Employer refuses to recognize Corrections as autonomous

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					The Factual Report on Corrections Negotiations                           Issue #17     January 3, 2002

   “If we do not change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed.” – Chinese proverb

Employer refuses to
recognize Corrections
as autonomous
On Dec. 20, 2001, OPSEU                 I would appreciate a reply          Yours very truly,
Chief Negotiator Andrew             to this letter at your earliest         Douglas K. Gray
Todd sent a letter to Mr.           convenience.
Doug Gray, contracted                   On Dec. 21, 2001, Gray           Here’s what your Corrections
Chief Spokesperson for              responded. The letter was sent       Team has to say:
Kevin Wilson. Wilson is             on letterhead from Hicks
chief negotiator for the            Morley, Barristers &                 “We have put forth the
employer.                           Solicitors.                          position of our members and
    The gist of the letter is as                                         the employer has refused to
follows:                               Dear Mr. Todd:                    acknowledge it. This is a
    “… the Central team                                                  classic example of the
agrees that any issue the              I have your letter dated          employer’s contempt and lack
Corrections team wishes to          December 20, 2001, which I           of respect for the Corrections
raise in bargaining at its table    received today. I will repeat        category and it is totally
has the full approval of the        the position expressed               unacceptable. The
Central team. Moreover, we          verbally at our meeting on the       membership must respond.” –
urge you to accept the              morning of December 20,              Jack Hopkins, Corrections
Corrections’ team bargaining        2001. It is the Employer’s           Bargaining Team, Region 1.
agenda whether or not it was        position that the matters
formerly seen to be a central       pursued by the Union at the          “The employer simply doesn’t
or bargaining unit issue.           Corrections Bargaining table         want to talk to us about health
    … Accordingly, we would         that have heretofore been            and safety, early retirement or
ask you to agree that the list      bargained centrally must             unclassified issues. We all
of items proposed by the            continue to be bargained at          now must work together to get
Corrections team be accepted        the Central table.                   their attention and make them
for determination at that table        I trust that this is              talk to us.” – Barry Scanlon,
regardless of subject matter.       responsive to your inquiry.                      (Continued on page 2)
Employer refuses to recognize Corrections as autonomous
(Continued from page 1)           time for the corrections          “This letter is nothing but a
Chair, Corrections                division to show its contempt     provocation designed to
Bargaining Team, Region 2.        for this government.” – Dave      demoralize our members and
                                  Graves, Vice-Chair,               test our resolve. I am certain
“Of all people, shame on Mr.      Corrections Bargaining            that Gray and company will
Wilson to underestimate this      Team, Region 5.                   be intimidated by the measure
group.” – Larry Cripps,                                             of our resolve.” – Mark
Corrections Bargaining            “The government’s position is     Kotanen, Vice-Chair,
Team, Region 3.                   B.S. They are forcing the         Central Bargaining Team,
                                  members of the Corrections        Corrections Representative.
“The days of the government       Category to take action.” –
dictating to correctional         Rick Dagenais, Corrections        “They are sending out a feeler
workers what they can and         Bargaining Team, Region 6.        to our membership to
cannot negotiate are over. The                                      determine how bad we want
government can kiss my hairy      “This response shows the          our Corrections Team to
a**.” – Jim Bothwell,             arrogance of the employer.        negotiate our contract. I have
Corrections Bargaining            This is a strike issue if I’ve    no doubt that you will send
Team, Region 4.                   ever seen one. If it’s a fight    that message back to this
                                  they want, it’s a fight they’ll   government, loud and clear.”
“This government has shown        get.”– Len Mason,                 – Darwin Lacelle, Central
its contempt for the              Corrections Bargaining            Team Member, Unclassified
corrections division. Now it’s    Team, Region 7.                   Representative

Waste Watchers
Where else can one                managers.                            The manager responsible
create a job…from                    Senior managers at             for creating this position must
                                  Brookside have made an            have received their training at
nothing?                          application for a full time       the Harry Potter School of
                                  scheduling officer. This is an    Tricks and Chicanery (also
At the Brookside Youth            attempt to keep the manager       know as Hogwarts). What are
Centre, staff positions have      overage. The fictitious job       you going to do about this one
decreased by 9 per cent. At       consists of managing a living     Mr. Sampson?
the same time, a fictitious       unit, which is currently under       Our thanks go to the
management position has been      construction. The manager         member who provided this
added to look after the           holding this position at          example of wasteful spending.
interests of a long time acting   present has no responsibility     A tee shirt will find its way to
manager. The end result is a      for staff or offenders. Nice      you.
10 per cent increase in           work if you can get it.

                                                                              Please turn to page 3
Spotlight on your team                                           Your
Mark Kotanen, Central          Mark was elected as the           corrections team
                                                                 Region 1:
Team Corrections               Corrections representative for    Jack Hopkins, L. 122
                               Region 1 and was then elected     Region 2:
Representative                                                   Barry Scanlon, L. 230 (chair)
                               as the Corrections
                                                                 Region 3:
                               representative on the Central
Mark Kotanen is a well-                                          Larry Cripps, L. 309
                               Team. He was then elected as      Region 4:
known personality in Ontario             Vice-Chair of the       Jim Bothwell, L. 467
Corrections circles.                     Central Team at the     Region 5:
A longtime                               Central Bargaining      Dave Graves, L. 521
president at Local                                               (vice-chair)
                                         Conference in April     Region 6:
128 (Sarnia Jail),                       2001.                   Rick Dagenais, L. 642
Mark has served                          “This round of          Region 7:
corrections                              bargaining addresses
                                                                 Len Mason, L. 737
provincially as the                      the viability of        You can reach the bargaining team
elected                                  public services like    at (416) 815-0284, by fax at (416)
representative on                        Ontario                 815-1412 and by e-mail at
the original                                                     correctionsteam@opseu.org.
                               Corrections,” says Mark. “We
Bargaining Unit Overhaul       have to achieve a quality
Team and is a three-time       collective agreement and a
elected member on the          decent living wage. That is the
Corrections Ministry                                             The Correct View is your only
                               only way to retain our            accurate source of Corrections
Employee Relations             professional correctional         Team information during this
Committee.                     officers and keep our             round of bargaining. If you don’t
   At Demand Setting 2001,     recruitment process viable.”      read it here, you can't be sure it's
                                                                 true. Don’t rely on gossip and
                                                                 rumours. We will provide the

                                                                 The Correct View will be available by
                                                                 fax, by e-mail, and on the OPSEU web
                                                                 site at www.opseu.org. To receive it
                                                                 directly, send your secure fax number
                                                                 to Lesley Williams at (416) 443-1762
                                                                 or send your e-mail address to

                                                                 The Correct View is authorized for
                                                                 distribution by Barry Scanlon, chair,
                                                                 Corrections team, and Leah
                                                                 Casselman, president.