available to improve your               CLASS TIMES >>         Thursdays - 11am to 12pm                                   OPTION 1 $20 if payment made before Friday 17 April 2009
 skills and advise on the rules of the game.                     COURSE DATES >>        23 April to 11 June                                        (EARLY BIRD) at reception of Community Planning and

                                                                 VENUE >>               Fit for Life Centre, Charters Towers Rd                                 Services, Level 1, 280 Northtown, Flinders Mall
 CLASS TIMES >> Tuesday - 9am to 11am
                                                                                                                                                   OPTION 2 $30 if payment made at the first session of your
 COURSE DATES >> 21 April to 9 June                              Please bring a towel, water bottle and supportive covered shoes
                                                                                                                                                                chosen activity
 VENUE >>        Kirwan Ten Pin Bowling,
                                                                                                                                                   OPTION 3 $40 if payment is made any later then the
                 101 Bamford Lane, Kirwan                                                                                                                       first session
 Please bring a water bottle and a pair of socks

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