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					In this ‘small‘ post we thought to recap some of the techniques that
can be used to market your new site. Most of these are already known, but
it is always nice to have all of them collected in one place :

* Yahoo Answers.

Answering questions at can be proven an
extremely efficient marketing strategy. People there leave thousands of
questions and many of them remain unanswered. Answering questions, and
solving problems in a category similar to your line of business (i.e.
Computer Engineer, SEO, marketing, work from home, business models) can
easily make you an ‘expert’ of the specific field. Being the expert means
that people will want to actually visit your site and learn more. Further
to this answering questions on yahoo answers can produce a number of
backlinks for your site.


MySpace has more than 110 million monthly active users and over 300.000
new signups every daily. Getting this for a fact, you could considered
that the returns from a successful MySpace campaign could be huge. So the
more ‘friends’ you have on MySpace the better the changes you have to
transform some of them into customers. First of all create a Profile using
CSS to style your MySpace profile as close as possible to the site that
you want to market (including any logos). Secondly start adding targetted
friends by using the MySpace searching facility (i.e. by using keywords
like freelancer,marketing).

Yahoo Groups

Yahoo Groups ( is a great place for people to
talk and exchange ideas. You can search and join yahoo groups , which are
immediate related with your site (i.e. Freelancers, Wholesale,stocked
products) and start spreading the word for you new web site. Note that
if a group has 2,000 members, and you post a message, you will have
potential 2,000 users reading your message and maybe visiting your site.
Members of the groups are always interested to learn information on new
sites and ideas.

If you want to make group users even more interested on your site, you
can offer some free content and tools on them. This will make your site
even more appealing to them.

You can even create you own group and start posting. People which are
interested in the subjects you post will became members of your group.
Forum linking

Try to find ‘Do-follow‘ forums that are relevant with your site(s)
subject and register. In all forums that you are becoming a member of,
include your web sites url in signature of your profile. Having created
your signature, start posting!! Create new subjects or reply to existing
threats and use your preferred keywords within the links or perhaps catchy
titles to entice clicks. Be sure not to SPAM otherwise you can get banned.

Blog commenting

Blog commenting is a great way to advertise your site and also gain some
backlinks. It is usually in the center of many link building strategies
followed today. You can easily promote your site, by identifying related
blogs and comment on their posts. In most blogs you can include the URL
of your site during the commenting procedure. Two things that you must
note here is that in order to get backlinks, the blogs must be do-follow,
and that you must make sure that your comments provide some value to the
users of the blog (i.e. just don’t leave a post if you have nothing to
add). You can easily find such blogs by simple searching the Google :

Craigslist is a great place to promote your web site and service. It allows
you to submit your free ads Frelance jobs, freelance resources,
freelancers, freelancing,consultants, consulting, contractors;but be
sure not to spam it. Just one or two ads per week in a few select cities
will do the trick. Don’t submit too many adds because you could be flagged
or labeled as spam. As afinal note ensure to use catchy titles to ensure
your ad is read.

Site maps

Sitemaps is the best way to help search engine crawl your site. If you
want to have high rankings you must definitely include a site map in your
sites and submit it to google. You can create a free site map using the
following site.

When finished, then upload it to your site, then submit it to
Google using the link below:

Submit your sitemaps using Yahoo Site Explorer, similar format to

Google Webmaster Tools

Directories Submission

Directories is one of the oldest way to get backlinks. Most Web admins
already do this, but just in case you haven’t, you should submit to
directories. A good list of directories can be found in:

Try to submit your site to high PR Do Follow directories. You can easily
check if the directory is a Do Follow by clicking on a link inside the
directory and checking on its properties. If it says ‘No follow’ then
this is not a Do follow directory and you can skip it.

When you submitting to directories, ensure that the title and description
of you submission is carefully selected. The words to be used there is
what the Search Engines use to index your site. You can use the Web Masters
Keyword analysis tools
( ) to
test the words that you must include your submission.

Tell a Friend

A Tell-a-Friend script must be installed on your site. These scripts
enable you users to access the email/facebook/twitter/myspace accounts
and massively send invitations for your site to their friends. If you have
a joomla / Drupa / Wordpress based site, it is very easy to download an
install a module or widget/plugin for this. For all other sites you can
download a PHP script for this. For any case OpenInviter is a nice and
free option ( is a free popular platform that allows you to create overview
pages. These pages, called lenses, usually simulate small one page blogs
and include articles, photographs, videos and links. Such lenses could
be a great marketing tool for you site. You can create a lense in an subject
similar to your new site. There you could post articles and links to your
Social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking sites are really important for your new marketing
strategy. People use them to share the Hyperlinks and Interesting sites
they discovered on the Net. Posting your web site to these can create a
stream of new visitors and also new back-links.

* PageRank: 8/10
* PageRank: 7/10
* PageRank: 7/10
* PageRank: 8/10
* PageRank: 6/10
* PageRank: 6/10

Article Promotion

Creating articles related to the subject area of your site and submitting
them to the numerous free article directories can give you a number of
backlinks. Make sure to use keyword analysis tools, in order to select
the keywords that you will use in these articles. Some examples of such
article directories are:


Listen to your Users.

As a new site you are only going to have few users/visitors. One of things
that will make them return back to you is to ensure that they can
communicate their opinions /ideas/thoughts regarding your site with you
(aka that their voice is heard). This will make them feel more comfortably
with your site and feel that they participate in the process of making
it better.

The information collected from such processes greatly helps in improving
your site, because they can be used as bug reports and/or features
requirements, and also assist in increasing the number of returning

To do this you can either include a feedback form on your site, or even
better use one of the Feedback Management services that exist today (i.e. )

A newsletter box on your website that will allow all visitors to subscribe
and receive updates. You must build a regular newsletter and inform your
users, o new offers, changes and products. This will ensure that your users
will never forget the site and increase the number of returning visitors.
You can also have your users register their Date Of Birth and automatically
send them an electronic birthday card.

You can use an email marketing service in order to automated some parts
of this process. Some examples are:,, for the newsletter subscriptions.


One of the latest trends in Marketing is, the microblogging
platform. You can create a twitter account for your site, register you
site address and description (i.e. The free online library) in your new
Twitter account profile and start twitting. Start posting things (i.e.
articles,photographs,videos,news) that are of interest to you and related
to your site. If you have a blog you can automated this process by using
special Wordpress pluings and Joomla components.

People that are interested in your postings are going to soon become your
followers. Everything you post can be seen by all of your followers, which
in their turn can retwitt it in order to share it with their followers
(i.e. imagine that you have 1000 followers and each one of them has another
1000 followers, Can you see the big picture ?) Having a big number of
followers can greatly help you in promoting your products and services.

Facebook Fan Page

Facebook currently offers a great place to promote your products and
service. Just consider the case that Facebook has more than 60 million
active users. The returns from using facebook as a marketing platform can
be high. There are tons of different ways that you can advertise over

Fan Pages

It is very easy to create a Facebook Page
( and invite your friends
(and their friends) to became fans of your page. In a while you will see
that your fans pages can easily grow into having thousands of fans. This
will greatly help you with branding your new site and products.

Facebook Application
You can create, or have a freelancer do it for you,or even buy, a silly
small Facebook application. Such applications could include, games,
puzzles , quizzes ,jokes of the day or anything that a user will want have
and share with his friend. These application could be distributed around
your friends and their friends( following the pattern of viral process)
for free (yes free!!! if its free people will definitely want to try it).
But in this application you could include a banner, the colors, and the
logos of your Web Site. This is what Branding is all about.

Facebook Adverts

Final but not least, you could use the Facebook Advertising System
(similar to Google’s ) to create a facebook banner for your new site.
The huge difference with other systems is that facebook allows you to
control the target audience of your advert (e.g. age,country,job,title)


It’s a proven fact that search engines love blogs. The question we should
ask ourselves is why do they love blogs? It’s pretty simple, search
engines love to search and find new quality content. Search Engines target
to index high quality novel information . But ensure that the content that
you post on your blog is original. Search engines do not like to see
articles or content that already exists on thousands of other sites. You
must update your content regularly in order to ensure better Search Engine

But blogs are not only for search engines. Having a blog that includes
good quality content will increase you user returning rates. Users may
not come to your site to buy, but they will come to read. Even so, your
site still will get targeted traffic, and thus higher rankings and

There are many free sites on the Internet that will allow you to create
your own blog and they will host it for you. Some examples are :


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