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									Have you ever thought about how wonderful it would be to have one of those "ripped" bodies
that you so often see in the movies and the pages of popular magazines? Take the protagonists in
the 2007 film 300 for example - who on Earth wouldn't want to become as ripped as the Spartans
in the movie 300? The movie is not only an exciting and visually thrilling adaptation of Frank
Miller's acclaimed graphic novel about King Leonidas and his small band of 300 Spartan
warriors' efforts to stall the mighty million-man army of Persian King Xerxes at the Battle of
Thermopylae - it is also a film that captured the attention of audiences worldwide who were
amazed at the fit and ripped bodies of the actors on the screen!

How did they do it?

While many had initially speculated that the only way to become as ripped as the Spartans in the
movie 300 would be to benefit from the same special effects technology that was presumably
used in the movie, we now know that they were not the product of airbrushing or computer
editing. The fact is that Gerard Butler and the other members of the cast obtained those bodies
only after months of diet, fitness, and strength training. That training had one goal in mind: to
enable the actors to obtain the level of fitness and lean musculature that would have been
commonplace for ancient warriors accustomed to living off of the bounty of the land. To become
as ripped as the Spartans in the movie 300 requires nothing less than a total commitment to a
disciplined regimen of exercise and diet.

 Though the production staff actually employed a number of diet and exercise routines to
       help the actors to obtain their fit and lean look, Michael-Paul Patterson’s

Fitness program, Diet of the Masters has been the most talked-about. This program is designed to
elevate the overall fitness level, endurance, and muscle mass of the participants, while burning
fat away in record time. The exercise routine derives its name from the fact that the exit test
involves a circuit training routine consisting of a total of 300 repetitions of various exercises.
While it is possible to look like the actors without completing this test (indeed, by some accounts
only one of the actors following the routine succeeded in accomplishing the final goals of the
test), the work that leads up to it is unavoidable.

The Routine Itself

That work primarily focused upon circuit training. Circuit training differs from more traditional
workout programs, in that you receive very little rest between circuits. To become as ripped as
the Spartans in the movie 300, you should learn to employ this type of routine. In a circuit, you
perform repetitions of various types of exercises in sequence, without pausing. For instance, one
circuit might call for you to do 20 pull-ups, followed immediately by 20 pushups, and then 20
crunches for the abdomen. Once you have completed that circuit, you pause for a minute or two,
and then repeat. Four or five circuits in a row will help to elevate your heart rate and keep your
metabolism revved for body fat loss, even as you develop your muscles, strength, and endurance

The Diet of a Spartan
Of course, as important as the circuit training is to your efforts to become as ripped as the
Spartans in the movie 300, most of the progress made by the actors in the film came from their
strict adherence to a very restricted diet designed to provide them just enough calories to
function on a daily basis. The diet itself needs to consist of a very high concentration of protein -
270 grams for a 180 pound man - to provide the amino acids your body needs to build that lean
muscle you want. If, like Gerard Butler and his co-stars, you can be sufficiently disciplined to
follow the diet and exercise plan for several months, you too can become as ripped as the
Spartans in the movie 300.

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