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Childrens Ministry – Volunteers The Three Rs - Recruit_ Retain


									                      Children’s Ministry – Volunteers
             The Three R’s - Recruit, Retain and Reward
This interactive workshop led by a team of two facilitators will provide a comprehensive overview of recruiting,
retaining and rewarding volunteers for children’s ministry. Come prepared to discuss your own successes,
challenges and solutions in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Participants will leave:
      a) motivated to recruit, retain and reward volunteers in their church
      b) with new ideas and practical suggestions on how to recruit, retain and reward volunteers in the
children’s ministry program.
      c) with a compilation of all the information from the workshop sent to each participant at the workshop.
      d) with an Out-line hand-out designed to help with the process of recruiting, retaining and rewarding
      e) with a list of up-to-date resources.
    Communication and Technology in Children and Family Ministries
Objective: Provide a framework that leaders in children and family ministries will be able to engage in discussion
regarding the role of technology and communication in their area of ministries. The goal is also to help provide
realistic goals and dreams of how they can practically enhance their ministries through effective use of
technology and communications. Practical examples will be provided throughout to help demonstrate the points
being made.

1. Background
     - Overview of role of communications and technology in the church and the changes taken place
     - Importance of effective communication and effective use of technology in children and family ministries

2. Overview of technologies
– areas to dream and things to understand
      a. tools for ministry
            - databases/software
                  - church databases/software licensing
            - hardware – computers/projectors/etc.
            - video
      b. technology for kids and families
            - what’s in, what out, and what’s coming
            - discerning role of technology in life
3. Effective Communication
     a. Communication methods and tools
          - signage
          - paper
          - digital
          - verbal
          - etc.
     b. Communication tips and tricks

4. Working on the web
    a. Websites
           i. ‘diet’ website design – fresh, what’s needed, intentional
          ii. Types of websites
         iii. Uses for websites
    b. Email
    c. Internet Etiquette
    d. Other

5. Working with volunteers and staff
    a. Creativity vs. technology
           i. Who’s responsible for creativity
          ii. communication
    b. Recruiting and leading

6. Resources

7. Discussion / Q&A
WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW!                                                 WHAT ARE WE DOING
                                                                             RIGHT NOW?
 Overview of current issues affecting families and children in
                        today’s world.
           • what does the research say?                                 “CPR” (cultivate plant reap)
           • what does YOUR community say? And, what                        MINISTRY MODEL
              does your CHURCH community say?

 Participants will be given tools to use to stimulate and direct      Participants will be given a ministry model to
conversations with church and/or community families as a “first        assist in evaluating what they are presently
     step” to determining what the issues and needs are in            doing in their own churches and communities.
              participants’ own church/community.

                                      WHAT ELSE COULD WE DO?
 Participants will discuss and dissect real life examples of ‘bridging” ministries, events, activities. Documentation
 and resources will be provided to enable participants to plan similar events in their own community/church.
                                                 •   SHARING OUR “STORIES”

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