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					   FEDERAL BUDGET UPDATE                                    Rural Financial Counselling
The Australian Government has
delivered a budget which includes
                                                            Service NSW - Central West
                                                                                                                  “Do you need help to
                                               Independent Financial Counselling for Farmers and Small Business
elements that will benefit farmers. The
following includes some elements that                                                                                understand and
offer ongoing support to eligible              Location         Counsellor                  Phone
farmers and small rural business.
                                               Regional         CEO - Jeff Caldbeck         02 6884 2275
                                                                                                                       improve your
    Continued exceptional circumstance
    funding ($429 million) assistance to
    eligible farmers and small businesses in   Coonamble        Jen Hoath                   02 6822 3220            financial position
    EC Drought Declared Areas including
    EC relief payments & EC Interest Rate
                                               Buronga          Brian Dodson                03 5021 1558           now EC is closing in
    The Transitional Income Support
    Program (TIS) has been extended to 30
                                               Buronga          Mike Ridings                03 5021 1558
                                                                                                                  many areas of NSW?”
    June 2010 and assists producers            Dubbo            John Jones                  02 6884 2275
    coming off EC assistance who are still
    experiencing financial hardship.
                                               Dubbo            Terry Skinner               02 6884 2275
    Climate Change Adjustment Program
    (CCAP) Professional Advice and             Forbes           Robert Muffet               02 6852 3837
    Planning Grants—up to $5,500 for
    eligible farm enterprises.                 Gilgandra        Cath Mabbott                02 6847 1084
    Re-establishment Assistance—and Exit
    Grant of up to $150,000 for eligible       Mudgee           Liz Brown                   02 6372 6660
    farmers who have decided to leave the
    land.                                      Nyngan           Victoria Boag               02 6832 2169

    A series of programs to provide Rural      Orange           Andrew Foy-Brown            02 6361 1117
    Support Services and Mental Health                                                                            Rural Financial Counselling Service
    Support for drought affected               Tottenham        Fran Rowe                   02 6893 3843                 NSW—Central West
    An expansion of the Government’s           Walgett          Catherine Bott              02 6828 2049
                                                                                                                   has an effective farmer assistance
    Investment Allowance for businesses                                                                             program to help you become self
    with turnovers less that $2 million.       Regional         David Waters                04 3777 6733
    They will be able to claim 50% back                                                                                   reliant and improve
    through tax until the end of December
    2009. Businesses with a turnover
                                                                                                                  your primary production enterprise.
    greater than $2 million will qualify for
    30% tax allowance until 30 June 2009.          Supported by the Australian Government                              www.rfcs-cw.com.au
    To take advantage of this allowance             and the New South Wales Government
    please contact your tax agent.
                                                                          INTRODUCING the                       In conjunction with developing an EAP
             Rural Financial Counselling                                                                         your Rural Financial Counsellor can:
                                                                    ENTERPRISE ACTION PLAN (EAP)
             Service NSW - Central West
                                                                       “Preparing for the future”
                                                                                                                  Analyse your cash flow and viability;
 Independent Financial Counselling for Farmers and Small Business
                                                                                                                  Prepare budgets, and profit and loss
                                                                    Your local Rural Financial Counsellor         statements;
                                                                    has a new tool developed by the               Identify areas of risk in your business;
     What is the Rural Financial                                    Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and
                                                                                                                  Improve your ability to plan your business
                                                                    Forestry’s (DAFF) - Office of Rural
    Counselling Service Program?                                    Financial Counselling in Canberra.
                                                                                                                  Complete action plans you may need to
The primary role of the Rural Financial                                                                           develop to receive grants or income
                                                                    This tool, the Enterprise Action Plan,        assistance;
Counselling Service (RFCS) is to support                            covers areas such as management               Identify any advice and training you may
primary producers, fishers and small rural                          practices, climate variation, cash flow       need;
businesses who are suffering financial                              planning, training, development,              Facilitate meetings and communication
hardship, and who have no alternative                               succession planning and much more.            with lenders and financial institutions;
sources of impartial support to manage                                                                            Obtain and distribute information on
and adjust to the challenge of industry and                         This Plan will help you with forward          government and industry assistance
climate change.                                                     planning and could form an important          schemes;
                                                                    element in assisting you to finance any       Identify government assistance you might
With Exceptional Circumstances (EC)                                 changes to your enterprise.                   qualify for;
declaration concluding in most areas of                                                                           Provide referrals to Centrelink and other
the state the service now offers clients                            Please call your nearest Rural Financial      relevant services;
assistance with developing an Enterprise                            Counsellor to arrange an appointment or       Assist with information to aid clients with
Action Plan.                                                        farm visit to discuss how the Enterprise      business decision-making in relation to
                                                                                                                  their rural enterprises; and
                                                                    Action Plan can be used to assist you in
The plan can be tailored to your business                           your primary production business.             Assist eligible clients in considering a
                                                                                                                  range of options (including pre-referral
and allows you to analyse and consider                                                                            succession issues) for the future.
new options.                                                        The Enterprise Action Plan could
                                                                    change the way you look at your
                                                                    business.                                                   FarmReady
                                                                                                               FarmReady Reimbursement Grants provide up
                                                                                                               to $1500 each financial year to eligible farmers
   OUR SERVICES ARE FREE OF                                                                                    to attend approved training courses. Funds
                                                                                                               will be available to cover course costs, as well
                                                                      CONTACT OUR REGIONAL                     as associated reasonable travel, childcare and

    IMPARTIAL AND TOTALLY                                                  OFFICE ON:                          accommodation expenses.

         INDEPENDENT                                                            026884 2275                    For more information on the FarmReady
                                                                                                               program visit www.daff.gov.au/farmingfuture

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