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									                                   West Coast America
The West Coast of America is a place of extremes. So you’re going to have an extremely good time here! Los Angeles and
Las Vegas are full of glitz and glamour, bright lights and party nights. While leafy San Francisco has a relaxing pace and is the
gateway to the beautiful Napa Valley Wine Region. Then there are the incredible natural wonders in sandy Arizona, which are
famous for their majestic formations and breathtaking views. The colourful contrasts of the West will take your breath away.

 Anaheim                                             San Francisco                                         Arizona
Best known as the home to Disneyland Resort,        A sophisticated harbourside city, famous for its      Arizona is a place with an amazing landscape
along with many other theme parks. It also has      Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island. Hop on        and many natural wonders – from the Grand
some fantastic shopping spots – especially in       a boat and tour around the notorious prison,          Canyon and Monument Valley National Parks,
the South Coast Plaza. Anaheim is a great place     where some of America’s most dangerous                to the red rocks of Sedona and the magnificent
to use as a base for making outward journeys        offenders were once kept. Ride on an iconic           cacti of the Sonoran Desert. It’s the landscape
into the countryside. Hire a car to visit some      cable car, a quick and easy form of transport for     you envisage when you think of America’s red
famous coastline destinations like Huntington,      getting around the city. Catch a ferry to the arty    sandy desert. The national parks have been well
Newport and Laguna.                                 suburb of Sausalito and stop for a leisurely          preserved and there are many outdoor activities
                                                    coffee. Go shopping in Union Square, which is         you can participate in, like white water rafting,
 Los Angeles                                        teeming with the best brand names from all            trekking, horse riding and much more. If you
Los Angeles is the western gateway to America       around the world. Visit the infamous Haight           feel like teeing off at a world-class golf course,
and home to the glitz and glamour of                Ashbury, which was the hippy corner of the            stay in a golf resort in Scottsdale. Arizona also
Hollywood. Some of the biggest stars in the         world in the 1960s or spend a few nights in the       has some wonderful cities, including Tucson and
world live here, so make sure you’ve got your       nearby Napa Valley, a famous wine region and          Santa Fe, which have magnificent architecture
camera ready! Stroll down Rodeo Drive and go        a wonderful destination.                              and interesting museums.
on a shopping spree – you’ll find internationally
renowned designer boutiques all along here.          Las Vegas                                             Seattle
Dine in one of Los Angeles’ popular restaurants     Famous for its incredible themed casinos and          Known as the Emerald City, Seattle has one of
or head down to Malibu and lie on the golden        hotels which will dazzle you with their bright        America’s prettiest harbourfronts. Lush
sands with a picnic. A trip to Universal Studios    lights and sheer size. You’ll see re-creations of     mountains, blue lakes and the clear waters of
is also lots of fun and afterwards you may want     the Pyramids, Venice Canal, the Eiffel Tower and      the Puget Sound surround Seattle. This stunning
to pretend you’re a movie star, with a limousine    much more. It’s truly amazing! Las Vegas also         landscape is the setting for a city with a thriving
ride down Sunset Strip!                             has many restaurants and bars plus there’s            arts and cultural scene. Seattle is renowned for
                                                    always a production running in all the                its opera, ballet, art galleries, museums,
 San Diego                                          glamorous theatres. Although Las Vegas is a           festivals, theatre and much more. It has also
Close to the Mexican border, which means it         popular destination for couples getting married,      produced many famous bands and is still a
has a wonderful Spanish influence. From the         you may be surprised to know that it’s also a         mecca for Nirvana fans. Seattle is a great
architecture and culture to the gorgeous people,    great city for families. Many of the hotels have      holiday destination for singles, couples and
this place feels like a slice of Mexico. If you     kids’ facilities and there are plenty of activities   especially for families because it has the Seattle
want to head over the border, San Diego is the      to enjoy in Las Vegas, such as rides, scenic tours    Children’s Theatre, the Children’s Museum and
perfect place to base yourself. As California’s     and trips to the Grand Canyon.                        the Seattle International Children’s Festival!
second largest city, there is a lot to see and do
in San Diego, and with over a hundred
kilometres of beautiful beaches, the Laguna
Mountains and a gorgeous climate, it’s an
excellent holiday destination for nature lovers.
San Diego is home to SeaWorld and the famous
San Diego Zoo.

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                                       West Coast America

 Things to see and do - Anaheim                               Things to see and do - Las Vegas                            Currency
• Buy a Disneyland Resort Park Hopper                        • See a show in one of its magnificent theatres             The US dollar is the American currency. All
  Ticket – you’ll need more than 2 days to                   • Explore the factory outlet stores for a                   banknote denominations are the same size and
  really experience both parks                                 bargain                                                   colour (green).
• Hire a car to see the Orange County beaches                • Visit America’s largest indoor theme park –                Tipping
• Go shopping at one of the amazing malls                      Adventuredome
                                                                                                                         Everyone in America tips. It’s customary to tip
• Visit Knott’s Berry Theme Park and                         • Take a helicopter ride over the city or                   about 10-20% of the bill in restaurants. Plus
  Soak City                                                    Grand Canyon                                              you’re expected to tip hotel staff, bartenders,
                                                             • Watch the animated fountain of the                        taxi drivers and door attendants.
 Things to see and do - Los Angeles                            Bellagio Hotel
                                                                                                                          Getting there
• Spend a day at Universal Studios
                                                                                                                         Qantas has so many direct flights to America,
• Go shopping on Rodeo Drive                                   Climate                                                   from Australia, take your pick:
• Visit one of America’s famous beaches like                America is a big country with big climate                    • Australia (East Coast) to Los Angeles 28 times
  Santa Monica or Malibu                                    variations. So make sure you’re prepared. The                  a week
• Go on a tour of the stars’ homes                          summer months are generally warm to hot,
                                                            especially in the southern states and the winters            • Sydney to San Francisco 5 times a week
• Hang out at a celebrity bar or restaurant                                                                              • Sydney to New York (via Los Angeles) 7 times
                                                            can be quite cold, especially in the northern
                                                            states. On the West Coast the average                          a week
 Things to see and do - San Francisco                       temperature range in degrees Celsius is:                     There are also additional Qantas flights via
• Take a ride on a cable car                                                       Winter            Summer              Auckland, from Sydney and Brisbane.

• Hire a car and drive to the wine region                                         (Dec-Feb)         (Jun-Aug)
• Cruise around San Francisco Bay                           San Diego               9-19              19-25
• Visit Alcatraz Island                                     San Francisco           5-13              12-22
• Spend time at Fisherman’s Wharf                             Important documents
                                                            Please check the passport and visa requirements
                                                            with your travel consultant or the appropriate
                                                            embassy/consular office before you travel. We
                                                            strongly recommend that you purchase a
                                                            comprehensivetravel insurance policy, when you
                                                            book your holiday.

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