For youth ages 16 to 24 who arent quite sure what to do with by sdaferv


									                                                                      Youth Connections Services

                               For youth ages 16 to 24 who aren’t quite sure what to do with
                               their future...
 #101, 331-3 Avenue            Rural Youth Connections is sponsored by the Alberta Government.
 P.O. Box 2159                 This free program helps youth between the ages of 16 and 24 build
 Strathmore, AB T1P 1K2
 Phone: 403-934-6488           productive education/career paths, develop skills and explore work
 Fax: 403-934-6492             options.
 Toll Free:
 1-888-881-9675                By working with a career counsellor, youth can discover career
 Email:                        options through these services:
 Website:             Career Planning
                                   Self-assessment -discovering one’s interests, skills and
                                      values relating to career areas
                                   Occupational Profiles - researching occupations based on
Resources                             assessment
                                   Information Gathering - learning more about specific
Job postings from employers           occupations by interviewing people in those positions, job
located throughout Wheatland          shadowing or work experience
County, Kneehill County and
surrounding areas              Education Planning
                                   Researching programs and schools to best fit one’s needs
Computer and Internet Access         (admission requirements, cost, courses, location, etc.)
                                   Researching colleges, apprenticeship programs or high
Educational and Training
                                     school upgrading programs
                                   Assistance with applications and registration in school
Volunteer Binder                     programs

Energy Sector—Employer Info    Job Search Skills
Binder                                Assistance with creating a resume or cover letter
                                      Practicing job interview skills
Access to Daily and Weekly            Access to local job board and Canada-wide job bank
Newspapers                            Assistance with job searching on the Internet, job board or
                                       job bank
Lending Library
                               Student Finance
HRDC Canada Job Bank               Assistance with accessing and applying for student loans or
                                     student financing
Photocopier and Fax

Application Forms
Employment Insurance
Social Insurance Number
Student Finance
Job Applications

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