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									12 EASY STEPS
to home ownership!
12 EASY STEPS to home ownership!

Step 1 – Contact                                 From this information, your approximate            Once you have selected the best finance
                                                 borrowing capacity is calculated, and              option, our finance team prepares the
Walk In                                          options tailored. You then have a guide            documentation for you to sign and then
                                                 as to your weekly repayments.                      sends to your financier to be assessed.
If you have time, visit one of our display
centres and chat to a Devine consultant. It      The extensive range of Devine finance
is obligations free. And there’s no pressure!    and Home & Land packages in South                  Step 5 – Contracts
                                                 Australia offer many dynamic opportunities!        Now you’ve selected your home loan, in
The information you receive at the time is
important. The consultant can help you decide    And remember Devine has helped many                around 7 days its time for you to sign your
between your needs and requirements - help       people just like you achieve their own             fixed price contract. The fixed price building
to set straight in your mind what you might be   dream homes.                                       contract is what we all work by. It is another
looking for.                                                                                        peace of mind contribution from Devine
                                                 Step 3 – Selection                                 because it provides you and your bank with
                                                                                                    knowledge – upfront of exactly what your
                                                 Now for the really exciting part - selecting
Check out www.devine.com.au. As market                                                              home and land package is going to cost.
                                                 your home design and location, taking
leaders, our innovative designs, facades                                                            Naturally, our sales consultants will go over
                                                 into account your interior and exterior
and colour schemes offer you exciting            requirements.                                      all the paperwork and, of course, resolve
options for your new home.                                                                          any queries you have.
                                                 Only you can choose the home that meets
Phone                                            your needs from the many designer homes we         Before preparing your fixed price
                                                 have on offer so take your time. Then having       building contract Devine has already
Alternatively, jump on the phone and talk to
one of our sales consultants today - Phone       made your choice, pay an initial $500
                                                 reservation fee to hold your chosen property.      •	 Investigated	building	and	planning	
13 24 66
                                                 Time now to move on to applying for a home            requirements of the local council
Step 2 – Qualification                           loan.
                                                                                                    •	 Sited	the	home	to	meet	these	
                                                 Step 4 – Finance                                      requirements and offer the most
Can you afford it? Well, of course that is
very important.                                                                                        functional use of the home and land
                                                 We are famous of course for our No Legal’s
The qualification process allows you to work     and No Worries finance. But we also offer a        •	 Prepared	a	preliminary	soil	report	
out what you are able to spend on your new       wealth of other options.                              determining the soil conditions of the land.
                                                 Indeed Devine’s capability in this area is         Once we have finalized and signed your
So talk confidentially to one of our             among the strongest in Australia. Through          fixed price contract Devine will:
consultants about your financial situation.
                                                 partnership with a key finance division            •	 Send	signed	copies	to	your	financier,	
It will help if you can provide details of       we have access to more than 35 different              conveyancer and yourself.
your household income such as:                   financial institutions offering many different
                                                 home loan solutions, with many options that        •	 We	will	then	begin	the	engineering	
A) Weekly income, gross or net, and              are exclusive to Devine.                              process in preparation for lodgment
regular overtime or part-time work.                                                                    to the local council
                                                 So now you are ready to proceed; one of
B) Regular commitments or payments
                                                 our professional financial advisors will discuss
such as car payments, credit cards, store
accounts, interest free loans and so on.         your requirements and present the full range
                                                 of financial options open to you.
Step 6 – Your Client Services                      Step 9 – Building Approvals                        happy with the quality and finish of your
                                                                                                      new home. So this is definitely an opportunity
Representative                                     You don’t need to do anything. Devine will         not to be missed.
From this point onwards your Devine Client         submit building permit applications to council.
                                                   Either a private building certifier or a local     Your supervisor will also give you your
Service Representative will contact you to
                                                   council representative will asses your home        ‘Handover Pack’ for your new home, this
guide you through the next stages.
                                                   design to ensure it complies with the local        contains warranties, 3 months maintenance
He or she will be responsible for handling         regulations and by laws. Then they will grant      forms, engineers certificates and general
all the details from the time of contract          the development approval for construction to       information on your new home.
preparation right through to the end               begin on your home soon after.
construction of your new home.                                                                        Step 12 – Handover
                                                   Step 10 – Progress Payments                        Break out the champagne, its time to celebrate!
Step 7 – Colour Selection                                                                             Your new home is finished, the final payment is
                                                   There will be 5 progress payments during the
Now comes the fun part: selecting the              construction of your new home:                     made and you receive YOUR KEYS!
various materials and colours to decorate
                                                   1. When the footings are poured                              What a marvellous feeling.
your new home.
                                                   2. Upon substantial completion of wall                      Your very own Dream Home!
We have taken the hassle and risk out                 and roof frame
of choosing the colours for your new home.         3. Upon substantial completion of brick              For your peace of mind - a 3 month
With professionally selected colour schemes           work and roof cover                               maintenance period and a 5 year
already planned out for you, it’s an easy          4. Upon substantial completion of                    statutory warranty!
choice. The result: a fully coordinated,              2nd fix carpentry; and                            As part of Devine’s on-going commitment
stylish theme through out your new                 5. Upon practical completion                         to you, we invite you to email or post your
home. Hassle free!                                                                                      maintenance form to our Maintenance
                                                   You will be required to authorize your               Department if you detect a problem in
Devine has its own “Colour Room” and               financier to make payment to Devine on               the first 3 months of your occupancy.
professional staff to help you in all your         your behalf at each one of these stages.             The Maintenance Department will
selections.                                                                                             contact you to address your concerns
                                                   Step 11 – Final Inspection                           and will arrange for any applicable
Step 8 – Land Settlement                           with Supervisor                                      items to be rectified.

Your conveyancer will liaise with ours to                                                               Plus as a Devine extra inclusion, you
                                                   Just prior to the completion of your new home,       will receive a 5 year statutory warranty
ensure the legality of all the documents.          your Devine Client Service Representative will       from the time of building completion.
Payment will then take place for the land and      contact you to organize a tour of your new
transfer of its title into your name will occur.                                                        It’s all part of the Devine philosophy
                                                   home with your Building Supervisor, showing          of ensuring we provide you with the
Congratulations! You are now a proud               you its many features in the process. It is your     quality home you deserve.
land owner.                                        building supervisor’s job to ensure you are
For further details contact Devine Homes
  on 13 24 66 or www.devine.com.au
  All details are correct at the time of print. Consumers should consult their own investment and legal advisors.
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