Date January 11_ 2009 Name Rob _ Coby Hogendoorn by csgirla


									Date: January 11, 2009

Name: Rob & Coby Hogendoorn

Talk Title: “Hope in Uncertain Times” (1) Hope…for Romance and Marriage

1. Sunday Summary:

One of the deep longings of the human heart is for romance, which often leads to marriage.
All of this: the longing, the thrill of romance and the relationship of marriage are God’s
creations. Most of us know, however, that so much can go wrong in our pursuit of these
things in our lives. Sometimes we can even get to the point where we lose hope that we can
ever find, or recover this in our lives. In this study we’ll consider some of God’s wisdom to
finding hope in the often uncertain world of romance and marriage.

2. Connecting Questions: (Interactive, life sharing, thought and feeling)

   •   Share if you dare, the first time you “fell in love”. How old were you? What happened?
       What stands out about the moment? Do you even remember that far back?

   •   Recall and share about a marriage relationship that you’ve watched and admired. What
       made that relationship so strong and inspiring?

3. Truth Questions: (Discovering what God says from the Bible)

   •   Have someone read the classic wedding text; (1 Corinthians 13:1-7)

   •   What do you notice about the description of love in (verses 4-7)? Is love primarily a
       feeling, or an action? What does it look like carried out according to these verses?

   •   Rob & Coby mentioned 4 keys for marriage as being Courtship, Compromise,
       Commitment and Christ. Which of these 4 do you think is the hardest to do? Why?

   •   Have someone read (Malachi 2:16) which says “Guard yourself in your spirit and do not
       break faith with the spouse of your youth.” What are some ways to “guard your spirit”?

   •   Rob & Coby also discussed three principles for people presently single-but seeking
       romance: Learn to Do Single, Pre-Decide to Not Settle, and Understand Your
       Personality and Compensate. Discuss how these biblical principles can bring hope to
       “currently single” people. If you’re single, which of these seems the most unrealistic?
       Which one do you most need to implement?

4. Transformation Question: (Taking it Further, Life Application)

   •   Take time this week to analyze 3 marriages you know rather well. What strengths can
       you learn from? What weaknesses can you work and pray to avoid?

   •   During closing prayer, having a silent time in which group members ask God for help
       with the area they most struggle with.

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