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17 August, 2009 RE ROD RAMAGE “Amazon Voice” Project Arts Nexus


17 August, 2009 RE ROD RAMAGE “Amazon Voice” Project Arts Nexus

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									                               17 August, 2009

                               RE: ROD RAMAGE “Amazon Voice” Project

                               Arts Nexus Inc as the Far North Queensland’s region’s umbrella body
                               for arts, culture, heritage and creative industries since 1995, looks for
                               opportunities to enhance community engagement and social inclusion
                               in expression based on community cultural development through all
                               its activities and programs. Our membership demographic is creative
                               practitioners in all art forms, from around the region.

                               Arts Nexus supports initiatives such as the “Amazon Voice” that
                               stimulates cross portfolio (arts and science), international
                               partnerships that bring profile and expertise to the region. There is no
                               doubt that the “Amazon Voice” project is highly relevant to Far North
                               Qld with our own rainforest needing attention and care. The aim of
                               this project is to bridge these two world heritage rainforests through
                               artistic expression. Rod has been a dedicated creative practitioner in
                               our region for many years. His tenacity and passion for the “Amazon
                               Voice” project is commendable.

                               I look forward to participating in the results of his networking and the
                               inevitable inspiration he will receive from this tour to the Amazon. I
                               wish Rod all the best in finding opportunities to present the work here
                               in Far North Queensland in the future.

                               Yours sincerely,

                               Susan Reid
                               EXECUTIVE OFFICER

    ARTS NEXUS Inc: growing creative people, communities and industries – the regional arts and cultural development
    organisation and non-profit creative industry association for FNQ. Arts NeXus gratefully acknowledges Key Organisations
financial support from Community Partnerships at the Australia Council for the Arts as major sponsor, as well as support from Arts
                                        Queensland’s Cultural Infrastructure Program [CIP].

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